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Thursday, March 3, 2016

What Is The GOP's Agenda?

A lot of Trump supporters are thinking along these lines:

Over at Infidel Bloggers Alliance, Pastorius opined as follows to a blog post entitled Neocons declare war on Trump:
I think this has to do with

1) immigration - keeping student loan/college economy scams going by putting non-citizens through college on government money

2) H1B visas - trading out American workers for cheaper labor - see immigration above

3) behind-the-scenes agreements with the Saudis and the UAE on allowing massive Muslim immigration - whether you believe this or not, you can not deny there is massive muslim immigration going on - and for no good reason

4) black budgets hidden in "Green Economy" scams, LGBT scams, Social Justice scams - Black Budgets equals slush funds and kickbacks for various government workers and NGO's/foundations

-In other words, I believe these guys - our leaders - have scams stacked upon scams going behind the scenes and they are convinced that Trump is going to expose every last one of them.
And there's another GOP debate tonight.

Will there be any discussion of policy, or will the entire debate consist of attacking Donald Trump?

I don't know about you, but I'm going to have to take some Pepto Bismol before watching tonight's debate.


  1. It's good money that the debate will consist of the same strategy of insults and immaturity as the last debate. I'd almost watch tonight, if Cruz would bring up the apparent video and minutes confirming the allegation that Rubio voted for a ban on firearms in parks, while on the West Miami City Commission. An allegation the Rubio has vehemently denied.

    1. CI,
      This lack of civil discourse is mirroring the common culture of our time.

      If you find that Rubio video, please post the link.

    2. I'm not sure if the video shows the vote, but the minutes allegedly show a unanimous vote count for the ban.


  2. How long have we as conservatives then critical of candidates like McCain, O'Connell, even Ryan as being RINO?
    And now we are expected to celebrate the arrival of a candidate who draws tons of prior Democratic voters into the Republican Party without a truly conservative platform?

    1. Politics is a game of addition, not subtraction.

      Nobody ever won by chasing people away.

    2. Ed,
      Did you see one of Bill Bennett's recent statements about Trump. Bennett mentioned "fair and square."

      I'd pull up the quotation except that I'm on my iPad -- and sick as a dog. A touch of the stomach flu and unable to teach classes today.

    3. I will post audio of me talking with Bennett this morning about exactly that.
      Dear Lord, please give AOW relief and protect Mr. AOW.

    4. Here is the audio of Bennett and I talking about fairness this morning.

    5. Ed,

      Great discussion. Thanks for posting it for us!

    6. Thanks, SF. Coincidental with AOW's comment, eh?

    7. Ed,
      I was hoping that you'd have an audio addressing the topic. As soon as I'm well enough, I'll listen to it.

      BTW, both the WaPo and CNN have mentioned Bill Bennett's position on this wild primary season.

    8. When you feel better.
      Still praying for you.

    9. Ed,
      I heard it in a discussion on CNN. But I have home delivery of the WaPo. I'll look up the latter tomorrow and find the link.

      I appreciate your prayers. Thank you, my friend.

      A rough 24 hours here. It takes a lot for me to miss work, but I simply couldn't go today. Couldn't stay upright.

    10. Ed,
      From this WaPo article (lead story yesterday):

      But other Republicans yielded to Trump after he swept seven out of 11 states on Tuesday, the biggest day of balloting yet. Alex Castellanos, a veteran media consultant who earlier in the season had tried unsuccessfully to organize an anti-Trump campaign, said, “A fantasy effort to stop Trump . . . exists only as the denial stage of grief.”

      “Trump has earned the nomination,” Castellanos wrote in an email. “Donald Trump whipped the establishment and it is too late for the limp GOP establishment to ask their mommy to step in and rewrite the rules because they were humiliated for their impotence.”

      Similarly, William J. Bennett, a Reagan education secretary, said he could not support the anti-Trump movement.

      “I’m used to being the moral scold, but Trump is winning fair and square, so why should the nomination be grabbed from him?” asked Bennett, now a conservative radio host. “We’ve been trying to get white working-class people into the party for a long time. Now they’re here in huge numbers because of Trump and we’re going to alienate them? I don’t get it. Too many people are on their high horse.”

