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Monday, May 14, 2018

Diaper Idiocy

"Expert" Deanne Carson

The #MeToo "movement" goes completely off the rails and becomes a parody of itself.

From Newsweek, dated May 10, 2018:
Ask Your Baby's Permission Before Changing Diaper, Says Sexual Consent Expert

A sex education expert has sparked a debate on sexual consent, after she argued that parents should ask children for permission before changing their diapers.

Deanne Carson, who works for an organization which teaches children about consent [and who describes herself as a sexuality educator, speaker and author on her Twitter profile; her home page is HERE], appeared on Australia’s ABC news network to comment on Saxon Mullins, whose rape case sparked a national debate on sexual consent laws. Carson argued that parents should teach their children about consent as early as possible.

“We work with parents from birth...Just about how to set up a culture of consent in their homes. ‘I’m going to change your nappy now, is that OK?’ Of course a baby’s not going to respond ‘yes mum, that’s awesome I’d love to have my nappy changed'.

"But if you leave a space and wait for body language and wait to make eye contact then you’re letting that child know that their response matters," she said....
Read the rest HERE.

If you can stand it.


  1. Just wait and ask the baby how the diaper rash feels....I think the world is getting crazier each and every day.....

  2. The very idea that such imbecilic counter-intuitive taradiddle is now consdered fit fare for public exposure, debate and discussion provides ample evidence that Western Christian Civilization has long ago hit the skids and is now well on its way to complete dissolution and reversion to primitive savagery.

    I, personally, see NO VALUE WHATSOEVER in dignifying idiotic, destructive views of this ilk ANY publicity.

    Freedom of Speech MUST exist in order to preserve our God-given, constitutionally-guaranteed rights, but it CAN –– and too often SHOULD –– be relegated to the GUTTER, –– open fields, –– town squares, –– and dense forests.

    Arrant idiocy like this should NEVER be given a MEGAPHONE or a MICROPHONE no matter how many papers and how much soap it sells.

    1. What's happening there is on its way to happening here -- at the hands of academia, most likely.

      By exposing this idiocy, I'm hoping to make a few "budding" Leftists to reconsider their adoptive ideology. In fact, I've personally seen that "conversion" on the wing among Millennials.

    2. “Experts are by definition the servants of those in power: they don't really THINK, they just apply their knowledge to problems defined by the powerful.”― Slavoj Žižek

      ...and in a Democracy, there are none so powerful as those who supply the University Discourse. For their's is the discourse of "truth" from "authority".

    3. This actually makes a lot of sense to me. People with minds that never develop past infantile grunting and pointing and tantrum throwing (i.e. leftists) probably can be reached before they are ineducable at age 2.

      Just think of the traumas caused by praising a toddler to use a toilet and then flushing his accomplishments away.

    4. All I was trying to do was assert the need for a more POSITIVE approach to the admittedly deplorable situation.

      "There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

      "Men will lie on their backs, talking about the fall of man, and never make an effort to get up."

      ~ Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862)

  3. Replies
    1. Excerpt therefrom:


      Sexuality educator Deanne Carson said parents could ask children if it is okay to change their diapers to teach them "their response matters," noting that it is not actually possible for babies to consent to a diaper change.


      Carson did not say infants were able to or parents were required to receive consent for diaper changes; Carson did not say infants who refused consent should remain in dirty diapers.

      So, even Snopes admits that there is some veracity in the furor over Carson's "expert" opinion.

  4. The underlying issue here is the numbers of people admitted to programs offering advanced degrees who probably shouldn’t have been granted a high school diploma. If this person is one of Australia’s experts in sexuality then we can begin to understand why the sheep are constantly stressed.

  5. We should also ask their permission before any kind of punitive action also.
    Slapping their hand upon approach to flame or dangerous objects, telling them "no" for any reason, giving a "time out".
    All heinous civil rights abuses.

    1. Ed,
      Everything is now a heinous civil rights abuse.


  6. shrug. What's she trying to achieve? Helping parents teach their children that they have dominion over their own bodies at the very earliest opportunity? Do you think there's something wrong with that lesson?

