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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Open Thread

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A link to get this thread started: Kim Kardashian explains why she’s fighting to free a convicted woman.


  1. Because Blogger, in their zeal to do some spring cleaning, has fouled up email notification via blog settings, the only way I can get comment notification is to check the comment-notification box when I make a comment to a Blogspot blog. Therefore, I am making this comment and checking the "Notify me" box here.

    I could complain, but I learned long ago that it is futile to try to contact Blogger.

  2. Trey Gowdy... where Uniparty congressional investigations go to DIE.

  3. Replies
    1. I'm not quite sure why anyone is surprised by Gowdy's sudden shift to the left. He is, after all, a politician who is focused on HIS future (as opposed to the future of the Republic). Some are saying that he may be the target of blackmail. I do not know about that, but again, I would not be at all surprised. Whoever sleeps with pigs is bound to wake up soiled.

    2. If the FBI was simply protecting Trump from Russians in 2016, why is Mueller investigating him for possible "obstruction" NOW under the same umbrella investigation? Only one answer to that question is not a non sequitur, "Because it was always about Trump."

    3. Mustang,
      Where are today's statesmen?

    4. The is no similarity between a politician and a statesman. The last statesman we had in the U.S. was Ronald Reagan.

    5. Fascinating to see the outrage machine spinning on Gowdy....who was apparently such a rockstar amongst the Right not so long ago.

    6. Gowdy's never been the same since Hillary kicked his ass on live TV.

      Where he ends up after congress will explain why he suddenly swerved into atoning non-partisanship.

    7. SF,
      Gowdy's never been the same since Hillary kicked his ass on live TV.

      You're right! I hadn't thought of that.

  4. ________________ FOOD for THOUGHT _________________

    The other day our friend Kid reported on the meticulous, painstaking, incredibly time-consuming, exacting standards those who guard The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier must adhere to regarding their uniforms and personal appearance. At first I thought, “Isn’t that a bit much?” but then the following thoughts occurred to me:

    Impressive, indeed, –– and a superb answer to the leftist destructionists and unthinking, hate-filled rightwing zealots who urge doing away with the Royal Family and all the pageantry that characterizes the heart and soul of once-but-Alas-no-longer-Great Britain.

    SYMBOLS are of vital importance –– especially when they are LIVING symbols. That's why maintaining these seemingly absurd high standards described in Kid’s article are vitally important. It's not the uniforms –– or even the men who wear them –– that matter; it's the ideals and principles they REPRESENT.

    Once a nation denigrates, disrespects and discards the SYMBOLS of its past –– and potential –– glory that nation loses its identity and soon becomes moribund.

    In plainer language:

    Can you imagine a U.S. President, a Senator, a Representative, a Supreme Court Justice –– or your children's Schoolteacher for that matter –– performing their duties unshaven with unbrushed teeth and uncombed hair in baggy, threadbare jeans and a dirty T-shirt after not having bathed for a month?

    ________________ THINK ABOUT THAT. ________________

  5. Don't hold your breath waiting for her show to be cancelled, but last night Samantha Bee called Ivanka Trump a “C- - -“ !
    But at least she isn’t a Racist!

    I wonder which is worse, being called a C- - t or being called a monkey?
    I nerve watched Samantha Bee’s TV show, and I never would or will, but I couldn’t help be watch the ads for her show, and that was more than enough to know that she has always been a Vile Piece of Crap!

    To tell the truth, I think that Roseanne deserved to get fired for her comment. And that if Samantha Bee isn’t fired TODAY , than I give up with these Two Faced Hypocritical Celebrities. They are ALL Are Twisted Sick people They call ALL go to hell.

    If a Republican ever said that, the Leftist Goonsquad would go ape ( no pun attended) and they’d be rioting in the streets.
    The Leftist Hypocrisy of a Double-Standards lives on.


    1. Does anyone remember how not to long ago this pathetic LOSER on her show mocked a Conservative / Republican kid who had no hair because of having Cancer, calling him a 'skin-head'?

      TBS should be bombarded with phone calls to have her show CANCELLED. Teach this lowlife DISGUSTING PIG a lesson and do something to stop all of this!
      I wonder what her sponsors think about this vile woman?

    2. You can't have a double standard if you have no standards at all.

      The free market will take care of this.... eventually. As near as I can tell, neither I or anyone I know has even heard of whatever her name is.

    3. BTW, Samantha Bee's show was scripted -- and, as I understand it, taped and then aired.

    4. Sally Field of "The Flying Nun" is supporting what Samantha Bee said. Sheesh.

    5. From Sally Field's Twitter feed:

      I like Samantha Bee a lot, but she is flat wrong to call Ivanka a c---.

      C---s are powerful, beautiful, nurturing and honest.

  6. About Trey Gowdy....




    ...And if all a reader knew about the story came from the headlines of most mainstream media and liberal outlets, he or she could be forgiven for thinking Gowdy had consigned Trump and his administration to the pits of hell for eternity.

