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Sunday, May 4, 2014

Amazing Elephants!

(Two posts today because I couldn't resist posting the following video, which I just found on Facebook)

Check this out!


  1. That's PRECIOUS, AOW. I always feel a crazy urge to give an elephant a big hug whenever I see one. You'd think an enormous creature like that would be frightening, but they're not. Instead, there's something endearing about them.

    THIS one was downright clever. I had no idea elephants could be musical.

    That piano player was amazing. How he could play energetic honky tonk that well standing up I can't imagine. Even more amazing is the way he and the elephant were so obviously enjoying each other's company.

    Charming! Thanks.

  2. GREAT FUN, AOW ....thank you for this!

  3. That's great, shared it with a 15 year old musician, he will love it

    Right Truth

  4. Thanks for a super video. Which only goes to prove we have no idea of what the capacity of understanding other creatures have.

  5. They are just wonderfully majestic. The gentle giants. Loved this video!

  6. Amazing to see the elephant dancing to the beat. Did you ever see the one about the elephant who paints pictures?



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