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Sunday, October 9, 2016

The News Networks — And The Second 2016 Presidential Debate

Note: this thread will remain here for a few days and may also be used to discuss the October 9 debate between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Donald J. Trump.

One of my Facebook finds:

It's a little funny, but when you sit and let it sink in, it's really not:

NBC = Nobody But Clinton

ABC = Always Believe Clinton

CBS = Clinton Broadcasting System

CNN = Clinton News Network

CNNHL =Clinton News Network Honesty Lost

MSNBC = More Same Nobody But Clinton

PBS = Proletariat Broadcasting System

FOX = Fair Objective eXperts

I'm not so sure about that last one.

Fox's Friday frenzy to cover the revelation of Donald Trump's use of "the p-word" — in a private conversation aboard a Hollywood studio bus some eleven years ago — instead of emphasizing the same day's revelations regarding Hillary Rodham Clinton's paid speeches differed little from the coverage afforded by the other networks.

Two must-reads from Infidel Bloggers Alliance:

1. My advice for Mr. Trump this Morning


2. Hillary’s Wall Street Speeches Revealed: Hillary Says She Fears Muslims, Declares She Dreams Of “Hemispheric Common Market”, “Open Borders.


  1. How about this?


    MSM continuing to churn out the news of pu$$y- when two police officers have lost their lives in Palm Springs is disgusting. Shouldn't that loss of life be the real news covered? One of the officers was a mother who had just returned to the job.

    Honest thought from a Deplorable. Is it "breaking news" if it is dirt dug up from eleven years ago? If that is breaking news shouldn't we also be talking about Monica's dress again? $perm? Whatever.

    Media is apparently unaware of the growing backlash against them on Twitter regarding their latest "shocking" (Zzzz) revelations.

    Why did 80 million women read Fifty Shades of Grey? The hypocrisy is unbelievable. I know this reads like a drive-by shooting but I am so thoroughly disgusted with dishonest media that I am to the point of no longer watching the networks. In fact, they barely get a view from me.

  2. Acknowledging the medias business model for what it is, titillation and sensationalism, is fair and righteous. But aside from not being Conservative, the pursuit of victimhood, is but one reason I left the GOP years ago. The dredging up of "Clinton News Network" from Rush Limbaughs halcyon days of the 90's, is entertaining though.

  3. What Trump said 11 years ago pales in comparison to Clinton laughing about getting the rapist off.
    And I don't mean Bill.

    1. that's the trouble, Ed. There is SO much evidence against Mrs. C-Word on so MANY fronts the average intelligence finds it CONFOUNDING and INDIGESTIBLE.

      Only well-trained legal minds could possibly deal with it, therefore the full weight and appalling nature of her lifelong list of shady dealings and illegal offenses just can't get through to most potential voters.

      It creates a kind of Intellectual Indigestion the backs up on its victims and then just blanks itself out after a while

    2. It's like the chaff fighter pilots use do defend against missile strikes. Hides the real target.

    3. Ed,l the problem is nobody cares about that case Hillary was SO AWFUL in, even caught on tape giggling about getting her guy off no matter how it scarred the raped 12 yr old girl. The Left simply doesn't get exposed to truths like that, or writes it off.

      Today, her crew is saying the Speech texts are OUT OF CONTEXT and NOT ACCURATE.
      Gee, I WISH Republicans could get away with that so easily!

      As far as CNN is concerned...they've not yet mentioned the Hillary speeches....and I watch a LOT of it, having found that it's almost comic relief for me now in their unrelenting digging up of every single left leaning person who'd like to weigh in on Trump. Honestly, any time of day or night, there's CNN on THAT ONE STORY doing all they can to make Trump unacceptable as a candidate...which, I have to add, isn't that tough these days.
      They're truly hilarious in their inability to even try to look 'fair and balanced.'

      FOX has covered it all...the speeches, of course, and the awful Trump remarks......but, FOX is supposedly more biased. Go figure.

    4. "Screw that conservative yokel from Indiana and his policy on the Russians in Syria. Yeah, he's my running mate, but we never talk. I like Vladimir Putin's policy on the Russians in Syria."

  4. It sounds as if the moderators, in tonight's debate, will begin with this 11 year old issue which is, certainly, overshadowed by many [current] issues likely to be exacerbated should Clinton prevail. I guess that we will see.

    1. If Mr. Trump is smart, he will denounce the tactic as dwelling on a triviality when

      Dealing humanely with ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION



      Welcoming INDUSTRY back to USA with massive TAX BENEFITS in exchange for providing more and better JOBS for AMERICANS,

      Dealing effectively with the TWENTY-RILLION DOLLAR DEBT,

      Scaling Back the Massive, Overbearing MUCH TOO COSTLY BUREAUCRACY,

      Making a serious effort to INCREASE the VALUE of the DOLLAR,

      And of course getting SERIOUS and providing SERIOUS PROPOSALS for REPLACING OBAMACARE with a SYSTEM that WORKS, etc.

      All THESE things should be uppermost in EVERYONE'S mind.

