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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Paradigm Shift?

From Salon (dated October 25, 2014) comes this stunner about the nature of Islam:
...[W]hat of all those ISIS warriors unschooled in French semiotic analysis who take their holy book’s admonition to do violence literally? As they rampage and behead their way through Syria and Iraq, ISIS fighters know they have the Koran on their side – a book they believe to be inerrant and immutable, the final Word of God, and not at all “malleable.” Their holy book backs up jihad, suicide attacks (“martyrdom”), beheadings, even taking captive women as sex slaves. This is not surprising; after all, the prophet Muhammad was a warrior who spread Islam by the sword in a dark, turbulent time in history. (Christianity’s propagation had, in contrast, much to do with the Roman emperor Constantine’s fourth-century conversion and subsequent decriminalization of the faith.)

Moreover, the razor-happy butchers of little girls’ clitorises and labia majora, the righteous wife-beaters, the stoners of adulterers, the shariah clerics denying women’s petitions for divorce from abusive husbands and awarding sons twice the inheritance allowed for daughters, all act with sanction from Islamic holy writ. It matters not a whit to the bloodied and battered victims of such savagery which lines from the Hadith or what verses from the Koran ordain the violence and injustice perpetrated against them, but one thing they do know: texts and belief in them have real-life consequences. And we should never forget that ISIS henchmen and executioners explicitly cite their faith in Islam as their motive....
Read the entire essay HERE. Worth your time.

Yes, the tone of the essay is anti-religion. Any religion. But that Salon has actually published the ugly truth about Islam represents a paradigm shift.  For the moment.  People have the inordinate ability to shrug off reality.  Until the situation gets so bad that they can't shrug it off, that is.

And, yes, the Canadian Parliament gunman was obeying the literal word of Allah.  Waiting for those hordes of "moderate Muslims" to make themselves known in a meaningful and visible way.

From the "mouth" of Allah (Click directly on the image to enlarge it):


  1. Then there is Muslim Huma Aberdin, Hillary Clinton's gal pal who is always with her. Hillary out there with the war on women meme, and then Huma who says nothing. Go figure this one out.

  2. Islam is the Religion of Piece. They want a piece of you and a piece of me and piece of him and a piece of her and a piece of ...

  3. Islam is, indeed, the Religion of Piece; a giant piece of $#!t!

  4. I am stunned as well.

    Everywhere the Religion of Submission dominates, gays, liberals, artists, freethinkers and independent women fear for their lives.

    I've never understood how a self-described 'liberal' can defend that.

    All religions should be judged by their actions in the public marketplace of ideas.

    Muslims around the world are lopping off heads, collapsing walls on homosexuals, burying people alive, stoning adulteresses, burning churches and killing 'infidels.'

    Of course, not all muslims are doing this, but what other group is cutting such a swath?

    Of all the evil going on in the world, way too much of it is being done in the name of Islam.

    Can anyone point to anything even close being done by Christians?

    1. No, they aren't lopping of heads around the world. They are lopping of heads as a means of execution in Saudi Arabia and we know full well that our Wahabist "allies" are not representative of the entire religion.

      We also have decapitation by a group of psychotic insurgents who need to instill fear and find a way to get the West drawn into their fight. Rather than a religious impulse, these guys are sick and just like to kill. Sorta like Dick Cheney. We've got Christians who are like that but the method seems to be what concerns you, odd.

      Beheading has been a commonplace in human history and it has been present in many cultures.

      We recently saw a high level of concern over the beheading of a woman in Oklahoma by a disturbed man who had read some Muslim hate sites and also just lost his job. The call went up, "How long are we going to allow this?" To me it seems similar to the Ebola response.

      Shortly after that tragedy, in Stillwater a CHRISTIAN decapitated his roommate because he though him a witch. Didn't get much play in the press but notice that the left isn't going to pin this on fundamentalists.

      At about the same time a man on Long Island, I believe, decapitated his mother, a popular English professor.
      Now, what do these events have in common, religion? Of course not. They are examples of untreated mental illness which is a growing problem in a high stress society that can't determine how to deal with a very difficult problem.

      But blame it all on Islam. Blame female circumcision on Islam even though it is a CULTURAL practice which predates Islam despite what that grifter Ayaan Hirsi Ali will have you believe.

      Burning churches? Jews have been doing that on the West Bank and East Jerusalem for a while now. Only they burn mosques. Hindus burn mosques. The religiously insane will always inflict pain on those outside the tribe. You have a very limited world view.

    2. C'mon Ducky. Tell us how they're living good in Indonesia...

      Anyway, all your quacking aside, I'm glad to see people calling themselves 'liberal' and writing for a liberal rag are voicing concern over the malevolent and very-illiberal forces emanating from islam

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Can we point to "Christians" doing anything like dropping walls on homosexuals?

