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Thursday, September 14, 2017

"We Are In the Midst Of An Information War In This Country"

(hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance)

Contrary to the prevailing narrative about race in, we have this:

If you're pressed for time, here is the shorter version:

One of her recent posts at Facebook:

It is young people like this young woman who give me hope during these times of great divisiveness in America.


  1. Politics has metastasized into every corner of the western world, and everything is political.

    Simultaneously, politics has devolved into a war of lies: Somebody throws a hand grenade lie, and then it is answered with a cluster bomb lie, and it escalates to nuclear lies.

    My gut says this is playing out between the fringes, but the vast middle, which includes people of all stripes, see it for the BS it is.

    It is easier--and makes for a more pleasant day to day life--to avoid the noise, go to work and go about your day.

    Still, I don't know where this ends. Thanks to social media, stupid echoes on forever.

    1. SF,
      My gut says this is playing out between the fringes, but the vast middle, which includes people of all stripes, see it for the BS it is.

      I have the same feeling.

      Once I get well outside the Beltway, I see most people shrugging at the news -- specifically, the political news.

      Inside the Beltway, people eat, sleep, and breathe the political news.

    2. Candace Owens is one of a growing number of intelligent human beings who have learned –– or are beginning to learn –– to rely primarily on their OWN judgment, perceptions, insights and revelations, instead of getting their "convictions" spoon-fed to them from either LISTENING to the ENEMEDIA's endless stream of Leftist Propaganda found in the News, in Movies, in Popular MewSick, in and in TV shows of ever kind from Real Estate and Home Improvement, through Made-for-TV "Dramas," Soap Operas and the so-called Late Night Comedy Shows, et al. –– or by READING philosophical tomes, and articles by psychologists, social, artistic, literary "crtics" and college professors –– i.e. self-styled "intellectuals," and self-anointed "Sages" all of whom purport to know enough to be qualified to tell us HOW we should LIVE and WHAT we should THINK.

      If your convcitions do not come from deep WITHIN yourself and are not accompanied by heartfelt passion, they are not "convictions" at all, they are merely BORROWED notions derived from the convctions held by OTHERS.

      Borrowed Thoughts are no more an integral part of you than Borrowed Clothing.

  2. Empires rise. Empires fall. Great Civilizations germinate in bare earth, grow, flourish, blossom then turn to dust. But somehow LIFE goes on.

    The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. The tides come and go. The planets keep circling the sun in their respective orbits.

    LIFE is eternal but it may be time for our benighted species to become extinct. A few of us have done wonderful things, but in the main we're a pretty dismal lot.

    Maybe its time for the self-perpetuating, self-repairing robots wth artificial intelligence should take over?

    Could they do worse? ];^}>

  3. Too much public discourse is meant to bait the enemy. Here's a good example:

    On White Identity Politics and American Terrorism

    Calling Trump voters racists, as the author does, is not the language of someone who wants to heal racial divides. She employs purposefully-inflammatory language to lecture, shame and stir up anger on all sides. Her asserted conclusions shut down the dialog she claims to want.

    The neatest trick in her essay is using inflammatory and historically inapt language. She calls white racism of the past (often violent) "American terrorism." Technically, she is correct. White people literally terrorized black people into subservience. But in this age of islamic terror, the word brings additional freight, and it has a near-univerally agreed-upon definition.* It is clear she and others are employing such awkward taxonomy to provoke white people into objecting, thereby manipulating them into the position of defending white supremacy and racism.

    "Check and mate." *Clap* *Clap* *Clap* "Well played, Ms Social Justice Warrior, well played."

    Similarly, hysterical charges of "racist!" have lost their sting from overuse, so the activists have ratcheted up the rhetoric, plastering the terms white supremacist and neonazi to anyone unwilling to vandalize a civil war statue.

    Same category as calling anyone not on Reverend Al Gore's Church of Gaia bandwagon, climate "deniers," as in holocause deniers, while those still throwing temper tantrums over President Trump's election call themselves the "resistance," like the french resistanc to--surprise, surprise--the Nazis.

    The author of the article wants her enlightened crowd to start "leading truthful conversations about racism."

