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Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Vice-Presidential Debate

Consider the ages of Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

These candidates for Vice President of the United States should be scrutinized because one of them could well become the President during the next President' first term.

Tonight, WE THE PEOPLE get one chance to see Tim Kaine (D) and Mike Pence (R) face off.  This thread is dedicated to discussion of the Vice-Presidential candidates and their October 4 debate.  Have at it!

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  1. I am looking forward to tonight's Vice Presidential debate, but wonder if you'd consider it off-Topic to bring in a discussion of whatever anti-Clinton revelations Julian Assange of WIKILEAKS might have to offer? These have been touted as a potential KNOCKOUT PUNCH to HRC's Campaign.

    IF so, surely that ought to trump (!) any interest we might have in solid, stolid Mike Pence and Tim "Twerpy" Kaine –– or don't you agree?.

    1. What a pity! One always hopes ... but one's hopes seem always in vain.

    2. The Clintons have been playing an evil Houdini for decades now.

      Just when we think they're ensnared--that their rotten edifice of lies and corruption is about to collapse--they slip the cuffs and skip off, laughing and wiping the cream and the canary feathers from their whiskers.

      The Clintons have a pact with the devil.

    3. AOW, Assange used his big event to hawk his book? Priceless! He's taking a page from Trump.

    4. Confucius say

      "Too much time on pot make piles."

      That weirdo Assange is still promising more ... "later"

      More BS no doubt.


  2. Under oath Hillary Clinton denied she knew about the weapons shipments during public testimony in early 2013 after the Benghazi terrorist attack.

    In an interview with Democracy Now, Wikileaks’ Julian Assange is now stating that 1,700 emails contained in the Clinton cache directly connect Hillary to Libya to Syria, and directly to Al Qaeda and ISIS
    So who's the BIG Liar?

    1. No one is caring about that anymore. Time to get over it and move on.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  3. The vice presidential debate rarely has much impact.

    I expect Kaine to attempt to draw out Pence's anti-choice stance and supply side economic policy (they tend to go hand in hand).

    Pence wouldn't get very far bringing up e-mail and Benghazi so it's not clear what he'd go after. AOW is probably familiar with his record in Virginia and where to attack.

    All in all unless there is some wild gaffe it won't cause any serious shift.

    1. "Anti-choice?" As opposed to Democrat party anti-life, you sneering socialist?

      "Supply-Side?" Sheeeeesh. Would somebody tell this guy this ain't the 1980's anymore? What's next? You gonna regale us with witty bon mots like "tinkle-down," or that great side-splitter "Ronnie Raygun?""

      HOO HOOO HOO!!! HA HA HA!!!

      You're like a broken comedy record from the 1960's that ain't funny no more. You ain't been relevant or funny in decades, but the record is stuck, it just keeps playing over and over, and we can't find the damned off button.

      How about we all pitch in a give you a nice trip to North Korea? You'd fit right in.

    2. Confucius say

      Pro choice to democrat mean glad to kill baby.

    3. I am still laughing at how that FreeThinke fellow gave Ducky's Here a digital thrashing he shall not soon forget!


      Indeed. The Socialist Smee does need to be "DEPORTED and sent to a totalitarian People's Republic."

  4. I don't think the VP debate will garner much attention nationwide. For their faults [both have issues regarding civil liberties, though in line with their parties platforms], neither is a clown or a criminal. And both could be seen in a generic, if not reasonable light...they've been steadfast politicians [gasp! Mainstream?]...but both are now tainted by their support for the tops of their tickets.

    Kaine is required to support someone who should have been indicted....and Pence is required to support someone who is utterly, intellectually unmoored. Thus, both are diminished.

  5. Pretty much. Pence is reliably conservative, but since he didn't renounce his membership in the Republican Party nor has he devoted any time or resources towards seeing Sonald Trump defeated in November, I don't think he can be trusted with ethical decisions.

    1. Politics is a coalmine; nobody comes out clean.

    2. Donald Trump has contempt for everything Mike Pence used to believe in.

  6. So, Trump, reportedly,lost >$ 900,000,000 of [his] own money; what of the ,reported, $6,000,000,000, of [our] money missing from the State Dept.when Shrillary was Sec. of State? If the latter is true I hope this issue is addressed in tonight's and/or a subsequent debate.

  7. That makes $6,900,000,000 of our money. Trump got $900 million back from us because he was able to convince the government that he sucks at financial management.

    1. Mortimer Titcombe, CPAOctober 5, 2016 at 9:15:00 AM EDT

      He didn't get "$900 million back from us." He used that loss to write down his taxable income.

