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Monday, January 20, 2020

Bernie Sanders's America?

Please, please, make time to watch these two videos:

As Pastorius of Infidel Bloggers Alliance points out:
Listen to this guy's words, and think about how they dovetail with the words of Greta Thunberg:

"Action must be powerful and wide-ranging. After all, the climate crisis is not just about the environment. It is a crisis of human rights, of justice and of political will. Colonial, racist, and patriarchal systems of oppression have created and fuelled it. We need to dismantle them all."
How many more Kyle Jureks do we have in America today?


  1. I pray this leftist claptrap doesn't go mainstream.


  2. “Anarcho-communist.” That about sums up the political left in this country. Shades of the Russian Revolution 1917-1922 led by their so-called intellectuals. How did that work out, again? And then you have people like "this one" who have mush for brains, who continue pushing the "Nazi" analogy as coming from the political right, with not even a clue that the world's fascists were all committed socialists. Pathetic. Good grief.

    1. Burning Milwaukee will be bad for the environment.

    2. Milwaukee, is bad for the environment, along with all the "Progressive" mega crap hole cities.

    3. Yes, Warren, but isn't Miilwaukee "The City That Made Beer Famous?"

      Surely we at least ught to give it credit for that, don't you think?


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    1. Ah yes ... reeducation camps. Great idea. Or maybe a bullet through the brain, which is better but only without fair trials. Your plan ought to convince everyone that Bernie Sanders was right all along.

    2. "The FBI announced last week it had arrested seven members of a neo-Nazi extremist group known as The Base, at least three of whom planned to travel to the rally on Monday."

      That's the right wing element that the responsible right (what little is left of it) refuses to admit exists.
      Prohibit the purchase of more than one handgun per month
      Require background checks on all firearms purchases:

      Those are the odorous regulations the gun loon militias are protesting in Richmond. There's a lot more talk of violent revolution from the right than the left.

    3. WOW! Three whole "neo-Nazis"! A virtual "Progressive" super majority.
      What happened to that stupid "No one wants to take your firearms." meme you were trying to advance last year?
      What part of "Shall not be infringed" do you not understand?

      Ever heard of Antifa? Your commie fellow travelers are there too and are protesting against the gun confiscation scheme also. If your worried about violent revolution, that aught to make you cringe.

      You left wing dirt bags are all for violent revolution as long as its under the auspices of a terroristic all powerful State.

    4. No, Ducky. The Nazi’s were radical (national) socialists. “Neo Nazi” is a label invented by the leftist press —one that has no basis in fact and has but one purpose: to besmirch those who choose to stand up for their Constitutional rights. Typical of Alinsky’s rules for radicals and we’re not having any of it.

      All that aside, I hope you’re feeling better.

    5. Mustang, I'm sure you've heard of The Night of the Long Knives.
      Hitler purged support and advocacy for economic socialism. Like today's right, the Nazi;s were much mire nationalists.

      Warren, calm down. Yes i[ve heard of Antifa. They slug it out with the Proud Boys every so often.
      Where do you get this confiscation idea?

    6. So, you didn't read the original bills? The fact they were withdrawn doesn't destroy their confiscationist intent. They only backed down because of the public outrage over their totalitarian intent and replaced several measures with nonsense that has proven less than useless in preventing any kind of hyped up crap about "gun violence".
      Their true colors shine thru. The problems with their laws are, they are designed to infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms. You know, that Second Amendment thing you fascist types like to ignore.
      Personally, I love the fact that you "Democratic Socialists" crap your pants over private gun ownership.
      And the Nazis were much admired Socialists, lest you forget.

    7. Well Ducky, I just got back from Lobby Day, and I’d be more than happy to go over exactly what why we were there, point by point.

      I don’t expect that you’d want that though, since it requires more than a drive by, shallow allegation.

    8. I wasn’t planning on writing anything for my little blog, since work is still bananas......and I’m juggling that with working towards my PMP certification.......but suffice to say that all of the Bills submitted by the Virginia Democrats, are ALL aimed squat at law abiding gun owners. Not that this is unusual or a surprise.....but NONE of the Bills are aimed at stopping firearms trafficking or sentencing of violent criminals. ALL of them are designed to turn the law abiding into criminals without any of them actually committing a harmful act.

      Telling, that their true intentions are being laid bare so nicely.....in stark contrast to their rhetoric....of “nobody wants to take your guns away?!?!”

      The rally today was filled to capacity with polite and clean Patriots.....civil rights activists all.

    9. Well CI, I know that right away you're going to try to wrap this all around the 'red flag' law (which I oppose until issues of abuse of the law can be resolved0 instead of joining the extreme and saying all regulation is an abridgment of your rights.

    10. No, you don’t know. I’m less concerned about unconstitutional “red flag” laws than some of the others. But jive drive by again!

    11. Tell me how background checks (aside from FFL transfers which are already law) are enforced? What is the mechanism that makes this legislation worth pursuing?

    12. I guess Ducky’s not going to grace us with an answer. Cue shocked face.

  4. Replies
    1. What?
      Did you change your screen name from RN to BS to reflect reality?
      The Left has always been fueled by rage and hatred since its very inception. i.e. "Off with their heads!" First come the calls for "Liberty, Fraternity, Equality", then the bloody revolution begins and the executions and slaughter.
      It's history! Try reading it sometime.