    Get that? Not a dialog; a lecture. So sit down and shut up, whitey, while we lecture you through some "truthful conversations."

    So yeah, I agree, we are in an information war. I pray I am right that the majority of Americans in the broad sensible middle are not dumb enough to fall for it, and many millennials openly mock much of this, so I remain optimistic.

    What if the Community Agitators gave a Cultural War and nobody came?

    * - "There is no single, universally accepted, definition of terrorism. Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85)." fbi.gov

    1. SF,
      I'm bone weary of the SJW's. Fortunately, I'm at the age and in a position to tune them out. So, I do!

  4. I once only despised MEDIA, now I despise SOCIAL MEDIA, particularly because our kids in college can barely read an article of any length, according to their profs. Our young children who are growing up with SmartPhones are seriously disadvantaged...suicide up, boredom, ...AWFUL.
    hate it...but it's here. We are NOT in good shape.

    1. Z,
      I once only despised MEDIA, now I despise SOCIAL MEDIA

      I hear ya!

      You know, for many the social media are their source for the news. Really.


    2. @Z,

      "Our young children who are growing up with SmartPhones are seriously disadvantaged.

      I suppose that most have seen this but it sort of fits the above quote. I believe that smartphones will impact cognition in ways yet to be exposed. They sure have enabled a brand new form of rudeness!


    3. Yeah Candace is a real role model.
      Her lawsuit against the Stamford school board was just the kind of suit you condemn (rightly) when brought by liberals.

      Then she has a crowdfunding project to start a data base of internet "bullies". Didn't get very far but I think it's still on life support.
      Candace sets the inclusion criteria.

      Now she's making a nebulous unsubstantiated claim of censorship on Infowars with the ever constrained Alex Jones.

      She's never published a clip with any ideas of the four or five I've watched. It's just the standard boiler plate hate speech.
      Just another cookie cutter wannabee.

    4. Ducky, Scary for liberals, isn't she. Give it all you've got.


      But stop with the name calling because of your silly fears; she's only one; you've got the rest voting against their own people for having believed Democrat lies.

    5. Scary for liberals? Are you delusional? She's a youtube hack.

      You want scared? Single payer coming out.
      Now that scares rethugs.

    6. Not delusional...observant. Some hack. Her truth is stunning, she's so unlike the characterization of black women by Liberals. Calm down, no need for name calling of her.

      Single payer? be careful what you ask for. Don't forget, the media/academic meme has been "GERMANS GET IT FOR FREE!" for years... another lie. But it's easier to lie to Americans who've been taught not to have curiosity, just believe what you're told.

    7. Some of us older people think that YouTube doesn't matter.

      But I have observed, time and again, that many under the age of 30 adore and believe what they see and here on YouTube.

      And let us also not forget that Obama made a White House and national star out of YouTube star Glozell, she of the green lipstick and of Fruit Loops in a bathtub filled with milk. Reminder HERE.

    8. Oh, and Candace Owens, the young lady in the video in the body of this blog post, is fairly active at Facebook.

    9. I'm with ducky. I suspect that Candace is chasing YouTube money, and believe me, there's a lot of White guilt out there to fund her. Just look what it got Obama.

    10. FJ,
      I suspect that Candace is chasing YouTube money

      She may well be! I know several other young people doing the same.

      I wonder what Candace Owens is doing besides chasing YouTube money. Maybe her Facebook page offers some clues.

    11. Internet start-up SocialAutopsy.com...

      I'm not saying that she's "purely" a gold-digger. I'm just saying that she's in the "right" place at the "right" time to make a FORTUNE from the "Right", and that if she's NOT pandering to guilt-laden white people, she should be.

    12. I saw the clip in question. There is no statement of WHY the clip was removed other than the generic standards rule but my guess is that it was removed for copyright reasons, most likely the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory clip.

      All SOP and Candace is still posting her Youtube rants.
      She still hasn't said anything that hasn't been said often elsewhere.
      She sees an opportunity to rile up the suckers and is trying to make a name on it.

      This passes for News and that is the real story.

    13. Duck,
      This passes for News and that is the real story.

      Stop it. I never said that this was news.

