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Thursday, July 6, 2017

"The West will never ever be broken"

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I caught the last ten minutes or so of President Trump's speech today at Krasiński Square, the site of a monument commemorating the 1944 Warsaw Uprising against the Nazis in Warsaw, Poland.


What a statement of the importance of national borders and of limited government!

But it was the words I cited in the title of this blog post that jumped out at me:

"The West will never ever be broken."

We no longer have an apologist POTUS. Instead, we have a POTUS who stands strong for the West — and without any mealy-mouthed whimpering about colonialism-based guilt (Zinnism).

Below, I have, more or less, cued up the portion of the speech that made me want to stand up and cheer. Worth your time.

Yes, President Trump uttered the words "radical Islamic terrorism."

Note: the full transcript of the speech is HERE.


  1. That is indeed the best speech I've heard from Trump, to date.

    - CI

    1. CI,
      That is high praise -- coming from you! [no sarcasm, implied or stated]

      Regardless of who wrote this speech, President Trump found "his voice" when he spoke the words.

      PS to CI: finding one's voice is critical to writing a successful college application essay.

    2. Who are you and what have you done with the real CI?!

    3. I'm judicious with my praise and my scorn. There's just a lot to scorn over the last several years!

      - CI

  2. Note: I've now posted a link to the full transcript of the speech. See the last sentence in the body of the blog post.

  3. He gets an A for sincere use of aspirational language, but the weak sisters of Western Europe are already buckling at the knees, refusing to breed and unable to stop the slow-motion invasion driven by North African human traffickers.

    Dithering, worthless, delusional Western Europeans need to look to Mumbai, Khartoum, Dhaka, and Karachi. That is their future.

    Lebanon provides a more recent example of how a liberal nation is destroyed as Muslims take over.

    Mugabe's Zimbabwe could also come to pass, as Europe's new owners strive to get those last stubborn white stains out.

    1. SF,
      Yes, the weak sisters of Western Europe are crumbling -- nay, promoting their own Islamification.

      Back to the speech for a minute....President Trump spoke in clear terms about the importance and the superiority of Western civilization, and made clear that the radical Islamic terrorists (implying that the influx of migrants) are determined to destroy the West and the West's many accomplishments, including works of art. When is the last time that any Western leader was that outspoken about the clash (a war, really) between civilizations antithetical to one another.

      I note that, toward the beginning of the speech, President Trump was careful not to blame all of Islam: he tossed a bone to the multicuturalists when he mentioned his meeting with the House of Saud and the heads of other Arab nations. But only one small bone. The rest of the speech was different. He did not speak of containment but rather of the annihilation of radical Islamic terrorists.

    2. SF,
      You mentioned Westerners' refusal to breed. That's been ongoing in the United States for some time. Back when I was in college (1968-1972), we were inundated with the importance of avoiding "the baby trap." We were pushed not to reproduce.

      Beyond that propaganda actually promoting the death of the Western "race," there is the very real problem of being able to afford to have many children. Most households today have two working parents, many times out of the necessity to pay taxes (particularly real estate taxes and college tuitions).

      The lack of reproduction of Westerners has several causes, some of which include the desire to live in megamansions. I can't tell you how many megamansions in the D.C. area house zero children -- or only two children -- when these megamansions actually have space for a least four children.

    3. Thanks to imported muslim rapists, Sweden is now resorting to sharia-compliant women-only music festivals

      From vikings to cuckolded dhimmis... Pathetic Sweden and the rest of their multi-culti catamite Euros are not the kind of allies we need.

    4. SF,
      I saw that!

      I estimate that Sweden is about eight years ahead of the rest of Europe on the march-into-Eurabia scale.

  4. A Polish history lesson for the Poles! Well, they seemed to love it and he sure gave them a lot of credit. And he sidestepped the ugly truth of antisemitism in Poland during WWII very well. Very nice speech. And I love how the people cheered for us and him. He deserves some positive energy and credit for what they see he's done. He talked about NATO very well, too.
    Good speech! Oh, and I liked very much his frequent slams to Russia....no accident, I'm sure :-)

  5. GOod speech, great reaction by the Poles...he skirted the holocaust well (the POles are said to have been more antisemitic than most Germans), he slammed Russia..HURRAH, great timing and no accident, I'm sure...he covered the NATO situation well, mentioned the Poles' love of God in the public square....their Polish pope, etc...love of God something it appears Trump feels is important, a good lesson for Americans.
    Very good friendly and positive speech...

