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Wednesday, September 23, 2020

On The Other Hand...

The Law of Unintended Consequences in play? 

The first signs of the impact of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s absence may come in a flurry of election-related disputes expected to reach the Supreme Court on an emergency basis in the coming weeks. Until Friday, Chief Justice John Roberts or other justices had the power to issue or deny emergency relief by joining with the court’s four liberals. It didn’t happen often, but it did sometimes happen. 
With the court shorthanded for the time being, the court’s three remaining Democratic appointees would now need two Republican-appointed colleagues to take emergency action. 
With scores of court challenges underway across the country seeking or opposing coronavirus-related changes to voting procedures, the change in the ideological balance of the high court could affect the outcome of such fights — even if a new justice doesn’t take the bench until after the election....
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I admit it.  I'm smiling at the possible irony.


  1. My understanding was/is that if there is a 4-4 decision by the court what was ruled before stands. Thus the challenge in PA decision would be moot and the previous court decision would remain. Thus it would not be overturned. It appears to me that there are more GOP challenges of merit than Dems but perhaps I am missing something here.

  2. Here's to "hoping there will be a decisive win" on election day, after the new justice has been seated.

  3. BREAKING: Burisma Investigation to be Released within 24 Hours — FINDS BIDEN FAMILY GUILTY OF LIKELY CRIMINAL ACTIONS

  4. Say what you may about RBG, I have to give her props for what she did for women back in the day. I remember when women could only be nurses, teachers, or clerical workers. Before RBG's activism, women couldn't deliver mail or be police officers. I believe RBG became a deranged liberal in her old age, but in her youth she helped improve the lives of women. I'll remember her for that.

  5. Besides being interesting, this is going to way heavy on those dust bunnies and plenty of airspace the libs have floating between their ears which makes me happy.

  6. Since Truth is abhorred by the Left, and everything they say is an inversion of reality –– falsehood –– calumny –– hypocritical pretense of being "Virtuous," etc.

    We have to realize THERE ARE NO RULES anymore, because the Left has full out embraced ANARCHY.

    Becuse of this obvious fact "WE" must come FANATICAL in our determunation to support President Trump at any and all costs.

    Either we BEAT the BASTARDS at their OWN ROTTEN GAME, or "WE" will be swept into the Dustbin of History.

    If ever there was a situation where "The Ends Justify the Means" that time is NOW.

    It takes COURAGE to do whatever must be done in order to WIN.

    Do "WE" have what it takes, or will "WE" let ourselves be tamed, intimidated, castrated by fear of departing from CUSTOM, and allow ourselves to be DEFEATED and LAID LOW by too much "RESPECT" for Legal Precedent, and the finicky, pious, purse-lipped prating of prissy litle ETHICISTS and legalistic argumentation?


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