      But what I did criticize in the body of the blog post is THE NARRATIVE and the power thereof.

      Young people today love posting rants. Should they be doing so? Not in my view. But they are imitating a style they're previously seen ad nauseam, and they're also seen how successful that style is.

      Hell, the rant style has even taken over the rules of policy debate in some quarters. Apparently, many have the attention span of a gnat -- or a Tweet, for that matter.

    14. Duck,
      I saw the clip in question.

      On Facebook?

    15. Thersites,
      No offense taken, my friend.

    16. The problem with Candace Owens is like the duck says, "She still hasn't said anything that hasn't been said often elsewhere."

      In other words, she's a "pure" product of Identity Politics in which her gender and colour become proxies for both credibility and authority. She is neither. She's "young".

      And as you say AoW, she's a pure product of the official "Narrative" voicing a counter-narrative, A "red pill" with a blue outer surface coating.

    17. This is indeed curious...

      ...the clip is up at Youtube.
      Big tempest in a teapot.

      I had seen it on a blog page. Seems to be the same clip.

    18. SO SORRY that her message has been obfuscated with criticism of the placement of her posts.

      She had problems with Google and FB because of what she said....and continues to say. She's rational, unbiased, and a thinker.
      Yikes....and everybody's concerned about the technicalities of her posts?
      She made it all UP? :-)
      Sure, she wants to be famous, but let's hear what she says. No Black girl's going to be popular with her friends of community for what she's saying so she must be motivated by her own values.
      Sorry that's such a problem for some people..

    19. Z,
      Sure, she wants to be famous, but let's hear what she says.


      The narrative -- not her narrative, but rather THE narrative is very powerful to the point that ears are stopped up.

    20. Au contraire. The narrative should serve to open ears to her message. The problem is, that the message runs counter to the narrative, and so the message is unlikey to be received (and subsequently classified by the hearer as fake news or born of impure motives).

    21. She's black, attractive, intelligent, and VERY photogenic. The MSM would love her to "spread the narrative," but ONLY if they could control the words that leave her mouth.

    22. According to "the Narrative," SHE is the "Ideal" spokesperson FOR it.

    23. A right-wing "Oprah" (The Narrative's real official spokesperson). :)

    24. PS - If you have any money, you might consider an early "investment" in any future start-up. (As of 2014, Winfrey has a net worth in excess of 2.9 billion dollars[102] and has overtaken former eBay CEO Meg Whitman as the richest self-made woman in America)

  5. ALso, if I could reach through this screen and hug this girl, I would. She cheered me up BIG TIME. We need her CLONED...absolutely CLONED MILLIONS OF TIMES. Am going to follow her on FB. I am not a FB fan, don't even accept 'friend' status most of the time, but her? BIG FRIEND. God bless her! Where the HECk did SHE come from!? !!!!!

  6. I just had to feature your post here on my blog...thanks, more and more people must see this young woman!

  7. We're on the eve of another cop-kills-unarmed-black-man verdict here in St. Louis, this one so gratuitous that it actually went to trial rather than muffed in a grand jury by a notoriously racist prosecutor as happened with the Michael Brown case.

    The forces of chaos have descended on St. Louis, the Missouri National Guard is already deployed. I personally don't understand a way for the verdict to be anything but "guilty as f**k" but this is St. Louis, so I expect a war zone by tomorrow night.

    1. Whattaya expect? The stench of stupid coming off the Show Me your Stupidity state is enough to gag a maggot. They got one of the highest murder rates in the nation and they aint produced spit since the original affirmative action let that sinkhole of hick ignorance into the union. It's a wonder that collection of pants dragging thugs and hillbilly water heads hasn't burned down the entire state, since I hear rumors they do have gasoline and matches there.

    2. I've always said there are two violent gangs here in St. Louis. One runs all the car theft rings, drug dealing, prostitution, and murder for hire. The other gang isn't allowed to wear badges.

    3. But, as with the Ferguson crapfest, if any crazy riots jump off, a safe bet will be most of those arrested will be tourists - people from all over not-Missouri come to shake their fists at the drunk cops in MRAPs.