    11. Ed,
      I've now listened to the audio you posted.

      Last night, Trump did avow that he'd support the GOP nominee -- no matter who that nominee is.

      If Trump doesn't get the nomination, most of his supporters will likely stay home. In that case, the HillaryBeast will surely occupy the Oval Office.

    12. And...

      The HillaryBeast will surely appoint one or more justices to the Supreme Court.

      That's a solemn thought, isn't it?

    13. She can't appoint from jail. :)
      Really, all we're saying when we say that Trump is our only hope of winning the election is that we will never elect a conservative again.

    14. Ed,
      [If] Trump is our only hope of winning the election is that we will never elect a conservative again.

      I'm not so sure about that.

      I'm no fan of Pat Buchanan, but this is worth reading and considering:

      A new GOP is born: Regardless of nominee, Trump surge marks 'death rattle' of establishment.

      PS: I don't see Hillary going to jail unless a Republican is elected in November.

  3. Your "poster" at the top says it all, AOW.

    The GOP Establishment, is not only "Tone Deaf," it is also Dumb and BLIND to the needs, feelings and best interests of its supposed "constituents."

    The GOP Establishment's focus has been on all the WRONG things ever since Ronal Reagan left office. I could never hope to see such fierce determination to wind up on the LOSING SIDE. That is self-evident, but it doesn't make any SENSE, unless we conclude that the GOP Establishment is in cahoots with the DNC in a wicked conspiracy to defraud the voters. To me it's patently obvious that The Oligarchs are in firm control of BOTH parties –– a deplorable situttion that works only to our detriment.

    I am well aware of Mr. Trump's faults real and imagined, but unless "we" face facts, realize that HE is our ONLY hope to beat the Beldam of Benghazi, –– who should be called LADY MACDEATH ––, "we" will lose in a maelstrom of hot cinders, buckling girders, leaping flames and collapsing staircases forcing us flee towards the refuge of the YAWNING ABYSS.

    You really should be scared to death.

    And no, that is NOT an overstatement.

    1. the GOP Establishment is in cahoots with the DNC in a wicked conspiracy to defraud the voters

      You've nailed it.

  4. No one, not the Democrats OR the Republicans in Congress, want the press to lift the cloak of Gyges that covers the national hen house in Washington, DC. It is only THIS cloak that prevents an informed citizenry from cleaning house and getting rid of the crooks who conspire to defraud them.

    1. I know of a candidate who would angrily rip that cloak off the rotting flesh of the body politic, and he would be politically-incorrect and vulgar while doing it...

    2. SF,
      And THAT is a big part of why people support Trump.

  5. "They" did fight hard to stop Obama. Republican obstruction began in Jan. 2009 and has not stopped since. The G(rand) O(bstructionist) P(arty) is largely responsible for creating the environment that allowed for America's greatest narcissist and nationalist demagogue to gain traction.

    Now the GOP is reaping the unintended consequences of their planned obstructionist strategy. The party is splintering and with this the quality of conservative politics and conservatism has taken a hugely discernable nose dive.

    Fortunately for our democratic republic the American electorate will not seat the narcissistic nationalist demagogue in the Oval Office. Conservatism and white supremacy is dying a slow but certain death.

    1. What a moronic statement.

      Who are you, Mr Rational Nation? Do you tout yourself as a conservative? Or are you a fan of Mr. Obama's progressive agenda?

      You can't have it both ways (well, maybe your type does, who knows...)

      White supremacy? What, pray tell, does that have to do with the topic at hand? The Klan, Jew-hatred, holocaust denial and Iran friendship are all hallmarks of your beloved American left, my dear dunderheaded boy, not conservatism.

    2. The Do Nothing but Cooperate (DNbC) Party cooperated on Iraq? They cooperated on confirming Judges like Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork? They cooperated with Dubya in his last year?

      Who knew?

    3. Moronic to you perhaps, which is fine by me.

      Rational thought and reasoning goes beyond partisan ideology. Perhaps something you fail to understand?

      No, I am not an Obama fan boy.

      Your last statement is but a broad brush stroke not deserving of a respone.

    4. Rational thought and reasoning goes beyond partisan ideology?

      Indeed. Why don't you demonstrate some rational thought and reasoning?