      It's a cute Democrat talking point, but as Democrats always do, it distorts the truth.

    2. No, Mort, it was an out-and-out LIE.

      Please don't mince words when talking to or about DIRTOCRATS. They deserve only our heaviest doses of contempt and derision.

    3. Who gained the $900 million that Trump "lost?"

      Looks like he got to blow $900 million untaxed to me.

    4. Now you're catching on, Thought Criminal! He lost $900 million and used it to offset taxes. So do you understand now the difference between writing off a loss and getting money from the government?

      Elon Musk, Wall Street investment houses in 2008, and GM are examples of being actual beneficiaries of government-granted money. This case was different. Trump lost money and sued the tax code reduce his taxes on that basis. I would advise any client to do the same.

    5. Using losses to offset taxes is something I've done -- even with my teeny landlord business. One year, I had to buy a furnace for the house I rent to my cousin. I used that offset to null passive income from that property for as many years as the amount provided (5 years, maybe).

    6. Why make it particular to YOURSELF, AOW?

      YOU are not important in this argument. It's the violation of HONESTY by the DIRTOCARAtS in repeatedly making these stupid, utterly FALSE accusations that is at issue.

      What YOU did is what EVERY intelligent person who has a pot to pee in and a window to throw it out of does ROUTINELY when circumstances warrant it. No accountant worth hi sal would fail to use this provision. in the law to protect his clients' best interests.

      There is NOTHING either SHADY, ILLEGAL,UNDERHANDED to UNETHICAL ABOUT it. Only an out-and-out FOOL –– or a demented CREEP –– would pay so much as red cent more in taxes than he HAD to.

      The whole issue should never have come up. It's a SPECIOUS, MISLEADING, utterly FALSE ARGUMENT floated by DIRTOCRATS to stir up the blackguards, bums, moronic paupers, and self-righteous bleeding hearts who consistently vote for the crooked bastards.

    7. FT,
      Why make it particular to YOURSELF, AOW?


      Because if a small-potatoes person such as I can use that tax provision, it shows that the provision is available to all -- not only to the very rich.

      I furthermore state that ANYONE who has used the mortgage deduction provision is minimizing his tax liability and, therefore, has zero room to criticize anyone else for availing himself of the provisions of the ridiculous tome known as the tax code.

    8. Should you and I however, be able to live lavishly, after applying for debt forgiveness?

      I'm all for tax minimization......given that I would seek to abolish the income tax.....but if I asked for debt forgiveness....I would expect not to live in unparalleled luxury. Legal....probably. Ethical....depends.

    9. CI,
      From what I understand, the NYT published 2 pages of Trump's 1995 return -- nothing more. The NYT also said "may have" or "could have" carried the loss forward for 15 years.

      As far as I know, we have zero clue as to what Trump did with his subsequent returns or, for that matter, what the rest of the 1995 tax return showed. I can't imagine that he filed the short form.

    10. (((Thought Criminal))) Said:
      "Who gained the $900 million that Trump "lost?" "

      Looks like you're ignorant about business finances.

      Who gained?? The employees, suppliers of goods and services and the Federal and State governments, off of the income of the employees and suppliers of goods and services (plus permits and fees).

      The employer invests his money which was already taxed as he earned it. If its a loss there is no income to tax and the employer (owner) and his backers (stock holders) get nothing unless there is a thing called a "profit".

      Why should anyone be taxed for money they invested and lost. Even gamblers get to write off gamboling losses.

      Democrats, a better world through basic ignorance.

      I've written off a Business loss over five years myself. Why should I have to pay taxes on money that I'd already paid taxes on and lost in an investment? Apparently you believe that I should have been punished because I invested my money.

      "Looks like he got to blow $900 million untaxed to me."

      Looks like you need to take off the ideological blindfold to me!

    11. You're arguing that most Americans made more taxable income than Donald Trump?

      The meth is strong in this one.

    12. @ (((Thought Criminal)))...

      Try reading it again or just admit that you're invincibly ignorant.

    13. It's okay. I don't like to brag. I made more taxable income than Donald Trump over the last 20 years. Me. Genius Businessman lost nearly a billion dollars during a real estate boom cycle. Don't worry about Trump. We hardcore conservatives don't mind bailing out his lenders.

      But, don't you think the Retardicans could have nominated a more grateful welfare deadbeat?

    14. I just stumbled across this:

      Trump Accountant Comes Forward.