    4. TC,
      as with the Ferguson crapfest, if any crazy riots jump off, a safe bet will be most of those arrested will be tourists

      Might those tourists be Antifa?

      I just saw a TV blurb to the effect that there was again trouble at Berkeley -- apparently because Ben Shapiro was invited to speak. But the Berkeley trouble is now off the screen, and we're on to the Bucket Bomber(s) in London. Two devices. Still breaking news.

    5. TC,
      I've always said there are two violent gangs here in St. Louis. One runs all the car theft rings, drug dealing, prostitution, and murder for hire. The other gang isn't allowed to wear badges.

      Well, ain't that just grand?

      Which came first?

      I know for a fact that we have no-go areas in D.C. This came to the forefront personally when a friend of mine had his cell phone stolen and taken to one of the no-go areas.

      The police stated outright that they "would not go into the house" to which the cell phone had been tracked: "Your phone isn't worth your life or the life of an officer."

      My friend said, "I've seen more law and order in backwater areas of India."

    6. All the police in the world are no good to an immoral, out-of-control society that has lost the natural law ability to police itself.

      I can't stand the fake put-up actor Alec Jones, but Prison Nation is an apt descriptor for what we have become. Cops are prison guards and we're the inmates.

      The founders had a great idea, but as they said, this system of government only works for a moral people, and the rot at the top trickles down.

    7. Not guilty. Have fun tonight, beamish!

    8. But, as with the Ferguson crapfest, if any crazy riots jump off, a safe bet will be most of those arrested will be tourists - people from all over not-Missouri come to shake their fists at the drunk cops in MRAPs.

    9. You already said that once. You got some kinda tourettes stuttering thing going on?

      The leftwing loonies will all be out trying to burn down St. Louis, and all over one more dead POS who was living on borrowed time anyway thanks to his thugg gansta lifestyle.

      Poor man! He was just innocently driving to church with his hands up when a white cop decided to hunt himself a black man, aint that right thought criminal?

    10. Except for the video, fingerprint, DNA, and gun owner registration evidence that the cop planted the gun on the murder victim...

    11. Funny how that judge missed all that.

    12. Funny how that judge missed all that.

      Didn't care, actually. And said so.

    13. "I've seen more law and order in backwater areas of India."

      St. Louis keeps crime stats down by shredding police reports.

    14. TC,
      Are there similar no-go areas in St. Louis?

    15. There are areas of St. Louis you probably don't want to wear white skin in.

    16. Nah, just the usual tribalism. You'll either be robbed or suspected of shopping for drugs.

    17. Hepme! Hepme! I'm on fire and I got black looter ants all up in my crack!

    18. Join the Struggalo beamish! They're marching in DC today!

  8. Who she is and where she comes from has nothing to do with the veracity of the message. Refreshing. The deceived left are here to divide. Love the cupcake Fear Factor meme.

  9. London mayor Saddiqi Khan just came out and said "We will never be intimidated or defeated by terrorism" ... Whatever that means.

    Thoughts, prayers, courageous first responders, tears, candles, teddy bears...

    1. SF,
      Thoughts, prayers, courageous first responders, tears, candles, teddy bears...

      The cycle.

      The new normal.

      The world shrugs now unless a Islamic terrorist attack is very "dramatic."

  10. Replies
    1. I don't know what they can do at this point besides settling in to the new normal.

      We are living the consequences of the actions of "world leaders," "experts," and politicians.

      If we had had this class of dimwitted, unimaginative and corrupt leadership in the 1930's and 1940's, my grandparents would be lampshades in Germany.

  11. Trouble coming to St. Louis this weekend?

    See Ex-cop Jason Stockley found not guilty in black man's death.

    This verdict came in a few minutes ago.

    1. From the above link:

      ...Soon after the verdict, protesters and activists began gathering downtown outside the courthouse to voice their displeasure with the decision. Some could be seen locking arms and praying together, while others held signs, chanting, "No justice, no peace."
      "Right now, I'm just going to be honest, I pray for my city, man," Michael Brown said outside the courthouse Friday morning. "Because my people are tired of this." Brown is the father of Michael Brown, a young black man who was shot by a Ferguson, Missouri, police officer in 2014....