  7. Children do not have "dominion" over their own bodies. It's drivel and meaningless virtue signaling. If it teaches anything at all it's that a child's parents are going to do what they want regardless of what the child wants.

    1. It's not virtue signalling, it's the first defence against sexual predation. There's no point having a gun if you don't understand that you're being attacked.

    2. @ jez:
      It most certainly is. It accomplishes nothing and means nothing to an infant unless it tells the infant that their parent doesn't mean what they say. If it makes you feel like a better person, by all means go ahead but its hypocritical to pretend that your child has a choice when they do not. Infants are no more capable of understanding the concept of sexual predation than they are able to understand birth or death.

    3. Almost everything that parents do and say to their children means nothing to them *to start with*. But we treat them as if they do understand, because they will soon enough (especially if we treat them as if they already do -- this is the richest learning environment).

      "its hypocritical to pretend that your child has a choice when they do not."
      I'm comfortable with this type of hypocrisy. Think of it as Socratic.

      "Infants [cannot understand] the concept of sexual predation" Agreed, the idea is not to explain it but to make them less compliant to predators.

    4. So, you ask your talking but not-potty-trained child, "Is it okay if I change your diaper?"

      Response: "No!"

      Often a toddler's favorite word is no, particularly when that toddler has a strong personality. Should the diaper then go unchanged?

    5. Back when I was in elementary school (private school, early 1960s), it became known to my mother via a 7th grade girl who spent after-school-hours with us that she had been fondled by the French teacher. When I asked Mom what was wrong with Dorothy that day, Mom didn't even try to explain to me. I wouldn't have understood, and my take-away might well have been to fear all the teachers at the school because one of them had hurt Dorothy.

      The administration refused to fire the teacher. So, my mother and some other parents pulled us out of that school right away -- and a new private school was formed.

      It wasn't until many years later that I understood what had happened.

      True story.

      PS: as far as I know, that French teacher was never held to account. I checked via Google a few weeks back, and he apparently retired "with honors" at a ripe old age. Sheesh.

    6. No, it should not go unchanged.

    7. If the purpose of gaining a child's permission to change a diaper is empowerment, then the stated purpose is defeated by doing it anyway once the child says "no." Thus the proposition is psycho-babble.

    8. Very few things parents do for their children escape this kind of defeat somewhere along the line. You do what you can.
      Maybe this particular suggestion isn't great (we didn't do it, although we did put some thought into these issues in other contexts eg tickle fights from the outset) but i don't get what's offensive about bringing it up.

    9. I suspect the Left harbors a deep, long-held "inner conviction" that wearing diapers at ALL –– or expecting any child EVER to submit to the trauma and gross indignity of (GASP!) TOILET TRAINING –– should be included in their ever-growing list of "Crimes Against Humanity."

      Better that we should live hip-deep in excrement than to injure the delicate psyche or impair the oh-so-precious budding Self Esteem of a single child.

      FIRE all the NANNIES. If we hope to save Civilization for the Lords of Misrule the INFANTS must RULE the NURSERY.

      New York's Mayor Bill di Blasio –– a prototypical ost-Modern Leftist if ever there was one –– REMOVED public urinatiin and defecation in the city streets and public spaces from the list of punishable crimes.

      Come One, Come All to Big Apple, guys, and WHIP it OUT then BEAT IT OFF in the middle of Broadway and 42nd Street or in front of the Monkey Cage at Central Park Zoo –– anywhere you like. Then give three cheers for Mayor di Blasio as he works tirelessly to help Western Civilization swirl right down the drain.

    10. Some experts will argue that such things as tickle fights are a form of child abuse. Perhaps those on the left simply ought to keep their nutty ideas to themselves ... you know, for the good of all mankind.

  8. I think a very large part of the loss of respect for –– and vigorous pursuit of –– excellence lies on our having abandoned the practice of CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM ,along with our now-entrenched unwillngness either to ACCEPT criticism with good grace, or to CORRECT one another when we make grammatical and factual errors.

    THINK ABOUT THAT before you begin fulminating.