      If Obama has a progressive agenda, what pray tell is wrong or illogical about conservatives blocking him at every turn?

      Whose side are you on? You certainly are not on the side of rational thought and reasoning.

  6. What is the GOP agenda? I've been asking the same for years.

    Hmmm... Let's see... Based upon their actions over the years, I'd say their agenda includes the following:

    $ Tax cuts for the rich.

    $ Import as much cheap labor as possible for their masters at the US Chamber of Communists

    $ Never miss an opportunity for war profiteering. If no opportunity exists, make one! Go invade something.

    $ The more illegal immigration, the better

    $ Be as stupid as possible, with slates of candidates slamming half the country, talking off the cuff about rape, women's bodies and sexuality.

    $ Formulate sputtering, incoherent nonsense that passes for policy, thereby completely sabotaging conservative efforts and staging the greatest campaign against conservatism since Karl Marx burst on the scene.

    $ Hold theatrical tent revivals to make Christians believe they are on their side.

    $ Carry the water for crony corporatists and plutocratic globalists by calling that giant sucking sound "free trade," while labeling our corrupt crony crapitalist economic system, "Free market capitalism."

    $ Bash minorities (when you're not ignoring them), the pretend you care about them come election time, and trot out the same old laments about how the GOP needs "minority outreach," and then damn them for voting overwhelmingly for the nearest corrupt Democrat.

    $ Invite in global corporations so well-connected elites can profit by selling them chunks of the nation.

    $ Be the eager handmaidens of uni-party progressives and help them continue expanding government and ballooning the national debt.

    Give me time and I can think of more...

    1. SD,
      I came to similar conclusions a short while back. No wonder my gut is upset so much of the time.

    2. Mae that SF, not SD. On my iPad right now, so typos proliferate.

  7. A lot one can find to agree with Silver. Or at least talk about intelligently.

    Since we "are" the government it is interesting that anyone thinks cleaning house will have a measurable impact. It won't. In a democratic republic the government is supposed to do the will of the majority while at the same time protecting the civil liberties of all the citizens, including the minority.

    It is clear what the majority wants just as it is clear what the minority agenda is. Maybe someday the nation will get it right. Unfortunately a lot of us will be gone before it does. If it ever does.

    1. hhhh Lester? On which point was Ed wrong? He nailed the history. Perhaps you ought to read a book that doesn't have pictures and get better acquainted with the truth.
      Rather than learn from Shaw's BS blog.

    2. To talk about something "intelligently," RN, you'd have to first, be intelligent.

    3. Your lack of rational maturity and that of your fellow travelers is precisely why the conservative movement in America is doomed to failure.

      But hey, enjoy your self fulfilling prophecy.

    4. In a democratic republic the government is supposed to do the will of the majority while at the same time protecting the civil liberties of all the citizens, including the minority.

      So where does my "negative liberty" to the free exercise of my religion begin and your "positive liberty" to prevent me from doing so end, smarty pants? At my second wife?

    5. "Civil" liberties are as alienable as rights can get. They consist of whatever the government enforcers are willing to give you.

      Which in practice means, "You have NO rights, a-hole!"

    6. Les,

      You've succumbed to the progressive fumes. "We" are not "the government." "We" are the people.

      Have you noticed how your progressive friends, every damn time they lose at the ballot box, run to the courts to steal what We The People would not give them?

      Have you noticed that? You don't think any house cleaning is in order?

      It is clear what the majority wants: We have a House and Senate GOP majorities, despite the inept fools who populate the party.

      We have GOP control of over 35 states, so yes, it is pretty damn clear what the majority wants, but the progressive statists of all parties will do everything in their considerable power to keep us from attaining it.

    7. LESPICABLE is what he is. Just LESPICABLE!!

  8. i don't need to sign a petition. i'm going to vote for him in the Primary to show my support. and i'm going to vote for him in the Presidental election because Donald Trump will UPHOLD the Constition the way our founding fathers wanted it upheld. he will stop all this ILLEGAL entry into the US. and he will overturn obama's exec. orders. Trump knows HOW to fix the wrongs and he WILL fix it. this man does not NEED the job, but he will take it because he is as sick as the rest of us by what the GOVERNMENT has done to RUIN this Country. Donald Trump For President. obama and hillary for prison.