      Grapevine information has it that business are already being boarded up -- in the wake of a threat to the effect that "St. Louis will make what happened in Ferguson look like Romper Room."

    2. I started a crock pot of beef stew before work. No reason to cross the DMZ tonight ;)

  12. I like this quote from the judge:

    Another thug heroine dealer off the streets, and the leftist go crazy.

    1. Here's that judge quote:

      "Finally, the Court observes, based on its nearly thirty years on the bench, that an urban heroin dealer not in possession of a firearm would be an anomaly."

    2. Tex,
      I'm just now researching the case. Apparently, I missed the details of this case, which occurred in 2011, I think.

    3. 1.) It is not illegal to carry a firearm in your car in Missouri. No concealed carry permit required. It is an anomaly for ANYBODY to not have a gun in their car here. Regardless, the gun was planted.

      2.) Heroin dealers usually have heroin, and deals. None here.

    4. I was mistaken. Apparently heroin was found in the car.

      Still doesn't explain how the victim wound up with a gun that belonged to the cop, with the cop's DNA under a screwed down grip plate, or where the victim's third arm went as he steered, shifted a manual transmission, and pointed the cop's gun at police while that gun was in a duffel bag in a different vehicle.

    5. Hmmm... The judge must have missed all that.

    6. Indeed. The police department that turned over the evidence to the prosecutor didn't.

    7. This case was Twilight Zone when it began with "cop brandishing his personally owned AK-47...."

    8. I do have a question though. Now that the trial is over, does the cop get the gun he planted on his victim back?

  13. I think a lot of people are sane. It's just that the activists get all the press.
    Then you have democrat supporters - some of them can be saved.
    Then you have clinton supporters - those need to be darwin-ed out ASAP.

  14. The lady reminds us that we cannot look at BLM protestors and assume that all blacks share their peculiar view. Nor should we regard every business-looking person as trustworthy —or every cop, or every priest. The world simply isn’t made like that. Extremes on both sides of the political spectrum have a mission favorable to themselves ... and they’ll do everything in their power to achieve their ends. Mainstream America has to be smarter; we have to remember that all the extremes have in their bag of tricks is distortion and animosity. The rest of us can do much better, but only if we have good character ourselves and look for solutions rather than confrontations.

    1. Sam,
      It is difficult for us not to stereotype. Not stereotyping requires actively considering individuals.

      Personal anecdote....

      A few summers ago, I stopped at an auto parts store to pick up some power steering fluid. This particular auto parts store wasn't my usual one; therefore, I didn't know on which aisle I could find the power steering fluid.

      The clerk -- a tall, young black man -- with dreadlocks galore noticed my wandering and looking around. He immediately offered to help me.

      He was courteous and well spoken, and went out of his way to help me.

      At that time, I was an emotional mess because of Mr. AOW's post-stroke condition. I was in a frantic hurry because I had a few minutes before dropped Mr. AOW off at the hospital rehab center and had only a few minutes to get back on the road to pick him up at the hospital.

      The young man with dreadlocks noticed that I had been crying and, while ringing up my purchase, struck up a kind conversation with me -- at which point I burst into sobs.

      The young man and I then had quite a conversation.

      It turned out that he was one of his grandmother's caregivers and worked only part time at the auto parts store -- and had limited his course hours at a prominent local university -- so that he could pull his shift at his grandmother's side. Yes, she had suffered a stroke, a much worse one than the stroke that Mr. AOW had.

      I'll always remember that young man with dreadlocks. And he was not dreadful at all!

      Now, had I seen that young man outside the store, I'd have thought the worst about it.

      Lesson learned!

    2. What a nice story, AOW. Thank you for sharing it.

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. I probably should turn my comment into a blog post. Maybe one day, I will.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. 5 million views in one day, and over 1/2 million likes so far...

    Child Lynching in Music Video:

    XXXTentacion's new music video shows a 6-year-old boy getting strung up by a noose with the rapper himself doing the deed -- a disturbingly powerful image that created serious casting problems ... TMZ has learned.