    2. The Registerd Nurse is so hopelessly inept he's been own to carry FULLbedpans UPSIDE DOWN after his patients have USED them

      The janitorial staff threatened to go on strike if Nursie didn't shape up and mend his ways.

      What a scapegrace!

  5. I am certainly no fan of Bernie Sanders. I think the man is an idiot, but this is a joke, right? This is a guy who has worked for the campaign for a whole six months and has been paid a whopping $11,000. That puts him at the rank of what? He is one of several thousand at his level. Bernie Sanders probably has never heard who he is. Why is anyone taking this guy with even one grain of salt?

    1. Jayhawk,
      It's not so much this one individual but rather the multiple manifestations of very similar similar sentiments all over the web: i.e., the "need" to "re-educate" and/or exterminate those who don't vote for the Dems.

      Americans today really are at each others' throats, IMO.

    2. Like the one who cites that votes for Trump can be invalidated due to racism because a labor election "in which one side uses racist appeals can be invalidated by the National Labor Relations Board," which just betrays the utter stupidity of the person making the citation.

      The invalidation would be due to the "racist appeals" during the campaign, not due to the way anyone voted. Further, it is the election itself which is invalidated, not the votes of those who supposedly voted for racist reasons, based on the mind reading ability of some election board.

    3. I certainly AM a fan of Bernie Sanders and I say Jayhawk is correct. Bernie Sanders doesn't hire the staff in field offices. And I'd also wager Kyle Jurek did not disclose his nutty ideas when interviewed for the job. The videos do not represent "Bernie Sanders' America".

      As for how many "Kyle Jureks" there may be, I say not many. Clearly there are many more of the Trump-supporting David Duke variety out there. DJT took two of them with him to the White House (Bannon and Miller). Sanders has no Jurek type as a high level adviser. If he did I would be concerned. Though not much, since Bernie would not become the nominee and be voted out of the Senate if he did.

  6. AOW said... "Americans today really are at each others' throats, IMO."

    My first reaction was to agree. But then I thought about it. The word "today" jumped out at me.

    Hasn't this always been true?

    We've ebbed and flowed for decades through various ages of being at each others throats. Be it slavery, what to do with Native Americans, the Vietnam War, the civil rights era or even our various labor movements, we've been at each others' throats for most of our existence.

    I wonder if these various ages are but the spasms of democracy working themselves out within a constantly changing and morphing electorate. As they always have.

    1. There have been waves of being at each others' throats. I remember the Civil Rights Era and the Vietnam War period very well. But even those waves weren't as vile and personal -- as we see today.

  7. DEATH to the LEFT!

    Their beliefs should fficially be summarily rendered ILLEGAL, IMMORAL, SEDITIOUS, RUINOUS and TREASONOUS by government FIAT effective IMMEDIATELY.

    All Leftist Activists should be rounded up, stripped of their rights by virtue of the pernicious beliefs they embrace, and summarily SHOT DEAD.

    If "WE" don't do that to "THEM," it's an absolute CERTAINTY that "THEY" will do it to "US" –– just as they have been for more than a hundred years.

    1. Death to the left?

      I suppose YOU find that God like eh Franco?

    2. If you say so , it must be true... after all your a wonderful, progressive, Liberal, sympathizer who can argue with you?

  8. The quintessential appeal of the Left has been their shameless pandering to everyone's secret, unarticulated, but nevertheless all too real desire to RETURN to

    A. the WOMB,

    B. the CRIB,

    C. the NURSERY

    D. the ROMPER ROOM.

    People who fall for the Marxian line don't WANT to become ADULT human beings. They'd prefer to remain BABIES

    And probably (if they have any sense at all!) to be treated like PAMPERED PETS owned by the GUBBAMINT.

    Why else do you think the pernicious crap we get from the "ENTERTAINMENT" INDUSTRY" has become increasingly Shallow, Vulgar, Indecent, Childish, Iconoclastic, and INANE since the 1950's?

    The Left, –– always a masterful Purveyor of PERVERSION portrayed as "ENLIGHTENMENT" ––, has wickedly-but-very-cleverly used our sainted First Amendment to DESTROY us.

    The Left has systematically done this TO us while we slept the complacent sleep of INNOCENCE preserved by acculturated IGNORANCE.

    1. Your BS is no longer entertaining Frankie!

    2. It's very entertaining.
      Don't sulk, RN. Your comments are entertaining too. --If one is interested in pathological behaviors.--

    3. VO vo do deo DO! Vo DO deo DO!

      And an UPPY uppy uppy uppy Poo POO pa DOO!

      And a HOLLYJolly Dingleberry laid out for YOU, Poopsie!


  9. AOW, How many do we have? Way too many, but imo, I'd say the vast majority are all talk and no action.

    I'd say this is a way's off if it ever comes to pass because 1) people are armed, and 2) there are too many LEOs who would never put up with this.

  10. Replies
    1. And, at the above, Ladies and Gentlemen, we see a college grad spewing ignorant swill.


    2. Everyone connected with the Russian Revolution was "an intellectual." The goal of US colleges and universities today is to produce stooges for on-going Neo-Marxist movements, and by golly its working.

  11. Isn’t he an expert at taking other people’s money?


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