  9. The mainstream GOP are terrified that a Trump presidency wouldn't be business as usual (pay to play) and that Trump might sit there and break their rice bowl. It would break too, because the president can call them all a bunch of useless parasites, and that just won't do.

    Would an independent Trump run win in light of a Hillary melt-down? Quite possibly. Then he really wouldn't owe the GOP anything.

    I did a lot of political corruption investigations (A LOT). I had a young protege rise about the time that I cashed in. In Orange Co. CA, the only people you investigate are Republicans. We were sitting in a parking lot talking about a case pending against Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (still in office) and his then mistress, now wife, Rhonda Carmony. He asked, "but aren't the Republicans the good guys?" I asked him, "What's the difference between a white rat and a black rat?" He said, "The color of the hair." I explained that was the difference between Republicans and Democrats. They're all rats. The system makes them rats.

    And the rats are swarming Trump now to try and inflict the 'death of a thousand cuts'.


  10. It would have been great if the Republican establishment would have gone after Obama like they are going after Trump

  11. I would swear the RINO'S in the Republican Party and Fox News want Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election. Let's not forget that Trump is sweeping the polls because America wants him to lead this country. And that says it all. Period

    1. Trump is winning in the Republican Primaries... he is not sweeping the national polls representing the larger American electorate Sandy.

    2. Dave Miller: Shut the "F" up.

    3. Let's have an honest discussion. Water is wet, fire burns, grass is green, birds sing, and Donald Trump supporters are blithering idiots.

    4. Roses are red, violets are blue
      Dave Miller's a jerk, and Beamish is too!
      Poo Poo pa Doo and Woo Hoo Hoo
      May dread disease strike both of you.

    5. FT,

      If you wash your hands after you defecate, you might beat that conjunctivitis.

  12. Wow Mittens, if you had that kind of juice during the election, you would have won.
    You sure told off the voters. Trump sure is in trouble now.

    1. Well, Mitt is a "severe conservative..."

    2. Say it straight. Mott Romney is a LOSER and more than a bit of a FOOL.

      RINO McCain suffered severe brain damage as a long-term POW, and should never have been elected to public office in the first place.

      If those who hate tyranny fail to unite, instead of squabbling stupidly amongst themselves, The WITCH HIDDAHILL will get the chance to destroy the USA once and for all –– a chance she's been drooling and panting for ALL her misspent life.

    3. Romney thinks by that stealing the nomination from Trump on the convention floor with "Party Rules" will convince Donald Trump's supporters to vote FOR Romney in the General Election.

      RNC, thy motto is "non seguiturs uber alles!"

    4. FJ,
      Romney has made a fool of himself.

    5. Romney has a vested interest in Donald Trump losing. Regardless of whether Trump loses in the Primary or the General election, Romney benefits. His old man had been Governor of Michigan and lost his Presidential primary bid to Richard Nixon in '68. From his own 2012 Presidential bid, Romney has been able to place family members in high party positions. If Trump wins, Romney's own long-held Establishment RNC political power is diminished.

    6. Romney's "mythical" status as GOP Kingmaker becomes "pure myth" if Trump wins.

    7. Mitt & family are making a FORTUNE with Solamere Capital, a political influence peddling operation. They'll lose MUCH of it if Trump wins.

    8. Absolute Marxist,
      What a linkfest!

      If Trump gains more traction, will he expose these matters? Is exposure what the GOP management and elites are so afraid of and fighting so hard to prevent?

    9. The GOP's elite turned a blind eye because they thought they had the matter all sewn up with the rules changes made after Romney's defeat in 2012 -- rules changes designed to make sure that Jeb Bush was the candidate in 2016.

      Trump looked at those rule changes, I'm sure, and saw a opening.

    10. Romney thought that the Republican nomination ran through him. Trump proved him wrong, and in the process, destroyed Solamere's "business model".