    The "Look at Me" video -- which XXXTentacion conceived and directed -- is centered around police brutality against black citizens, white supremacy and slavery. There's a scene where XXX himself is hanging -- but at one point the music cuts altogether and the scene with 2 young boys begins.

    One kid is white and the other black ... and XXX slips the noose around the white child's neck....

    More at the above link.

    Apparently, no banning of the video -- See it here. I watched about one minute -- couldn't take any more than that, even with the sound off.

    About rapper XXXTentacion. Sheesh.

    1. Click bait. XXXTentacion is ALL about the clicks. Just look at the name.

    2. It's called "cashing in on white liberal guilt," and the cucks fall for it EVERY time.

  16. This young rapper must have had a frightening youth. His behaviors were shaped by his realities as he was growing up.

    Links are most excellent.

  17. The young woman in the video refuses to be a pawn used by the left to promote fear and racism in support of their political agenda. So, naturally she will be attacked and perhaps even threatened with physical violence for daring to express an independent thought.

    The real fascists and racists are mostly on the LEFT!

    1. It is the narrative the right believes and preaches that is for damn certain! But is it reality? People believe what they choose to perceive. Complete objectivity and the willingness to accept truth based on evidence is quite a rare thing these days.

    2. Mike, I will ask just what new idea Candace Owens brings. A look through her clips yields nothing incisive.
      She is good at playing the victim however which is something I thought made the far right look askance. It's not clear that any censorship occurred because of her "ideas" and she has a very interesting history of claiming internet harassment.

      Long read but worth it if you want to understand just how shallow she is and how self serving.

      Candace has been around for awhile

      This one lays her out on a slab

      So other than getting a name for herself on Breitfart, Frontpage and the rest of the right wing dregs that publish similar cliches daily, just what has she done that is so enlightening?

    3. Ducky, Oprah became the richest self-made woman in America by telling guilty white women that her people had zero chance of receiving fair treatment and sucess in America. Maybe now, they finally be told the truth.

    4. @ Ducky

      I am just wondering if you are capable of thinking for yourself, or are you simply one of those people who find their center through the tedium of others.

    5. I assure you, Sam, that I think for myself.

      The topic of this thread is the great sage Candice Owens and her insightful Youtube posting. Why no less than The Gateway Pundit reposted her reaction to Charlottesville.
      She berated the protesters for expecting the Klan to rise up like a scene from Birth of a Nation .

      Of course the whole point is that the neofascist groups are ditching the skinhead and klan robes look for respectability and cultivating a more sophisticated method to marginalize minorities. Seems like something that should be protested.

      That's what I think of this whole tempest.

    6. ...whilst anti-fascists are beating up flag waiving free speech advocates outside prayer group rally's from a paucity of Nazi's to punch.

    7. Nostradumbass said:
      "Of course the whole point is that the neofascist groups are ditching the skinhead and klan robes look for respectability and cultivating a more sophisticated method to marginalize minorities. Seems like something that should be protested."

      Wait! Isn't that exactly what you commies did during the 70s?

      Don't it just suck when your own tactics are turned against you. LOL!

      @TU, as "Beakerkin" said about the duck, his next original though will be his first.

      He's a utopian idealist without a clue. (or education)

    8. Duck,
      The topic of this thread is the great sage Candice Owens and her insightful Youtube posting.

      Damn. There you go again reaching beyond what has been posted.

      The point here is that not all young people are buying into the narrative. Instead, they are assessing the evidence for that narrative for themselves.

    9. Warren,
      I miss the Beak and his zingers.

    10. Canardo can't debate the issue on the merits.

      Diversionary stink bombs are all he has.

  18. By talking TO Canardo, you cannot help but make sure the thread will soon be all ABOUT Canardo. That, of course, has been HIS objective in presenting himself in the obnoxious, sneering, sarcastic, accusatory fashion he habitually employs.

    After TWENTY YEARS of observing this character I cannot help but conclude that, despite his quasi-erudite parlance and determination to maintain the posture of a person who knows absolutely everything worth knowing about everything worth knowing anything about, he is in fact little more than a THUG whose closed mind is impervious to reasoned argument.