      Dwelling on M. Trump's TAXES, his pursuit of OBAMA'S BIRTH CERTIFICATE, his private dealings with WOMEN, and the merits and demerits lf Mr. Trump's PERSONALITY is as INANE as it is TRIVIAL, and he should immediately DISMISS all references to these things as BALONEY, then pivot to asking questions of his own as to why his militant adversaries show no interest in pursuing issues that MATTER. to the health and strength of the NATION.

    2. Will emotion 'trump' important issues tonight? If so I'm afraid that we are DONE!

    3. Trump's gonna have his hands full tonight, going up against Hillary, Anderson Blooper and Martha Ratschitz simultaneously...

  5. If Trump can manage to stay focused he should blow battleship Hillary out of the water.

    1. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, Warren. He's what I said about it at my ;lace, if you're interested:

      "I cherish a fond hope that Mr. Trump will "take the high road," rise above the stinking trash pile with which the Clinton-Enemedia-Interntionalist Alliance has tried to bury him, and speak from his heart about the vast differences between his vision for America and hers.

      "Staging a FECES FESTIVAL cum MUTUAL DENIGRATION DERBY could not even hope got be productive.

      "Mr. Trump has a most unfortunate tendency to take things personally and allow himself got react emotionally instead of intellectually. SHE, of course, lives in a SEPTIC TANK has spent her entire political life slinging FECES from the abundant supply or ordure in which she lives and moves and has her being.

      "We can only hope that Truth may be revealed and fully accepted by the majority before November 8."

    2. Trump will go WILD tonight; he simply doesn't have it in him to be dignified or appropriate once his poor thin skinned is pierced....and BROTHER, is she going to pierce it and brother, does HE DESERVE IT. To hell with the country, if he doesn't get his cheering sycophants enough to fill his ego, we're ALL going down.

      Still, I couldn't vote for Hillary for love or money.

      Warren, we can hope and pray Trump FINALLY can pull himself in and stay focused and he could do VERY WELL if he had it in him, but ...I haven't seen sign of that.
      Here's hoping.

    3. He's doing well.
      Like he said, 1 against 3.

    4. Ed,

      He did better than I expected.

    5. DEFINITELY 1 against 3.
      That Raddatz weighing in herself on telling enemies when we're going to bomb...that was SO INAPPROPRIATE...'Maybe that's psychological warfare!' WHAT?? absolutely out of line but CNN's Tapper actually stood up for her "She's an expert on Syria"...well, excuse me, Tapper, but Trump was talking about MOSUL, not SYRIA.

  6. There are ONE-HUNDRED TEN comments on my blog right now, –– many of them excellent ––, related to the subject of Left-Leaning Bias in the Enemedia and the Full Court Press the enemedia has been staging in a rabidly furious effort to destroy Mr. Trump's candidacy.

    I've had no choice but to include FOX, which has now become FUX, and the much vaunted, supposedly unbiased C-Span in this all out effort to discredit Mr. Trump.

    Because I have grown to DESPISE the ENEMEDIA, and DISTRUST THEM UTTERLY, I've felt compelled to voice this opinion several times:

    The Clintons, the Enemedia, the D'Rats AND especially the RINO's are all in this together.

    Mr.Trump is standing ALONE against the winds of a massive killer TORNADO.

    Please come to my blog and join the discussion. I believe sharing news and views among like-minded people could only help our cause.

    I do screen out TROLLS, BOILERPLATE, PERSONAL REMARKS, and MINDLESS INVECTIVE from both Left and Right, so you might find a visit to my place refreshing –– at least that would be my hope.

  7. I like your advice to Trump posted at IBA.

    Trump should simply say, "Look, you all knew I was a vulgar bastard. Guilty as charged. I have categorically apologized for my crass, insulting comments. Now, can we move on to how we are going to bring jobs to millions of Americans?"

  8. You know what I'm sick and tired of?

    All sorts of "news" and entertainment media acting so OFFENDED AND HORRIFIED about braggadocio-male Trump when those same media people entities have been debasing American culture and the traditional American ethos for at least three decades!

    The constant gasping of the past 48 hours has worn me to the nub.

    1. Or the focus of the "moderators" on the bus video.

    2. AOW: Yes! Bingo! Bullseye! Our cotton candy pop-culture was built on salacious gossip, T & A sexual exploitation, titillation, crass reality shows where naked people with pixellated private parts cavort and have sex, all accompanied by vulgarities.

      This same Infotainment-Media Complex also routinely shows us graphic videos of people being attacked and killed.

      With apologies to Captain Renault, "I'm shocked, shocked to find that someone made a lewd and sexits comment! Shocked I tell you!"

  9. I'm upstairs trying to watch a BBC comedy, and my wife and the Trump fans are downstairs cheering like the Broncos just scored a touchdown, so something must be going right for Trump in the early stages of the debate...

    1. He just said he appoint a special prosecutor to go after her.

    2. I'm getting pissed off! HRC's grinning, smirking, disdain. Sheesh.

    3. SF,
      I'm doing a little cheering myself.

      Trump is obviously more prepared for this debate.