      Enter accountant Jack Mitnick. Mitnick reportedly handled Trump’s taxes up until 1996, and he just dropped a bombshell announcement leaving the liberal media’s narrative in tatters.

      Mitnick claimed that Trump’s manipulating the tax code at that point in time wouldn’t have even been possible.


      “As far as I know, and that only goes through late ’96, he didn’t (have the expertise to manipulate the tax code),” Mitnick said during an interview Wednesday with NBC News. Trump’s lack of expertise was exactly why he hired Mitnick.

    15. AOW,

      Donald Trump is both a liberal and a media figure. He has claimed that he knows the tax code far better than anyone and is the only one that can fix it.

      Is that the liberal media narrative left in tatters?

  8. Apparently no reason to stay up late tonight...the RNC had declared Pence the winner of tonights yet to occur debate. /sarc


  9. YE, GODS!

    Tim Kaine is rude and has diarrhea of the mouth!

    This moderator, whoever she is, is out of her league. She is akin to a substitute who can't control the class.

    1. I thought the moderator did well asking policy questions.

      Kaine's interruptions hurt him but he parried the Pence's mouthings about the Clinton Foundation really well.

    2. AMEN, AOW! Tim Kaine is a rude, impossibly loud, mouthy, ill-bred, little schîtt.

      Mike Pence is positively NOBLE. I don't know how he was able to stop himself from getting up, pulling the bastard up out of his chair by the scruff of his thick neck, and punching his lights out.

      Governor Pence was unable to get a word in edgewise most of the evening, because of the constant interruptions from Twerpy Kaine. And when he did manage to eke out a sentence or two, Kaine pulled a Joe Biden by jerking his head head constantly, twitching, smirking, and keeping much of his body in constant motion.

      In stagecraft that's a NO-NO. Actors can get fired for trying it onstage to draw attention away form a central character. But, Kaine –– like Biden with Paul Ryan in 2012, has turned the major distraction of rude, clownish, impertinent, indirect physical commentary into a fine art.

      The MODERATOR failed completely to perform her role adequately. She seemed unable –– or more likely unwilling to govern Kaine's OUT of ORDER behavior, so the Twerp got away with hogging the attention and sucking most of the oxygen out of the room. I felt like STRANGLING the bastard, and could hardly make myself stay with this travesty of proper debate procedure. I felt short of breath with indignation the whole time.

      ALSO, every time Governor Pence DID manage even to begin making a point the friggin' MODERATOR interrupted him, but she made only the feeblest, ineffectual attempt to reign in the demonic Twerp..

      It was worse than an interview with Bill O'Reilly. Mike Pence is a perfect gentleman, but I so wanted him to man up and neutralize his OBSCENE antagonists by playing the thug,

      Altogether a HORRIBLE experience, but no doubt the DIRtOCARAT will be declared The Winner, because John Q. Publick just loves to witness savage, unbridled CACOPHONY in action.

      Pro-WRESTLING is more aesthetically pleasing, and has more socially redeeming qualities to offer than the FILTH dished out by DIRTOCRATS –– may God damn their souls.

      This was not a debate it was a Campaign Speech for Hillary Clinton riding roughshod over every attempt the mild-mannered Mike Pence made to answer the questions put to him.

      To review the event in a single word:


    3. FT said:
      "Pro-WRESTLING is more aesthetically pleasing, and has more socially redeeming qualities to offer than the FILTH dished out by DIRTOCRATS ..."

      I actually did laugh out loud over that zinger!

    4. I couldn't watch the entire debate. I couldn't stand to watch Tim Kaine's facial expressions, body twitches, glares, etc., nor could I stand to hear Kaine's whiny, interrupting outbursts over and over again.

    5. Ducky, So you're a fan of the Clinton Global Pay-to-Play Operation?

    6. No, not so much, Silverfiddle. But I do believe they have done some good work along with some inevitable graft.

      I think the revelations concerning Trump's so called foundation have given considerable insight into his character as well and he comes off worse than Clinton. His has done nothing except serve as a slush fund.

    7. All of those vanity foundations are a scam, including Trump's. Apparently, he was doing the opposite of the Clintons: Using his "foundation" to buy his way in to conservative and religious organizations so he could use them for speech platforms and get them to say nice things about them. That's a petty, domestic political operation indistinguishable from the garden-variety political operation.

      The Clinton Foundation (which apparently disburses a whopping 10% of what that vacuum up) is shaking down world leaders and billionaire globalists for favors dispensed from the US government.

      That's a whole other ballgame. There is no equivalence. Trump is playing petty domestic politics; the Clinton's are engaged in global influence peddling and access vending. Global pay-for-play makes Hillary unqualified for the presidency.