      Check out Scott Lively, sad to say recent gubernatorial candidate in Mass., a rabid vile dog who instigated for laws which ultimately decreed the death penalty for homosexuality.
      He' a real freaking prize and a good example why civilized people must find a way to restrain the religiously insane.

    5. Nice job of ducking, Silverfiddle.

      The point is that the right in America can't seem to get beyond "Muslims suck". They're stuck in Jon Berg mode and can't step back, take a breath and view the gestalt of the situation.

    6. I ducked nothing, Ducky.

      I have searched the news, and so far as I can tell, Scott Lively has yet to kill a single homosexual.

      If those evil Christians you and SPLC continually warn us about want to catch up with the muslims, they got a lot of burning, bombing, stabbing, killing and head chopping to do, because they are way behind.

    7. I assume you're aware of the Ugandan law and Lively's role.
      Luckily there is a liberal element in America that keeps these freaks in check.

      Can't stop the invasion of Islamic countries but that's how it is.

    8. Ducky,

      Western Christendom has spawned liberal democracy, as your own comments show.

      So, how vibrant is the gay community in Lahore, or even Dubai?

      Your tortured exertions that flail and fail to equate Christianity with the freakshow horror houses that Islam has spawned is absurd.

      Thankfully, most Muslims here have assimilated, but Islam is incompatible with Western liberal democracy.

  5. "They're stuck in Jon Berg mode" and growing! Thanks for the acknowledgment.




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    "Those who expect to reap the blessing of freedom must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it."

    ~ Thomas Paine (1737-1809)



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    Use your time for something more worthwhile.

    Could you for once relent, and quit your jeering?

    Kindergarten kids show better manners.

    Your comments sound too often like Bronx cheering.

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    Regale us please, instead, with something pleasant.

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    ~ FT

  8. "Marxian Muscovy"

    That's good, FT. And I was proud of my self for the "Marxist Merganser" moniker, but you put me in the shade.

  9. Hey muslim loving libtards. Here is your future - https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=muslim+protest+in+germany

    Germany, Sweden, France, Britain, everywhere really. Britain is starting to try to protect itself by imposing anti-EU immigration limits. Not enough to do the job.
    islam is a cancer. You can't contain a cancer, you have to remove it.

    When muslms get to a certain population level they start making demands. They're making demands in the US now. When they get to the next level, the violence starts. I hope they kill the libtards first, then the rest of us declare open season.

    1. Several of those are large demonstrations against IS.

      Why does that bother you?

      Let's face it, you just hate Muslims(and so many other groups), you're often out of control and you really should get a new shtick.

    2. Kid,

      Actually, Britain's problem with EU Immigration limits has nothing to do with Muslims. It's the Eastern European plumbers they want to keep out.

      I haven't seen much evidence that the Euros are worried about the Muslims in their midst.

      It won't matter in 100 years anyway. Euros don't breed, and the Muslims do, so it will be a Muslim continent a century from now, with all the cultural wonders of Pakistan and Sudan.

      I wish I were going to be around to see what they do with the fashion houses of Paris and Milan...

  10. Educated secular people are well aware of the problems with Islam. We're just too smart to harp on and on about it. We mention once in a while that we don't care for it, but in we're too smart to think bashing it will do anything other than harden the hard-liners.


  11. Jersey McJones declares himself "educated" and " smart". Have you ever heard anyone who is actually "educated" and "smart" blabber such nonsense? He must be in some 'Special ED' program. Let's wish him well !

  12. This from the guy who says, "We've been bending over for the black community since I was a leetle boy." You're a real pillar of something, pal.


  13. Duck,
    The point is that the right in America can't seem to get beyond "Muslims suck".

    Um, no. The problem is those verses in the Koran and those passages in the Hadditha. In my view, Muslims are oppressed and enslaved by particular aspects of Islamic doctrine and teachings.

    Shortly after that tragedy, in Stillwater a CHRISTIAN decapitated his roommate because he though him a witch.

    Um, did you see the face of the man who did the beheading? The skin crawlies from drug use?

    There appears to have been some kind of witchcraft dispute around the time of Halloween, I think.

    Also see this information:

    Police say Marin told them he wanted to kill four or five people. According to the police affidavit Marin's brother Samuel was at the apartment when Crockett was killed. Police say Samuel thought Marin was upset because Crockett practiced witchcraft. Crockett's friends deny that saying Crockett is a Christian. In the affidavit Marin is called a "religious zealot" and "heavy drug user".

    "There was some evidence at the scene that the suspect might have been involved in the use of some illegal drugs," said Capt. Dickerson.


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