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Monday, October 19, 2020

Black Trump Supporter Viciously Attacked

From Gateway Pundit, dated October 17, 2020:

On Saturday black Trump supporter Philip Anderson attended a rally for free speech in San Francisco. 

 Philip was attacked by an Antifa street thug while escorting a fellow conservative from the rally. Philip Anderson did not see the punch coming. 

He was sucker-punched by an Antifa thug and lost both of his front teeth while he was trying to help a fellow patriot get to the event safely....

Read and watch the rest HERE.

Vote accordingly.


  1. The totalitarian left owns the streets. They are angry and violent. This his happening all over the US. A patriotic group will announce a Back the Blue rally, and leftwing social media will light up with calls to fall out and bust it up. This has happened in Denver on a few occasions, most recently a week ago, when a security guard for Channel 9 News murdered a patriot in cold blood.

    1. That Anarchists are right-wingers? Thanks to the media, she's already suffering from THAT particular delusion. lol!

    2. The idiots who cooked up the scheme against Whitmer are all in jail now awaiting prosecution, and no one on the right is making excuses for them.

      You and your fellow rabid lefties are what's wrong with America.

  2. Was a black man attacked in San Francisco? Yes he was. Was it by someone associated with "ANTIFA"? Well, that we don't know. We do know that the individual pictured in this story, who was hit and lost a tooth, was the founder of the event and a known leader in a San Francisco area chapter of Proud Boys.

    1. The "White Supremacy" Proud Boys? I thought that Antifa only punched NAZI's. I must have been mistaken. :(

    2. Couldn't have been antifa, that's just an idea.

  3. To add some context to Silver's comment, here's the description of the Denver event from the Denver Post...

    "As he [Keltner] was leaving Saturday’s “Patriot Rally,” which attracted supporters of varying conservative causes to Denver’s Civic Center — along with counter-protesters who participated in a “BLM-Antifa Soup Drive” — Keltner was engaged in heated argument with a man, so far unidentified by police, who wore a shirt displaying the slogan “Black Guns Matter.” Keltner wore a T-shirt emblazoned with “BLM: You’re (expletive) right Bikers lives matter.”

    It was during that dispute that Keltner, can of pepper spray in hand, confronted a 9News television producer who was recording it, according to videos of the incident. The producer’s bodyguard, Matthew Dolloff, stepped in. Within a matter of seconds, Keltner slapped Dolloff on the side of the head, and Dolloff drew a handgun and fired it as Keltner discharged the pepper spray."

    We could argue, as conservatives have when left leaning protestors get killed, that if Keltner had just walked away, not physically accosted the "security guard" that he would still be alive.

    1. ....or that he shouldn't have brought a can of pepper spray to a gunfight.

    2. The press thug is being held on murder charges.

      You want more context? The Black Guns Matter provocateur, the 9 News murderer and the on-scene 9 News producer all knew each other and were huddled together before the rally broke up. Looks like 9 News was hoping to stir up some news and got more than they bargained for.

    3. Here Dave, since your so effing interested in the story:

      Denver ‘Patriot Rally’ shooter officially charged with murder

      I'm sick of the whataboutism and excuse-making for violent leftwing criminals burning, looting, assaulting and murdering in our streets.

      The people at that rally announced it, and leftwing social media put out an all-call to bust it up.

      You and Ducky are what's wrong with America.

    4. Don't forget me, I've been ambivalent about it too. Because I can't see how we can expect to ignore urgent, legitimate (the case is at least arguable) complaints indefinitely without any pushback.
      But isn't most of this violence just violence for the sake of it? I don't know if it's any more political than, say, football hooliganism. Don't violent people congregate wherever there is a good opportunity to put on their fighting hats and break out the numchuks?

    5. @ Jez

      We’ve had “punk” problems in this country since before the turn of the last century. We used to call it Juvenile Delinquency. Back then, they were mostly pre-teen and teenaged boys galivanting around without adult supervision getting involved in petty crimes and becoming public nuisances. The beat cop used to chase them away. Some would end up in Juvie Hall. Today, the juveniles (or at least people behaving as such) are twenty-somethings, which tells us something about the shift in maturity levels in modern America. I don’t remember anyone getting “sucker punched” when I was a kid. If you wanted to fight, you got it on mano-y-mano and the school yard or vacant lot after school is where people stood up to bullies. The same sort of people are involved but the cause celebre has changed. What the left is doing now, in this country, amounts to domestic terrorism. The killings have already started. The USA is on a serious downhill slide and no one charged with the responsibility for public safety is doing anything about it.

    6. Mustang,
      Up votes for that comment.

      The Left is destroying our republic!

    7. Jez, I can't believe you are ambivalent about a man murdering another man in cold blood

    8. No, but if grievances are ignored for long enough, general violence/vandalism are a guaranteed outcome.

    9. The murderer was not an oppressed minority. He is a woke whitey down with the socialist revolution.

  4. Hey Dave Miller how come you NEVER say anything negative about Black Lives Matter? Why don't you ever admit that they are a Marxist Organo?

    You never do, other than the fact that they openly admitted that they were a Marxist organization, before scrubbing that page on their website just a few days ago?
    Pardon me for being so intrusive, but you seem to have a one track mind, just like that blogger that you hang out with .
    And why are you oblivious to the revelations of Hunters shenanigans?

  5. Replies
    1. Harris-Biden and the Democrats in charge will be rocket fuel for these violent red brigades. It will get much worse.

  6. Saturday, October 17, in Douglas, Massachusetts (posted by the PD there)...

    Date: October 18, 2020
    Re: Assault and Battery on Elderly Person Causing Injury

    On Saturday, October 17th, 2020 at 12:08 PM the Douglas Police Department received several 911 calls for a disturbance at the intersection of Main and Webster Streets. Upon arrival Officers learned that a couple from Douglas were located at the intersection promoting Donald Trump with their flags and signs. Approximately 30 minutes after they arrived, they were approached by a party opposing their support that began to berate them with insults and demanded that they leave.

    As the couple tried to move away, the party continued to follow them and bumped the gentlemen with her body.

    At one point the party stepped on the victims Veterans for Trump sign and as he bent over to pick it up the party knocked him to the ground causing an injury to his finger.

    As a result of the incident the Officers arrested 34-year-old Kiara R. Dudley, of 1 SW Main Street in Douglas. Dudley is being charged with Assault and Battery on an Elderly Person Causing Injury. Dudley was released on $250.00 cash bail and will be arraigned in Uxbridge District Court on Monday, October 19th at 9:00 AM.

    The victim in this case is a 73-year-old Vietnam Veteran.

    1. This has received a fair amount of coverage locally.
      It was a minor incident and an arrest was made. Not major news.

    2. Of course it's not "major news." Radical rabid Democrats beating up elderly Trump voters is just redistributive justice. That's what those old people get for supporting a fascist, right?


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