  6. OFF TOPIC but just announced by the CDC: Opiods prescribed MUCH more in small towns or towns of severe unemployment.
    That's the route we must pursue to stop the addictions...pretty obvious to me.

    1. According to the NYT today:

      WASHINGTON — The amount of opioid painkillers prescribed in the United States peaked in 2010, a new federal analysis has found, with prescriptions for higher, more dangerous doses dropping most sharply — by 41 percent — since then.

      But the analysis by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also found that the prescribing rate in 2015 remained three times as high as in 1999, when the nation’s problem with opioid addiction was just getting started. And there is still tremendous regional variation in how many opioids doctors dole out, with far more prescribed per capita in parts of Maine, Nevada and Tennessee, for example, than in most of Iowa, Minnesota and Texas.

      Overall, the analysis found that the amount of opioids prescribed fell by 18 percent between 2010 and 2015, though it increased in 23 percent of counties.

      I wonder if people in those particular areas have been prescribed opioids because the kind of work they do -- or used to do -- is hard on the body physically (particularly the lower back).

      Dr. Collins of the CDC is asking for researchers to find painkillers that are not addictive, yet as effective as opioids in controlling severe pain (severe = so bad the the sufferer cannot work, eat, etc.). I know for a fact that many people in those blue collar regions cannot go to work without have pain killers on board.

      To date, there is no pain killer as effective as an opioid.

      BTW, now that more and more surgeries are performed, we have seen an dramatic increase in neurogenic pain. To date, there are no pain killers as effective as opioids in controlling neurogenic pain.

    2. According to the CDC:

      "An estimated 1 out of 5 patients with non-cancer pain or pain-related diagnoses are prescribed opioids."

      I know why! The opioids get these people back on their feet much faster than other methods of pain control -- methods which may or may not work very well and takes a big chunk out of the sufferer's schedule, never mind the issue of getting to the places which offer such treatments. The methods include biofeedback, various deep injections, yoga, PT, massage, acupuncture. And, of course, health insurance won't pay for certain of those treatments.

    3. and I wonder if their depression, unemployment, seeing no future makes everything worse...I don't discount what you said, but feel emotions are a big part of pain.

    4. Z,
      Yes, those are factors as well.

      And we haven't mentioning aging as a factor. Aging is also a factor, IMO. More aches and pains -- yet having to work somehow. Even if working means two or three part time jobs that require heavy lifting and/or staying on one's feet all day.

    5. Z,
      Did you know that neurogenic pain is not considered a disability by the SSA/Medicare? These people suffering from chronic pain are ineligible for SSDI -- never mind that neurogenic pain is indeed physically disabling.

    6. NO, I didn't know that....sounds like certain people need to suffer neurogenic pain so they understand, God forbid.

    7. Z,
      You know what's really strange? Medical science doesn't know exactly how pain is transmitted. They know that certain medications interfere with pain signals -- not all of those medications are opioids, BTW -- but these doctors, even the specialists, don't know how those medications interrupt the pain.

      Neurology as a science is still, in many ways, in its infancy.

    8. A few years ago, after talking to my wife's neurologist, top guy at UM, he said that if I was ten years younger, he'd offer me a fellowship.
      that;s scary.

    9. I had suggested to him that we put a grounding rod in her brain to occasionally drain off a build up of electrical charge.
      He said that was something they were looking into.
      Kinda Frankensteinish.

    10. Ed,
      Neurosurgery of any kind smacks of Frankenstein. Still, despite how primitive their knowledge is, neurosurgeons manage to save many lives, and neurologists manage to improve lives.

      I've learned over the years, with my own neurological problems, that quite a bit of what neurologists and neurosurgeons do contains the element of trial and error.

  7. FOX reported shortly after the speech that Angela Merkel (On-ge-lah MAIR-kul) is "extremely angry with President Trump."

