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Saturday, April 30, 2016

Anarchy On Display

Note: please do not comment until you've watched both of the short videos below.

April 29, 2016 article:
BURLINGAME, Calif. — A little over a month before California’s pivotal Republican presidential primary, Donald Trump began his official wooing of party delegates Friday, headlining a kickoff lunch at the state’s annual GOP convention.

But Trump’s appearance was nearly derailed by massive protests outside the Hyatt Regency hotel, where the convention is being held. More than a thousand protesters blocked surrounding streets, and at one point, knocked down police barricades as they attempted to storm the building before Trump’s speech.

The protests also blocked the candidate’s motorcade route, forcing him and his Secret Service detail to abandon their vehicles on a nearby highway, jump a barricade wall and cross a ditch to get to the hotel’s back entrance —movements that were captured by television news helicopters.

“That was not the easiest entrance I’ve ever made,” Trump said when he finally took the stage nearly an hour late. “We went under a fence and through a fence. … It felt like I was crossing the border actually.”

Trump joked about wiping dirt and mud off his suit as he prepared to meet a roomful of nearly 600 California Republicans — including many who will be on the June 7 GOP primary ballot as delegates to the national party convention in July. “You guys got to come in through the lobby,” he said. “I come in under a fence.”

The evening before on FNC, Trump was blamed for these outbreaks of violence:

(hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance for the above videos)


  1. It's more than a little ironic that the whiny-ass, pissy-pants, tantrum candidate of the right....invokes whiny-ass, pissy-pants, tantrums from the left.

    1. CI,
      Certainly, millions of America don't view Trump in the same way that you have characterized him.

      Just imagine if your candidate had to put up with these tantrums from "the other side." And received blame for the tantrums.

      It seems to me that America is turning into a mobocracy or an ochlocracy.

    2. I noted the irony...its not a defense of the protestors.

      As for the characterization.....we'll be getting what we deserve, regardless of who wins in November. A Leftist, egomaniacal authoritarian. In other words...exactly what we deserve.

      America is not turning into a mobocracy so much as it's turning into an idiocracy.

    3. CI,
      I didn't take your comments as a defense of the protestors.

      Yeah, we have become an idiocracy. The 24/7 cable news cycle isn't preventing that. It's promoting that.

      So much for the Information Age.

    4. I don't know what they expect to accomplish.
      If they have a sense of history they would remember that the riots at the '68 Democratic convention contributed to getting Nixon elected.

      But before the right starts calling out the mobocracy I will remind CI of his blog article that hinted at a need for armed revolution. Just what that will accomplish is unclear.

      You make a speech dehumanizing Latinos and you shouldn't be surprised if they react. Pity that they play in to his strategy.

    5. An armed revolution would never be needed against a running candidate...but rather a sitting tyrant. Our current tyrant dehumanizes Americans for their duty to defend themselves, earn for themselves and account for themselves.....should we seize the powder and shot stores once again?

    6. I'm don't understand the hyperbole. Obama is right/center but certainly not a tyrant.

      I generally believe that Libertarians define freedom as an economic and political system that believes the laissez-faire market is the solution to all problems.

      To me that is manifestly dehumanizing. I truly don't understand your position. I just can't map it.

    7. I truly don't understand your position. I just can't map it.

      That's quite apparent.

  2. And tomorrow is May Day:

    May Day, Trump, Sanders: LAPD braces for weekend of political protest

    [T]he largest crowds are expected to gather downtown Sunday to demand equality for immigrants and protest Trump's controversial statements about people from Mexico and Muslims.

    How do these demands and all those waving flags of Mexico and Protester Pepper Sprays Two Elderly Hispanic Trump Supporters During Rally in Anaheim, CA play in Peoria? More resentment directed toward immigrants -- particularly illegal immigrants, but, coming out way, directed at legal immigrants, too.

    I see the pendulum swinging. Hard.

  3. Recent comment at Infidel Bloggers Alliance (emphasis mine):

    Epaminondas said...

    I don;t think there is ANY doubt that having assessed the previous level of disturbance failed, the strategists behind the organizations fomenting this have decided they will up the levels until they get deaths, hopefully generated by some stupid trump supporter who lost it, but I could believe a Reichstag fire scenario with many hurt for the cameras.