    4. Ed,
      He just said he appoint a special prosecutor to go after her.

      And she tossed her head back a little and laughed disdainfully.

      The woman is so unlikeable. It shows all over her that she thinks she's special and above the law.

    5. "HRC's grinning, smirking"

      Yes, this is what she dose when contemplating her next big lie!

    6. She smiles inappropriately.
      Now Martha Radditz is arguing with Trump?

    7. I honestly believe she is a psychotic.

    8. BTW, I just, metaphorically, took out the trash.

      Sorry about your rejoinder FT. When you remove the head post on a particular thread, all of the replies go with it.

    9. Warren,
      I honestly believe she is a psychotic.

      Reminded me of some of the Ted Bundy interviews.

    10. Warren,
      Taking out the trash with this reply format has its quirks.

    11. Ed,
      Quite something on both counts (your comment of October 9, 2016 at 10:11:00 PM EDT).

    12. Silverfiddle...I thought your kids were libs? You have friends over?!!

    13. Z: We're a mixed household.

    14. Z: ...and the liberal feminist in the house can't stand Hillary Clinton. No way she will vote for her.

  10. "I will give economics to the people" - DJT


    1. He meant the economy.

      I noticed that Trump was nervous -- particularly at first.

      Not sure when I heard him use the terminology "I will give economics to the people."

      As a Wharton graduate, he certainly knows better. A slip of some sort, I guess.

    2. Hillary Clinton lacks stamina or Hillary Clinton keeps fighting and never gives up?

      Donald Trump debates better on cocaine, but he needs to blow his nose before taking the stage.

    3. It's a nervous sniff.

      My decades-long friend Laura, who never used any illegal substance and few prescription medications, does exactly the same thing. So does her son -- probably a learned behavior.

    4. Nothing wrong with a nervous sniff....or allergies. But why did he have to lie about it after the first debate. On top of ALL of his documented lies, lying about something trivial just reinforces that there is nothing he won't lie about.

  11. Judging from the looks on all their faces, (they looked like they were suffering from terminal hemorrhoids) and the tone of their voices, I'd say that Trump was effective tonight

    1. Enough of the debate, I'm going to watch something educational and relevant now. ("Frankenstein's Revenge" 1944 is on AMC)

    2. If not a draw, I think he won.
      He pointed out the "moderator" bias.
      Pointed out the e-mails and the lying.
      He did well.

    3. He did better than usual, he STAYED CALM, that's the main thing he HAD to do. kudos to that.
      But I'm with Ed...more a draw tonight...which in itself is good.
      She is SO CONTRIVED...I believe she memorizes a LOT and that's why people just can't warm up to her...NO sincerity, NO real woman there...just all bug eyes and darting hands, and weird smiles...I shiver.

    4. ".just all bug eyes and darting hands, and weird smiles...I shiver."

  12. Mr Trump’s performance tonight was much better than his last, but I so wish he had a better command of English. In that one regard I must admit Hillary is superior to him, even though she appears almost entirely disingenuous.

    I believe Mr. Trump really does want to help our country. Considering the insolence, total dishonesty and the weight of his opposition and the tremendous amounts of sheer FILTH thrown at him by the enemedia, the Clinton Campaign, AND the GOP Establishment, whom I regard as RINO’S (Republicans In Name Only), I think Mr. Trump appeared extraordinarily poised and he controlled himself admirably, even though I could see he felt stressed by the huskiness in his voice and the nasal discharge that kept him sniffing constantly for the first twenty minutes.

    SHE, of course, is the smoothest, glibbest, most practiced LIAR in the business. It’s almost frightening to see how she has somehow gotten herself to appear less harsh and almost attractive. Her skills as an actress have improved greatly, which only makes her all the more dangerous.

    I don’t know whether you noticed or not, but I was struck by the STARTLING OMISSION of any mention of ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION. I felt strongly that Mr. Trump should have made a point of injecting that into the conversation, himself.

    And of course, the nakedly biased performance of the “moderators" was appalling, as it usually is. That woman, Martha Raddatz actually jumped in and rudely started debating Mr. Trump HERSELF. Terrible!

    It was nowhere near as bad as the embarrassing debacle of last week's vice presidential event, which was a fiasco, but still the moderators interrupted Mr. Trump at ;east five times more than they did Madam Clinton.

    By the way FOX's Megan Kelly should be taken out, tortured on The Rack, Hanged till Half-Alive, then Drawn and Quartered –– her remains should be fed to the pigs. HATEFUL B-TCH!

    I believe hope is still very much alive. Let us keep our fingers crossed.

    1. One-Eyed King of BedlamOctober 10, 2016 at 8:58:00 AM EDT

      Thatsa little harsh on Megyno Kelly, dontcha think?

      She's getting hers. She is a living portrait of Dorian Grey. As she becomes more craven and poisonously serpentine, her looks are changing to reflect her true nature.

      Her facial appearance is becoming that of an alien serpent from Star Trek.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.



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