  13. Vote American, vote TRUMP for president,,,Romney you have no say in this,,,,,This is the American people's election not yours,,,,,,go home mitt,,,,your little rich wife is calling,,,,,

  14. Given the fact that there is a tape of Romney congratulating Trump for his support and extolling Trump's business acumen, Romney's rant this morning served only to reinforce the public's negative opinion of the "ESTABLISHMENT" while exposing himself as a hypocrite and a prostitute! I won't be surprised if we find out that it benefits Trump.

    1. Politics and Prostitution are SYNONYMOUS.

      If you don't know that, you never grew up.


  15. The establishment forgets who put them in office. They need to remember who they work for. And we are now standing up against them. They need to get over themselves, and listen to the WILL of the people .

  16. Speaking in a stately college auditorium, there was little precedent for Romney’s remarks: Never before in modern political history has the immediate past nominee of a party delivered an entire speech condemning the current front-runner. Sen. John McCain the party’s 2008 nominee – later said he shared Romney’s concerns.

  17. The fact that the uni-party DC Establishment and the Government-Infotainment-Media Complex has lost control of its bowels, is screaming bloody murder and engaging in undisguised yellow journalism against El Donaldo reveals how scared they are of him.

    He would bust up the DC Crockery, the the Big Money Donors to go to hell, and conduct real, hard-nosed negotiations with other nations, negotiations where he put Americans and our nation first.

    It is most telling that the screams of the whiners, loser, haters and pisants in the GOP are indistinguishable from the Democrats'.

    The height of irony is a snooty Republican insisting Trump is not a true Republican, stamping his little pig feet and sniffing that if Trump gets the nomination, he'll vote for Hillary.

    This hasn't even begun to get ugly yet.

  18. "Former House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) warned that Donald Trump would "tear the Republican Party apart," suggesting he wouldn't back him if he won the nomination.
    I have to search my soul. I think he's very dangerous for the country, very dangerous for the party," the former Texas lawmaker said on MSNBC on Super Tuesday about whether he would support Trump.
    "All you guys that are saying Trump is now the nominee is going to have egg on their faces," he said.

    “The delegates get to choose. It is a party function. The party is putting up a nominee.”


    It's past the popcorn stage.

    Pass me the wings and a double IPA.

    1. John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt
      That's my name too.
      Whenever we go out
      The happy people shout
      "There goes John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt

      DA da da DA da DA da!" ...

      John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt
      That's my name too.
      Whenever we go out
      The happy people shout
      "There goes John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt

      DA da da DA da DA da!" ...

      John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt
      That's my name too.
      Whenever we go out
      The happy people shout
      "There goes John Jacob Jinkelheimer Schmidt

      DA da da DA da DA da!" ...

      Repeat ad infinitum - or at least until your silly head falls off.

    2. Screw beer. Steak and vodka here. What? Donald Trump can't sell steak and vodka? How incompetent is that?

  19. Ed brings up a good point of discussion in his conversation with Bennett.

    What if Trump rolls into the convention with less than 50%?

    I agree with Bennett its all in how the establishment handles it.

    1. He almost certainly will and the Republican party will swallow its tail in a brokered convention.

    2. IMO, most Trump supporters will sit out the election if they perceive that they've been cheated by a brokered convention.

      Just sayin'.

  20. In between bouts of nausea (I think that I caught this stomach bug from my piano student who had a puking fit during his lesson on Saturday), I'm trying so watch the debate tonight.

    So far, it's a Rubio vs. Trump bout. Both of them interrupt each other, but so far Rubio is coming across as one angry terrier.

  21. How long have we as conservatives then critical of candidates like McCain, O'Connell, even Ryan as being RINO?
    And now we are expected to celebrate the arrival of a candidate who draws tons of prior Democratic voters into the Republican Party without a truly conservative platform?

    1. Ed,
      It's open rebellion against the GOP's management. Many voters are running in the direction opposite to whomever the management endorses or seems to endorse.

      As for a truly conservative platform, I believe that few in the electorate know or embrace such a platform.

      Maybe I should offer a featured question: What are the principles of conservatism, and will voters support those principles in the first half of the 21st Century?

  22. The GOP Establishment has been dead for a long long time. Their rotting corpse stinks to high heaven.

    Isn't it about time "someone" buried the body, and got on with the business of trying to live an intelligent, productive life?