    What would be the reaction?
    What would be hearing? Seeing?

    REMEMBER- by the time you think you are being paranoid, the problem will usually be that you are not paranoid enough

  4. Certainly it is not the fault of the paid agitators waving Mexican flags. It is always the God fearing Nation loving Americans.

    1. Duck,
      Soros might be funding this. Who knows?

    2. Why would he protest Trump?

      It's not going to have much impact either way.
      Seems a poor investment. Someone who's as politically powerful as you credit Soros surely didn't get that power bothering with the irrelevant.

      He makes a good bogey man but is this knee jerk reaction adding any understanding to political events?

    3. Duck,
      Not sure that there will be significant understanding to [these] political events without the perspective of time.

      A bountiful supply of smoke and mirrors!

    4. "a poor investment" for Soros to be anti Trump? Soros, the man who the media never mentions while they do nothing but slam the Kochs? The man the Left hates mentioning because he's backing so much of what they admire but know he's scum?
      Why wouldn't he be anti Trump? He's a far left liberal who's done nothing but try to bring our country DOWN.
      Maybe some people don't recognize that...can't imagine, but...

    5. Because, z, Trump is the desired opponent.
      If you want a democratic win Trump is the desired opponent especially because he'll generate losses down ticket.

      Trump has completely alienated Hispanic voters by himself.

      As I've said before. Money spent on presidential campaigns is not particularly effective. The real influence is congressional lobbying money. That's where business gets done.

      Besides, Soros is a Kasich backer.

    6. Duck,
      If you want a democratic win Trump is the desired opponent especially because he'll generate losses down ticket.

      I'm not so sure about that.

      As my father used to say, "You can never tell about a jury or an election."

  5. I wouldn't say that was FOX blaming Trump for the protesters...funny you posted on this as I did, too, in another fashion.

    The CNN video was predictable; not one mention of how the protesters forced Trump to have to go in the back way, just that "the protesters are exercising their First Amend. Rights.." said rather off handedly... Suddenly, the Constitution's okay if it allows leftwing protesters to cause this kind of trouble for a Republican...
    Brand new Mexican flags waving....they must have all gone to the same store, huh? And waving them in our country?

    This is what the far Left does....prohibit speech as much as they can if they don't like it (pies at speakers' faces, blocking entrances etc etc)...try to hurt people and destroy property.

    I'd have thought it's the First AMendment right of Republicans to have their say, too...but, that's just me, I guess?

    1. Z,
      I wouldn't say that was FOX blaming Trump for the protesters.

      In my view, the Fox anchorwoman pushed too hard -- and repeatedly -- to blame Trump and/or his supporters by insisting, more or less, that Trump should do something so as to prevent these protesters from wreaking mayhem.

      Hey, can't you just see Hillary climbing down the incline, through the ditch, and back up to the back entrance of the hotel? Could she even manage that physical exertion? And can't you hear the cries outrage were she forced to do such things to access a speaking venue?

    2. Z,
      Brand new Mexican flags waving....they must have all gone to the same store, huh?

      And funded by whom?

    3. funding is exactly my point. And the nerve of waving their flags in situations like that.
      Like the Muslims wave threatening flags now in Germany at their protests. "Germans, we're taking over" is not infrequently printed.

    4. I'm reminded of the way leftists protest conservatives appearing on college campuses.
      I don't know why. They weren't protesting a conservative here.

    5. Excellent line, Ed :-)
      I remember a friend who went to Loyola when Bill Maher was the guest speaker; he wanted bourbon in his hotel room they put him up in and he chatted up the 17 year olds at the university hoping they'd come visit him in his room. Awful story..

    6. Ed,
      They weren't protesting a conservative here.

      Then what were they protesting? Someone who has defied political correctness, maybe?

    7. They were protesting a candidate who has consistently supported Democrat Liberal Politicians and Causes his entire career until embarking on the goal of being president.

    8. Ed,
      I doubt that those protesters were concerned about that. Seems to me that more is afoot.

    9. These days, Ed, you certainly describe Nixon and Papa Bush and maybe even aspects of the Raygun administration.

    10. Duck,
      Politicians' shifts are not limited to the GOP.

      Just sayin.