    Well, EFF you, ON-ge-lah! EFF YOU! Du best wie ein Kuh.

    That woman has to be as stupid as a bag full of dirty socks.

    FOX also reported that te president received a warm, enthisastic welcome from the Poles –– AND that France's Macron is begnning to show signs of warming to our president as well.

    1. FT,
      FOX reported shortly after the speech that Angela Merkel (On-ge-lah MAIR-kul) is "extremely angry with President Trump."

      I'm not surprised. She is such a multiculturalist and a globalist.

      But I'm also hearing that Trump and Merkel shook hnds today in Hamburg. The G-20 Summit and all that.

    2. I don't know what the HECK happened to "Conservative" Angela Merkel (and thanks for the phonetics...I wish someone would also educate newspeople who still say CUTTER for QATER and EYE-RACK for IRAQ and Kim Jung OON instead of Kim Jung UN...all one has to do is ASK A KOREAN, which I did!! If the U in JUNG is pronounced that way, the U in UN is also pronounced that way.
      What's it TAKE!?
      I did hear rumor that the first G Bush said EYE-RACK to tick Iranians off...I kinda liked that...but EYE-RACK? MAN.

    3. OOps..that's QATAR, as you know...

    4. Z,
      Will Merkel lose her next election? Are enough Germans angry enough at her to boot her out of office?

    5. I am hearing she'll win again...my stepson says people are angry but enough stupid liberals like her crap.

      Check this out: https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/merkels-husband-sending-ivanka-melania-195604393.html
      idiots...nobody doubts climates change....as if Trump needs a LESSON!?

    6. Z,
      well, it they re-elect Merkel, they get what they deserve. I'm sorry to say this because I know that you have family in Germany.

      As to the link...YE, GODS! That's damn tacky! Rude, in fact.

    7. I think that's VERY rude, too....glad you agree.
      And yes, it's hard to think how many Germans still don't get it; I believe they're much like Americans...we've BEEN successful nations and liberals actually think that'll continue once enough refugees are living off us the countries are no longer financially viable...GOD FORBID.

      Yes! So far, I'm liking the book...very curious :-) Thanks!

    8. What's rude about that? I like looking at supercomputers...

    9. According to Today this morning, the trip to the German Climate Computing Center is canceled. Too much rioting in the streets of Hamburg for going to the center.

  8. I just stumbled across this:

    Trump’s Poland Trip Speech Is the Left’s Biggest Nightmare.

    Brief excerpt:

    ...During his speech in Poland, Trump took the leftist agenda to task by pointing out how religion, Western culture and values are under attack everyday, and that we must fight back to save them...


    “Just as Poland could not be broken, I declare for the world to hear that the West will never ever be broken and our values will prevail, our people will thrive, and our civilization will triumph,” Trump said in one of the most powerful lines of his speech....

    1. The Left is retaliating on Trump's business now. In this video, Naomi Klein advocates (surreptitiously) that people should make reservations at Trump hotels, and then "cancel" at the last minute so as to damage their profits.

    2. Speedy, that is LOWER than LOW...They'll do ANYTHING to screw Trump and it's actually getting scary....the hate in the left is palpable. Remember how we all couldn't stand Obama's ideology and ego and the IRS, F&F, etc? Nobody threatened to destroy him. These people are swine....

    3. Z,
      It's Trump Derangement Syndrome.

      These people are swine.

      That's putting it nicely.

    4. and only because I refrain from calling people pigs. :-)

      Hey, I got my copy of ONE PERFECT LIE, poured myself coffee and am going to dig in!

    5. @Z,

      They're "activists" not "think first-ivists"! ;)

  9. Question:

    1. Did a single Congress critter voice support of President Trump's Warsaw Speech?

    2. Did a single Congress critter condemn President Trump's Warsaw Speech?

    If so, I missed any such statements.

    Help me out, please.

    1. former Senator Dole Tweeted support.

    2. Thersites,
      I'll check his Twitter feed.

      It disgusts me that the vast majority of Congress critters have not spoken positively -- and loudly so -- about Trump's Warsaw Speech.


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