    When "your side" is NOT on your side anymore, isn't it time to call it quits and try something new and different like returning to the Constitution as the basis for ALL legislation and ALL court decisions?

    I want to make it clear that this opinion in NO WAY suggests supporting ANYTHING contrived by DEMOCRATS.

    D'Rats and the GOP have become bat wings of the same thieving, liberty-destroying monster.

    The Evil Party and the Stupid Party have merged and are now One and the Same.

  23. Huh?

    Psychologists and massage therapists are reporting ‘Trump anxiety’ among clients:

    To the catalogue of anxieties her patients explore during therapy — marriage, children, and careers — psychologist Alison Howard is now listening to a new source of stress: the political rise of Donald Trump.

    In recent days, at least two patients have invoked the Republican front-runner, including one who talked at length about being disturbed that Trump can be so divisive and popular at the same time, said Howard, who practices in the District.

    What had happened to Trump during his childhood, the patient wanted to know, to make him such a “bad person?”

    “He has stirred people up,” Howard said. “We’ve been told our whole lives not to say bad things about people, to not be bullies, to not ostracize people based on their skin color. We have these social mores and he breaks all of them and he’s successful. And people are wondering how he gets away with it.”

    Hand-wringing over Trump’s rapid climb, once confined to Washington’s political establishment, is now palpable among everyday Americans who are growing ever more anxious over the prospect of the billionaire reaching the White House....

    Really? Really?

    1. Liberal diaper p*ssers greatest FEAR is of the successful white man.

      They can't "measure up" Their "hands" are too small.

  24. Donald Trump is self funding and needs our support! This weekend Trump needs our help putting out the truth! Exposing and sharing the flip-flops, and lies of Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz! Share videos, memes, and facts of any and ALL lies. Last night Cruz and Rubio along with Fox News smeared Trump and mis-facts. We need to set the record straight and expose these LIARS!
    1. Cruz Supports Giving Fast Track Authority on Trade to Obama.
    2. Cruz voted NAY, against congressional approval of additional countries joining the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement.
    3. Cruz voted with Democrats/establishment on spending plan.
    4. Cruz voted for Obamacare.
    5. Cruz voted with democrats/establishment for CISA.
    6. Cruz defends GMO's.
    7. Cruz legislation attacks homeschooling - lockstep with United Nations World Education agenda.
    8. Cruz refuses to attend Audit the Fed vote.
    9. Cruz sides with BLM and Feds on land grabs.
    10. Cruz also supports eminent domain. (hypocrite)
    11. Ted Cruz top contributors: Big Banks, Big Oil, Big Lawyers.
    12. Council of Foreign Relations lists Heidi Cruz on website for North American Union as "Task Force Member".
    CFR: HEIDI S. CRUZ is an energy investment banker with Merrill Lynch in Houston, Texas. She served in the Bush White House under Dr. Condoleezza Rice as the Economic Director for the Western Hemisphere at the National Security Council, as the Director of the Latin America Office at the U.S. Treasury Department, and as Special Assistant to Ambassador Robert B. Zoellick, U.S. Trade Representative. Prior to government service, Ms. Cruz was an investment banker with J.P. Morgan in New York City.
    13. Ted Cruz proposes "Legal Status for 11+ Million Illegals, Double Legal Immigration".
    14. Ted Cruz says he will NOT deport illegals.
    15. Ted Cruz for Anchor Baby Birthright Citizenship.
    16.Ted Cruz proposes increase H-1B visas(foreign workers who take our jobs) from 65,000 to 325,000 annually.
    17. Ted Cruz proposes minimum H-1B(foreign workers who take our jobs) wage increase from $100,000 to $110,000.
    18.Ted Cruz supports US taking more Syrian refugees.
    If the Republican Party attempts to thwart the Will of the People and silence our voices, I, FOR ONE, WILL IMMEDIATELY RE-REGISTER and become an Independent!!

  25. _____ LEGACY of COLUMBUS _____

    After 1492, despite a great deal of ado,

    Much struggle and inventiveness,

    And wars both tiny and immense,
Development given to few,
    And much invention great and new,

    It all turned out that battles fought
And victories won have come to naught.

    Columbus to whom we've referred
Should have his exploits just deferred.

    ~ FreeThinke


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