    11. They weren't protesting a conservative here.

      +1. The leftist agitators aren't adept enough to realize they're protesting against a fellow traveler.

    12. funding is exactly my point. And the nerve of waving their flags in situations like that.
      Like the Muslims wave threatening flags now in Germany at their protests. "Germans, we're taking over" is not infrequently printed.

  6. https://www.yahoo.com/news/trump-clinton-angle-advantage-politics-gender-120015951--election.html?ref=gs

    AOW, this made me laugh out loud..You know I'm NOT a Trump fan by any stretch of the imagination...but TRUMP is playing the gender card? And Hillary ISN'T? Sorry to be off topic, don't publish if you'd rather not, but this was far too funny and I knew you'd like it.
    And SUCH an excellent example of the bias in the "mainstream" media..!!!!

    1. Z,
      Not exactly off topic.

      The double standard is mind boggling.

  7. Z mentioned:

    Sorry to be off topic, don't publish if you'd rather not...

    This blog is on moderation quite a bit of the time, but not all the time.

    I've been suffering from a rip-roaring case of colitis, the cause of which is not yet determined. No matter what the cause, rest and reduced stress will help the condition, so...

    1. AOW, I am SO sorry about that....gad, that's so painful. Will keep you in my prayers.....
      With all your stress...who can question why you have it? XXX

  8. Trump needs to pivot to his strengths, like discussing his daughter's breasts.

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    1. St. Tammany's Day! Time to sing the song!

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  11. Fox has suspend Andrea Tantaros' contract.

    “Andrea Tantaros has been missing from ‪#FoxNews. Many have speculated ‪@DanaPerino and ‪@KarlRove are pressuring Fox not to renew her contract,” tweeted Josh Cornett.


    “Breaking: Andrea Tantaros rumored to be purged from ‪@FOXNEWS due to her outspoken support of nationalism over globalism,” tweeted Ricky Vaughn.

    Speculation? Maybe. But maybe not.

    See the above link.

    1. There was a time when Fox news was worth something. I always enjoyed her along with Guttfeld (sp) on the Five. Another loss if true. I happened to catch the show in question. She was rather strident that day. Guess too far off the reservation.

  12. AOW, you seem to be very closed minded when it come to the reality of YOUR party.
    It comes as absolutely NO surprise to me, but perhaps you chose to ignore the fact that Trump brings out the worst in America. Repeatedly.
    Trump has also been backed by KKK member David Duke

    1. When does the Grand Dragon of the KKK get to sleeo in the Lincoln Bedroom? When Hillary becomes President, of course!

    2. The idiots who flunked out of American History 101 think the Democrats are the same now as they were 125 years ago. Well they are NOT! They are worse!

    3. Proud Progressive,
      "People who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

  13. It’s particularly interesting to note that yesterday in a press interview Mrs. Jane Sanders, the candidate’s wife, made it clear that Bernie supporters won’t simply fall in line with Hillary Clinton if he (Bernie) doesn’t get the nomination.. Suggesting that basically none of Sanders’ supporters would vote for Hillary, and that even if Hillary tries to woo them, only a small number will in the end support the Democratic ticket.
    This effort may damage the Democratic party, and set back progressive movement to elect Hillary.
    In the end, Bernie and Jane Sanders are playing a bit fast and loose with their talk. While Bernie promises to support the ultimate Democratic candidate, Jane goes off and suggests that Sanders’ supporters won’t be as magnanimous. It’s a cute passive-aggressive way for the Sanders to have their cake and eat it too. They can claim to be above the fray and support the party’s candidate, while at the same time knifing her in the back, and the entire progressive cause in the process

  14. I agree with what Dave said:, Trump has been running against 17 other Republicans so of course the left leaning polls show him loseing to Hillary, but once he starts running against her you will see a big change in those polls.

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    1. FT,
      Mother's Day is May 8 this year.

    2. EVERY day should be regarded as Mother's Day, AOW.

      Just as every day should be looked at as THANKSGIVING, CHRISTMAS, and EASTER.

      It's always the THOUGHT that counts rarely the DATE.

    3. FT,
      I don't disagree, but felt obligated to point out the calendarial error.


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