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Monday, March 7, 2016

Prosecutorial Immunity

According to CBS News on March 2, 2016:
IT worker who helped set up Hillary Clinton email server gets immunity

Bryan Pagliano, the State Department IT staffer who helped set up and maintain Hillary Clinton's private email server in her Chappaqua, N.Y. home in 2009, has been granted immunity by the Justice Department, CBS News confirmed Tuesday. Pagliano is cooperating with the FBI in its investigation....
Read the rest HERE.

Law Newz offers this analysis:
Why The Immunity Deal Could Spell Legal Trouble for Hillary Clinton

The FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton‘s private email server just took a very significant turn, legally speaking.

...We checked in with our legal sources from former federal prosecutors (both Republicans and Democrats) to Washington D.C. insiders, most agree that the immunity deal is a serious step in the FBI’s investigation for several reasons.

1) The move could be an indication that investigators are focusing in on more higher ranking individuals

2) The FBI may be zeroing in on the motive behind why Clinton’s email server was set up in the first place. Pagliano would know, he set it up.

3) The immunity deal could indicate that Pagliano has information that could be incriminating (to himself and/or others).


“It is a significant move that is ordinarily a part of a prosecution plan targeting more central or higher ranking individuals,” well-known attorney and George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley said....
Read the rest HERE.

Hillary's reaction has been one of no worries. She appears quite confident that nothing will come of anything related to her private server and irregular email account.

Meanwhile, the so-called news media focus on the O.J. knife — never mind that even if the murder weapon has been found, O.J. Simpson cannot be retried because double jeopardy is attached.

That a matter of curiosity and sensationalism gets more play than details related to Servergate speaks to how far America has devolved.


  1. Because I could not stop for Death,
    He kindly stopped for me.
    The carriage geld, but just ourselves ––
    And Immortality.

    We slowly drove ––
    He knew no haste ––
    And I had put away
    My labor and my leisure too
    For His Civility.

    We passed the school
    Where children played ––
    Their lessons scarcely done.
    We passed the fields of gazing grain ––
    We passed the setting Sun.

    We paused before a house
    Which seemed a swelling of the ground ––
    The roof was scarcely visible ––
    The cornice but a mound.

    'Tis centuries since then,
    But each feels shorter than the day
    I first surmised the horse's heads
    Were towards –– Eternity.

    ~ Emily Dickinson (1830-1886)

    Posted in memory of Mrs. Ronald Reagan, who died yesterday at the age of ninety-four.

    1. Nancy Reagan had more class in her toe than most people in Washinton will ever have i

  2. This is big. They gave him immunity for two reasons:

    1. He broke the law at Hellary's request (or, more accurately, at her toadies' request. Like any good Mafia Don, Hillary's got lots of buffers).

    2. He can provide the FBI detailed technical information on how they broke the law--How they air-gapped classified information from closed secure systems to the unsecured Internet we all know and love.

    But before we get too excited, Obama's JustUS Department can whisk this all off the public stage by calling it a mistake of her staffers, whatever, quickly issue some plea bargains and send her campaign on its merry way.

    The Federal law enforcement and intelligence community will explode in outrage and leak damaging details, but the Clinton Crime Machine will dismiss it all as more of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy...

    1. SF,
      Whoever the GOP nominee is, that nominee should hammer away with this information.

      But if the nominee is an "establishment" candidate, that won't happen. Mark my words.

    2. This is why we need to choose a conservative.
      We don't have to settle for less.

    3. The GOP needs to find a conservative that can win.

    4. SF,
      The GOP needs to find a conservative that can win.

      Ay! There's the rub!

    5. The GOP needs to find anyone that can win. Period. Not looking good at this point.

    6. If I was Bryan P. I would want protection from myself. It appears just dealing with the Clintons have a way of causing some folks to kill themselves in unusual ways.

  3. Replies
    1. Gee! I wish shed talk that way ALL the time. If she did, I might be able to start to like her. A first-rate job of acting. Should receive and Oscar. Completely absent is the Harpy-like effect of her natural persona.

      Hill'ry, baby, stay stupid. It well becomes you.

  4. BFD. You morons got nothing. And you know it.

    1. Riiiight...

      The FBI is part of that Vast Right Wing Conspiracy...


    2. It's true. According to the Affordable Health Care Act and subsequent court rulings, it doesn't matter what the law says.

  5. The lying, cheating Hillary Rodham Clinton who has been called a cheater in her primary counts, and who is undergoing FBI investigation over her alleged inappropriate use of her e-mail server to send classified material if facing another serious challenge that could also derail her hopes of being POTUS. In a two words, Bernie Sanders. Sanders is out performing her I raising money and raked in 12 million more than HRC in February. His campaign has gotten traction and he is effectively taking the fight to Hillary.

    As me and my better half watched the democratic debate Sunday night we were impressed with Sanders performance (no, my wife did not think Bernie's hush remark was sexist) and came away with a sense that Sanders is both honest and knowledgeable, even though we are not in agreement with some of his agenda. Although we do believe Sanders would be more dedicated to and successful in handling Wall Street and its excesses.

    Clinton's campaign is, to say the least, concerned with the growing popularity and interest in Sanders campaign.

  6. how has she not been arrested yet! argg! xoxoxo


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