    Have you never noticed how he NEVER concedes a point, NEVER admits there might be merit in ANYTHING that he, personally, has not long advocated?

    It's a GAME, people. And as long as you keep rising to the BAIT it's a GAME that HE will always WIN.

    By treating him with RESPECT invariably you earn nothing but his CONTEMPT.

    Canardo richly deserves the title MASTER BAITER. Whenever we RESPOND to him in ANY way HE WINS the GAME, because in responding to his taunts and insufferable condescension YOU have given HIM exactky what HE has wanted all along.

    Of course, if you LIKE acting the part of PREY in these eternal games of Cat and Mouse, there's no hope for you.

    1. Just pointing out that treating a manipulative Ann Coulter wannabee as if she were the reincarnation of Hannah Arendt is short sighted.

    2. But, Ducky!
      She's merely speaking truth to power!


    3. Well stated, FreeThinke!

      Ducky's Here is a noxious odor the creeps up, offends the senses, and eventually chokes polite, productive conversation.

      The effect of Ducky's Here may be compared to having a pleasant stroll in the park with a dear friend marred by that pungent punch to the nostrils that brashly announces you have unwittingly stepped in dog excrement.

      I also enjoyed FreeThinke's cheeky double entendre. Bravo, old boy! Bravo!

    4. Alistair,
      eventually chokes polite, productive conversation

      But only if the stroller allows that to happen. See Warren's comment HERE -- especially this portion:

      Don't let him bother you so much, that's what he wants.

      In other words, scroll on by (a variation on the pop tune "Walk on By").

  19. @FT,
    "Have you never noticed how he NEVER concedes a point, NEVER admits there might be merit in ANYTHING that he, personally, has not long advocated?

    It's a GAME,(...)

    But I'm playing a different game.

    A metaphor: An oyster, (IMO, a rather repugnant and slimy bi-valve, distant relative of the slug) takes in a grain of sand and maybe spits it out unnoticed or perhaps, noticing and irritated, coats it with a layer of smooth pearl. Then, perhaps, that pearl covered grain, still irritates it so that it is encased in even more layers of that slick smooth substance. Thus are pearls formed.

    Many are misshapen, malformed and small, but still many are formed that are large and almost perfectly round, due to the overwhelming numbers of oysters inhabiting our oceans.

    I have read Ducks blather, nonsense, uninformed pronouncements, infantile posting and vile recrimination (and have sometimes been the target) for well over a decade, going back to the "Front Page Magazine" days when others were targeted. (Some of those still with us and will know what I'm talking about.)

    Although he is a bully, (and in his somewhat passive aggressive fashion fashion,) you are one of his targets. Don't let him bother you so much, that's what he wants.

    I don't hate the Duck, I dislike him extremely. I will not pretend otherwise.

    In the mean time, I play a different game and I make the rules. He can end the game any time he wishes but in my game the rules change, sometimes without a warning. Believe me, he doesn't get, "exactly what HE has wanted all along". At least, not from me.

    Thank you for commenting here.

  20. I'm guessing Ducky lets all that roll of his back like water off a duck's back.

  21. @ Anon:
    No one forces him to comment here.

    He ignores me at his own risk. I (we) loose nothing but a source of irritation for commenters.

  22. A ranty exponent of the right wing narrative (there's more than one narrative, you know) is just as boring as a ranty exponent of the left wing narrative, so for me she adds nothing.
    Wouldn't you rather see both (or more) narratives calmly dismantled? That might genuinely enlighten people, as opposed to being either a comfort or an annoyance depending on your affiliation -- even if that were valuable (maybe it is, I can see that easily grasped narratives might be useful to build coalitions and get things done, but I'd still need to be persuaded about the utility of rants), it's certainly not rare -- we have enough of this kind of material already. Dispassionate analysis, on the other hand, is in woefully short supply.

    1. @ jez:
      I don't even like the terms, (left wing, right wing).

      Please propose me a scale, left to right. Tell me who is on one end and who on the other. What is the difference between them?

  23. Oprah became rich because she took personal narrative journalism to its zenith and destroyed credible news reporting in the process. Truth is no longer important, only a good story counts.


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