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Monday, July 6, 2020


(with a hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance)

And old enough to vote!

I am amazed that New York's Finest didn't open fire or, at least, start rolling in the floor laughing!


  1. Somebody need a wood haircut...

    1. Well, as i always say, "Sham poo is better than real poo any day!"


  2. Next up tranny plastic surgery for this moron.

    1. Hw could he be a moron, Kid? fter all the Turdblosom has a COLLEGE EDUCATION –– or so he sad.

      My advice?


    2. Franco,

      I couldn't agree more.

      And the poison isn't restricted to the Ivy Leagues. Several "Christian" colleges turn out Marxists, too.

    3. Of course not AOW! The poison has by now both PERMEATED and SATURATED the entire edcational system, both publlc and private. Its effects have been nothing lss than tragic.

      That, of corse, is why we are where we are at this lamentable time in history.

      HOWEVER, it was wht-becam the POISON IVY LEAGUE and its closest rivals on the west coast and in Chicago, who were first infiltrated by stealth, and then gradually taken over by crypto-Marxist elements, and THAT became the WELLSPRING and FOUNTAINHEAD of the depraved ideology that has AWAYS intended to DESTROY our identity as a Christian, Capitalist, free-thinking nation founded on the Classical Liberal principles brought to light and celebrated during the Enlightenment.

      The existence of Hegel, s rather dismal utopian thinker,–– Marx, who really stole Hegels ideas then further perverted them, –– Antonio Gramsci and the Frankfurt School, who stole from Gramsci, –– has, I believe, been the primary source of the discontent, cynicism, upheaval, violence and ever-escalating bloodshed that dominated the twentieth-century.

      Of course, the basic FALLENNeSS of our basic Human Nature is the main culprit in all of this. The LEFT has gained its awful power by ENCOURAGING, FOSTERING, CELEBRATING then GLORIFYING the most sinful, unworhy, ungodly aspects of human Nature..

      Our only hope for survival would be a major REVIVAL of CHRISTIAN CONSCIENCE and resultant Fear of the Lord.



    SCOTUS Rules that 'Faithless Electors' MUST Vote for Popular-Vote Winner

    Just the News

    by Sophie Mann

    The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday that the 538 people who cast the actual votes for president in December as members of the Electoral College must vote the way the laws of their state direct.

    The high court ruled unanimously against advocates who were attempting to change the Electoral College and shift the country toward a nationwide popular voting system for the presidency.

    SCOTUS ruled that presidential electors must vote as their state requires them to, which in most states means voting for the candidate who won the popular vote in the state.

    1. Franco,
      SCOTUS ruled that presidential electors must vote as their state requires them to, which in most states means voting for the candidate who won the popular vote in the state.

      Could well be bad news for Joe Biden!

    2. I've crossed my heart several times already and plan to keep my fingers crossed much of the time when I'm not typing missives or practicing the piano.

      Mostly, i PRAY for the Salvation of our beloved country. We really are perched on the edge of a precipice. I can't see right now that anybody but Mr. Trump could pull us back from the brink of the Abyss, and right our course.

      The howling mobs hellbnt on our destruction and the hyenas who lead and egg them on have proved to be a formidable foe, because fears of being labelled a "racist," a "bigot," or a "fascist" have turned too many in positions of authority and power into veritable EUNUCHS who act like gibbering idiots.

      When an army becomes too "sensitive" to the plight of the enemy to bother defending the homeland, the country must be given up for lost.

      I'm all for genuine liberality and sensitivity, but not when it degenerates into pusillanimity.

    3. Where does that leave the states who have decided to direct their electoral college voters to ignore the state voters and cast their votes for the winner of the national popular vote? If I read the SCOTUS decision correctly, that would be permissable.

    4. Jayhawk,
      I think that it is correct. The SCOTUS ruled according to the Constitution, which delegates Electoral College parameters to the states.

    5. Yes, but apparently, the MAJORITY of our states favor honoring the decisions made by the PEOPLE of each particular state.

      If we want the HIGH COURT to make it mandatory that ALL states MUST act according to the dictates of any and all oficial agents of Centralized Power, then aren't we avocating the total elimination of the founding concept of FEDERALISM?

      Do we really WANT a country where ALL the power is concentrated in ONE geographical location –– a location often unaware of, or insensitive to the specific, individual needs, preferences and character of the various regions that comprise our nation?

    6. Franco,
      There is a risk of the power is concentrated in ONE geographical location.

      But another way of looking at this is the recent SCOTUS decision respects the parameters of states' rights. Furthermore, the decision upholds the existence of the Electoral College.

      This SCOTUS decision may well be a two-edged sword (states' rights and interfering with the principle of federalism), which could be the reason that the decision was unanimous.

    7. To LIVE is to RISK.

      Safety and stability exist only in the GRAVE or the FUNERARY URN.

  4. When did it become acceptable for our police to take all of this abuse? Standing a few inches at times from them and screaming in their faces? I don't recall that from years ago.. I say get the dogs and keep a safe space.... yes,,, dogs...

    1. Bunkerville,
      When did it become acceptable for our police to take all of this abuse?

      When I was in college (1968-1972), there was some similar behaviors, and members of law enforcement, including even the campus police, were regularly referred to as "pigs."

  5. So, I wasn’t watching Football because of the kneeling, but NOW with this TWO National Anthem Thing Our National Anthem, and the Black National Anthem, this seals the deal.. I’m DONE with FOOTBALL, and I’m sick of Blacks doing the work of the KKK for them. Democrat, divide...Period!
    Playing a National Anthem for one race and the other races feels that they have to Kneel instead of Stand for it , And NOW they what to have their own Anthem played so that they stand? What do they expect us whites to do when “THEIR” Anthem is played? This is about as clear a form of racism as there can be. And this is now the new normal?
    Do the American blacks want to celebrate America seperatly from us Whites? .. This is all about division...this is what the democrats want. They want the country to think that it was Trump who caused this.
    And the NFL is playing right into their hands. I would laugh at the complete idiocy of it if I wasn't so disturbing about where this country is going.

    1. And NOW, the NBA has decided players can have I CAN"T BREATHE and other happy little sayings on their jerseys....I'm a huge Lakers fan, and just the thought of that is hard to take. STOP mixing politics with sports, folks......WISHING the American public would vote with their money ...and not watch, pay PAY FOR VIEW, etc. But, gee, I miss basketball! And YES!!!!Blacks are doing the "work of the KKK for them"..this BLM crap is doing NOTHING to help race relations, that is FOR SURE.

  6. Isn't the left impressive? A guy walking around in a Tarzan outfit, hair in a bun, screaming at cops who put their lives on the line every minute of every day so he can walk around in a stupid Tarzan outfit and his hair in a bun feeling superior to them? Honestly, AOW, I thought the same thing, which is HORRID.."SHOOT HIM"..Ya, I'll admit it...no WAY should our cops face that crap

  7. Another example that education does not equal intelligence

  8. There are about 850,000 police officers in the US. If 10% of these are unsuitable for law enforcement duty, then we still have a police problem. My guess is that the problem population is less than 1%. Can police departments do a better job in their hiring policies? Sure. But the problem population pales in comparison to the percentage of violent criminals in our society, who confront police with a wide assortment of weapons. Anyone resisting apprehension, particularly with weapon in hand, is asking for whatever happens to them.


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