    8. Thanks, Warren, if I made you laugh, I've done a good deed. ;-)

      Most people disapprove of me or just plain hate my guts for being so outspoken, but when you're halfway to age 76, legally blind, diabetic, arthritic, prone to vertigo attacks and live alone as I do, all the customary niceties of Civil Discourse no longer seem to matter –– especially when dealing with the MENACE these DIRTOCRATS represent that's looming over us as it is now.

      Anyway, I'm glad you have a sense of humor. That's very rare in the bogosphere. No wonder Mr. and Mrs. AOW love you the way they do!

      Hey! Can we smile and still keep a stiff upper lip? Worth a try, that's for sure.

      Be well.

  10. Tim Kaine isn't wearing an American flag pin?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Yes, he has the flag pin on.
      He has a red tie and Pence has a blue tie.

      They're spending a lot of time either calling Trump a dope or defending him on charges of being a dope

    3. Just SHUT UP and GET the HELL OUT of HERE, CANARDO. Nobody gives a Tinker's Dam what you think. We don't want to hear any more of your CRAP.

    4. Duck,
      about Kaine's lapel pin

      Not an American flag.

      Had your eyes checked lately?

    5. ah, just so. Much ado about nothing.

      "Tim Kaine’s lapel pin actually honors his eldest son, Nat, who is a deployed marine. What he is wearing is a blue star pin. It’s a symbol worn by military families—traditionally, mothers and wives of active military personnel—to celebrate their family members serving in the military during a period of war or hostilities."

      Seems acceptable.

    6. Why not a blue star pin on the right lapel and the American flag pin on the left lapel?

    7. Why is an American flag pin considered such a politically correct part of the politicians 'uniform'?

      Blue Star Families pin is fine with me.

      - CI

    8. They need collars marked Tweedle-D and Tweedle-R

    9. Tweedle Dumb and Tweedle Dumber...But thank GOD Pence isn't dumb and thank God he's not nuanced..God forbid we further ruin our country with nuance instead of conviction and action.

    10. Puh-lease. What destroyed what was left of Pence's credibility after not saying "hell no" and hanging up on Trump's invite to run for VP was that debate retort of "if Donald Trump had said..."

      There is no "if." The Donald Trump quotations at issue are doxumentable, and further, Pence is on record responding to said quotes.

      If. LOL.

      Down here in the really real world, Pence is complicating the view of his judgement (he's running with Trump after all) by acting as there's doubt Donald Trump made controversial statements THAT PENCE HIMSELF ATTACKED.

      This whole week is going to be fact checkers rubbing Pence's pigface in that shit.

      Kaine lost the debate? When?

    11. CI,
      I find it unusual that Kaine didn't wear an American flag pin -- that's all I'm saying.

    12. While the poor little Thought Criminal is mewling about credibility and preoccupied with exhuming Reagan and worshiping him, the rest of us in the real world are moving on.

    13. Nah, retard. I'll content myself with Hillary's presidency and a Republican Party that only has retards to witch hunt.

  11. Archimedes von Kreplach-Windgassen said

    Howie Kurtz got off a good line in the post-debate "analysis:

    "Tim Kaine came off looking like the villain in an old Batman show."

    TEE HEE! Good on ya, Howie.

  12. Tim Kaine was impolite, disrespectful, sarcastic and mean. His constant interruptions of Pence make him look like a bully. Pence was gentlemanly and respectful. The audience noticed, and every poll I have seen so far gives Pence the win.

    1. Stogie,
      Quite the contrast!

      I saw a few Democrats interviewed this morning. They said that Kaine won. Really? REALLY?

    2. AOW,

      Kaine was loud, rude, bullying, puffed up with theatrical outrage, and he belched out canned talking points.

      To Democrats, that is "winning" (unless Donald Trump does it. Then, its an automatic disqualification)

    3. Spot on, Stogie! You are a man after my own heart.

      My only criticism of Governor Pence was that he didn't stand up after the first ten minutes of being constantly interrupted and talked over by Kaine's loud, shrill, incisive voice, and tell the moderator, "If you don't keep this turkey quiet during my turn to talk, I'm walking off this stage, and won't come back. This is not a debate, it's a TRAVESTY. Got that, Sister?"

  13. Surprise. Chris Cillizza at Washington Post declared Pence the winner and the ranty-baby Kaine the loser, along with Kaine's helper the moderator (whom it looks like everybody is slamming)


    1. Not much hard policy came out last night.

      Pence slammed Clinton and Kaine slammed Trump.
      Didn't really learn much about the two men except that Pence doesn't have a very nuanced view of the world.