    But a wider look at Gowdy’s take on the “Russian collusion” investigation shows something else that’s considerably different — and it demonstrates just how hysterical the Democrat/media treatment of the whole 2016 election investigation has been.

    Gowdy, the outgoing chairman of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform, told MacCallum that a meeting he had last week with FBI Director Christopher Wray and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein left him convinced that Trump is not now — and never has been — the target of the FBI’s investigation into alleged Russian interference in the presidential campaign.

    Gowdy’s statement came in response to MacCallum’s question about why the FBI failed to use a “defensive briefing” to inform Trump that it had an “informant” working in the campaign....


    So, Gowdy’s real point is deadly for Democrats, even if the mainstream media has deliberately overlooked it to trumpet the fact that he disagrees with Trump about “spygate.”

    Read the entire article and watch the video HERE, and see what you think.

    1. My question is, did the FBI/Justice Department have a spy in the HRC campaign? If not, why? We know that that the Clinton Family crime syndicate was in close contact with unsavory characters with links to Russia and BJ Clinton raked in a bundle for a speech in Russia, even more that his "regular" price. Then there is the stolen Emails supposedly hacked by the Russians but looks like an inside job to me.

      Then there is the whole matter of these two or more "informants" are spy's. One of the things overlooked is, spy or informant is a term of art used in the FBI or CIA to denote whether the investigation is criminal or counterintelligence. This was a counterintelligence probe, not a criminal investigation. That makes them spy's. As a matter of fact, since no crime was delineated in the "investigation" the whole Special Counsel "investigation" is legally questionable.

      Your millage may vary.

    2. One other thing. An informant is someone working outside an agency. What a crime family would call a rat. These people were hired to infiltrate the Trump campaign. I believe that makes them spy's.

    3. Warren,
      Excellent comments!

      My question is, did the FBI/Justice Department have a spy in the HRC campaign? If not, why?

      I think we may already know the answers to those questions.

  7. Years ago, we were concerned about a nuclear Iraq. For years now we have been concerned about a nuclear North Korea. And we have certainly been concerned about a nuclear Iran. Who wants a bunch of crazy warriors on a jihad holding nuclear weapons? Well. What happens when our NATO partners, Germany and England, even France go majority Muslim? Will we ask them to kindly disable their nukes?

    1. Nobody wants to hear it or think about it, but D-I-D-A-D-I-N is the ONLY way the severe problem of Islamicization could ever hope to be resilved in favor of The West.

      Sadly, relentless pressure from the Left has put Western Civilization in SUICIDE mode.

      My eightieth birthday is now looming on the horizon, so I, personally, no longer care what happens, becuase I'll soon be out of it, but I think all of us have to face the prospect of entering The NEW Dark Ages REVISITED.

      "Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty."

      ~ Walt Whitman (1819-1892)

      Knowing the truth doesn't help much, since few-if-any can bring themselves to BELIEVE it.

      Faith, Hope and Prayer are ALL we to rely on, and IF we have true faith, that should be ENOUGH.

    2. Your can do list is shorter than your should do list.

  8. Sarah Sanders was asked to comment on what Rosanne said. How screwed up does a person's mind need to be to think asking the White House to respond to what some actress said is in bounds?

    1. Kid,
      The "press" is looking for a Gotcha!

      Also, their inquiries along those lines show how debased 21st Century culture has become.

  9. So I guess the 'c word' is going to be used more now on TV, etc...the 'f word' started this way. People were SHOCKED..SHOCKED, I tell yoU! And notsomuch anymore........."it's on CABLE," so it's okay. (as if anybody watches anything but cable anymore, including KIDS?)
    And, nobody's mentioning what I found even uglier than Bee's using the c word...she told Ivanka to get into something sexy THEN go ask her dad........

    1. It's not surprising that people say terrible things. What is surprising is that some people get fired for it.

    2. Z,
      So I guess the 'c word' is going to be used more now on TV, etc...the 'f word' started this way.

      Yes, indeed. That's where television is headed.

      No wonder many parents of homeschooled parents no longer allow a television in their home -- with the exception of a TV hooked to a DVD player.

    3. Z,
      she told Ivanka to get into something sexy THEN go ask her dad

      Very few have mentioned that. Why?

  10. From
    John Solomon: FBI’s Investigation into Trump Campaign Began Before They Had a Formal Predicate

    ...The efforts to begin targeting and reaching out to trump campaign officials to gain intelligence on Russia that would ultimately justify the investigation began weeks and months before the FBI had a formal predicate and that’s very important. The rules say you can’t use sources until you have a predicated investigation....

    Outside the rule of law! Sheesh.

  11. WOWZER!

    "We ran out of words to describe how good the jobs numbers are.” Neil Irwin of the NYT.



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