    We have in the past few decades been condtioned to mock and reject CORRECTION and INSTRUCTION as "rude," "insolent," "unkind," and those who offer warranted criticism as "haughty," "conceited," "arrogant," "self-righteous," "supercilious," and "derogatory."

    And so we now suffer in abysmal ignorance –– a sad condition that grows sgteadily worse with each passing day.

    We no longer seek to emulate those who know more, can do more, and live at a higher standard than we. Instead we reflexively INSULT and BERATE them –– IF we bother to notice their attempts to make meaningful controbutin to discourse at all.

    WORSE even than that we only LISTEN to each oher with no higher thought in mind than trying to find some little NIT ti PICK –– something to DENOUNCE, REVILE and REJECT.

    It rarely-if-ever occurs to most of us to regard each other CURIOSITY in hope of finding something that might in fact incfease our store of knowledge,, polih our skills, and thus enhance our qality of life.


      "The ultimate result of shielding men from the effects of folly is to fill the world with fools."

      ~ John Tyndall (1820-1893)

    2. 'Tis hard to say if greater want of skill
      Appear in writing or in judging ill,
      But of the two less dangerous is the offense
      To tire our patience than mislead our sense
      Some few in that but numbers err in this,
      Ten censure wrong for one who writes amiss,
      A fool might once himself alone expose,
      Now one in verse makes many more in prose.

      'Tis with our judgments as our watches, none
      Go just alike, yet each believes his own
      In poets as true genius is but rare
      True taste as seldom is the critic share
      Both must alike from Heaven derive their light,
      These born to judge as well as those to write
      Let such teach others who themselves excel,
      And censure freely, who have written well
      Authors are partial to their wit, 'tis true
      But are not critics to their judgment too?

      excerpt from Alexander Pope's "Essay on Criticism"

    3. Unfortunately ART (much as criticism) today has devolved into didacticism. :P

    4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    5. Parody heh. I got tired of winning just like Trump said I would and switched sides to try to help Democrat friends on Facebook spread transgendered socialism and they blocked me.

      Their outreach needs work.

  9. 'sex education expert' According to who?

    1. Apparently, she obtained a degree in sex education from an Australian university. Or something.

  10. Kid,
    I see that I deleted your comment when I removed the banned one's comment. Sorry about that.


      Just issue a BLANKET ORDER at the TOP of EACH NEW POST not to respond to THIS ONE –– or any of the other site pests and ignoramuses who persist in invading your space.

      Do be sure to make it clear that any and all responses to those you despise and reject WILL be summarily deleted without exception.

      Kid's a great guy and never means any harm to anyone –– except "Muslim Vermin," "Leftards," and "Defecrats." He's also very bright, and not one to take umbrage at anything his rightwing compatriots do in the line of duty.

    2. Thanks FT. I usually don't bother with them, but sometimes it's fun to do a drive by just to keep them from acquiring too much of love for themselves.

    3. I would argue the other way. Let the people that are not-pulling-your-leg-no-shit actually believe leftists are capable of rational thought have their say, and let us in the mosh pit smash them.

      Good clean fun, like the old days.

    4. TC,
      Rarely do Warren and I delete commenters' babble on sight. But this particular thing crossed a line with me. If you want the stupid details, please contact me via the email address in the sidebar.

    5. FT,
      I don't give that thing the spotlight.

    6. PS: It is also a liar. It tried to persuade me that an imposter troll called me the vile name. Nope. I've seen It use that very same term -- a bit unusual, BTW -- elsewhere. Unlike Warren and me, the blogmaster of that site puts up with It.

    7. Admittedly it's not as satisfying as dropping napalm on commies and circling back to get a good whiff of their burning babies, but smacking them around on blogs has its charm too.

  11. Speaking of the metoo movement...I have a funny thing to share ...hopefully in the next post I publish.

    I am wondering just how the sex expert got the title?

  12. Speaking of the metoo movement...I have a funny thing to share ...hopefully in the next post I publish.

    I am wondering just how the sex expert got the title?

  13. The more insane the left becomes, the more they will drive
    voters to the GOP. In the end, the epitath of the Democrat
    party will be "Died of a self inflicted wound."


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