      I thought his defense of stop & frisk and denial of many of Trumps' statements which are on the record were negatives.

    2. NOTHING of SUBSTANCE CAME OUT, Canardo, because your vicious little attack dog –– a disgrace even by standards common to DIRTOCRAT politicians today –– offered NOTHING but STATIC. His obvious, assigned role was to stop at nothing in order to STIFLE the good Mike Pence, and prevent the governor from refuting the FUSILLADE of LIES emanating from the DESPERADOCRATZ and making LEGITIMATE POINTS.

      The HYENA Kaine was there to PREVENT the TRUTH from being TOLD.

      If Kaine and Her VILENESS were SHOT DEAD before November 8, I'd be one of untold millions who would DANCE in the STREETS for JOY.

    3. I agree with Cillizza. Why even have VP debates? It's just another Infotainment-Media Complex revenue generator.

    4. SF - I'm not convinced of the utility of debates in the first place. They are scripted rehashing of talking points and insults from the length and breadth of the campaign.

      I've yet to know anybody who has either changed their mind or made their decision on who to vote for, based on debate performance.

      - CI

    5. Kaine: Trump has said some off the wall goofy shit
      Pence: Well, Trump's not a politician. Not really fit for the job, y'know
      Kaine: That's what I've been saying!
      Pence: See y'all in 2020

      - the VP debate, in 4 lines

    6. SF,
      You mentioned ranty-baby Kaine. A homeschool parent today -- a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat said much the same thing. He's now unsure as to whether or not he can vote for the Clinton-Kaine ticket.

  14. British tabloids report that Hillary Clinton was furious with Kaine's performance. Undisclosed sources describer her as "bug-eyed, purple-faced and foaming at the mouth."

    From the Daily Star:

    "When Kaine met with her afterwards, she flew into a rage when he entered the room. She reportedly ripped a sconce lamp from the wall and hurled it at him, filling the room with vile invective as Kaine ducked, barely avoiding the airborne appliance.

    Kaine scrambled to escape, slipped and fell, and Hillary caught him up by the collar and "slapped him so hard one of his shoes came off."

    Then, "Hillary presently was gripped with an attack of the tremblies," and had to be helped from the room by Secret Service agents who had been standing "shocked and gobstopped" by what they had just witnessed.

  15. Kaine's debate appearance resulted in about 10,000 more "Creepy Clown" 911 calls last night.

  16. From C-SPAN Caller Who Claims to Know Tim Kaine Says He's 'Manchurian Candidate':

    After the vice-presidential debate last night, a woman called into C-SPAN claiming to know Senator Tim Kaine personally -- and she had nothing good to say about him. The caller, "Shirley from Richmond, Virginia," said she was an undecided voter until she saw Kaine at the debate. And that seemed to trigger some bad memories....

    "I am a beginning member of Richmond City Council," Shirley said. "I know Tim Kaine. Tim Kaine cares only about Tim Kaine."

    She claimed that Kaine had been "trying to become the president" since even before he was on the city council.

    "He really doesn't care about people at all," the woman charged. "He will do whatever it takes. I'm reminded of the Manchurian Candidate and Mrs. Clinton's health issues."

    She declared that if Kaine ever becomes president, "we won't have a country. This guy is crazy."

    "I know him personally, Shirley added. "I'm not trying to be nasty, I'm just standing up for what is right to say and standing up for the people in this country."

    She concluded that she would be voting for Trump in order to make sure Kaine is "no longer in a position to be president."

    Truth or fiction? You decide.

    1. Decision made - fiction.

      But I do love some C-SPAN WJ callers.

  17. On the lighter side:

    the Talking Timmy Doll.

    Don't miss that perfect graphic!

  18. I second what Epaminondas stated at Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

    The damage is done.
    But it is those who were IN FAVOR of getting rid of Mr. Clinton for the behavior which resulted in his perjury who have a(n ethical) leg to stand on. Those who REMAINED with Mr. Clinton are going to vote for Hillary anyway.

    Mrs. Clinton's tweet about how this kind of a man not being allowed to be president is COMICAL....


    Men wanting to touch women is NOT a shocking story.
    Men behaving BOORISHLY about this is not a shocking story.
    They are not ADMIRABLE in this 'quality', and I don't understand it personally, but I sure do want to touch my wife, and it makes us laugh.

    None of this has to do with the aptitudes for changing America.


    Read the rest HERE.


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