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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

"As Goes California, So Goes The Nation"?

Devolving to Third World America (hat tip to Infidel Bloggers Alliance):

Is there any way to stem this tide?


  1. California's problems are the results of global capitalism rendering 50+% of the population "superfluous" and "unemployable". It's economy is highly tied to the tech industry (w/high degrees of automation) and which requires workers in the upper 20% of the IQ distribution range.

    Daily needs are "imported" from the cheapest corporately produced sources and 50% of the people can't find work in even the lowest employment capacities.

    1. ps - And "bubonic plague" has been there for decades.

  2. California is importing poverty. Who knows how many illegal immigrants that state harbors.

    Here's a clue. Cali has 27 million drivers and is implementing Real ID, like all other states, but they give people the option to get a non-Real ID, which doesn't have the stringent documentation and citizenship requirement a Real ID has.

    11 million drivers have opted not to receive the Real ID when they renewed.

    I wonder why? When they throw around the 11 million illegal immigrants number, that's just for California.


  3. Yes, there is a way to fight back. I just attended a talk on Agenda 21/30 (same thing - different package) You do it on the local level. This crap is being pushed community by community. It's fueled by grant money from NGO's from outside the communities. Key word? Sustainable development.

  4. Cass Alexander Adelphi said

    Coincidentally, an article on LEPROSY among the homeless in Los Angeles appeared a short while ago at Lisa's blog Who's Your Daddy?

    It might pay to get over there and register an opinion before the usual gaggle of leftist marauders take over and make the place a living hell.

    1. I'm more inclined to think a New Dark Age is approaching. Fueled by the "new age"> conservatism and fake religion of DJT and others like him.

    2. More socialist shrieking from Pajama Boy RN

    3. The only one shrieking socialist is not me that's for sure.

  5. There's no stemming the tide when the problem is intentionally self-inflicted.

  6. Mustang + 1. Without the will, there is no way.

    It's impossible to imagine life in some of these California cities - places I grew up in or visited often. Places I loved. Growing up in the 50's-60's in California was a dream! What a marvelous, wondrous, prosperous state full of energy, opportunity and a future.

    Now, I am in downtown LA 2x a week. I drive through trash heaps and filth, with tent cities spreading west to the sea like wildfire. The parking garage reeks of urine and often human filth. We never had rats in my neighborhood, which is 12 miles west. In the last 3 years we have been overrun. There are commercial bait stations all over now. My property is overrun, and I'm getting some very expensive no poison/no kill pet traps.

    I heard the head of the Union Rescue Mission talk about the shift in 'helping' the 'homeless' that took place about 10 years ago. It used to be that housing was linked to treatment (drugs, alcohol). They de-linked that, and now it's housing first, them treatment if you feel like it. Drug problems moved into these 1st station housing. And the 'homeless' population exploded. Imagine that!

    BUT, if you listen to the left you'll hear "the price of housing has driven people to the streets." Not our policies - no, never!

    If you can't understand reality or the consequences of your actions, you can't fix it. EVERYTHING they say and do is to make it worse.

    1. Baysider,
      I was hoping that you'd weigh in on this post.

      You have mentioned the trouble you've been having with the "homeless" in Southern California.

      Growing up in the 50's-60's in California was a dream! What a marvelous, wondrous, prosperous state full of energy, opportunity and a future.

      So Mr. AOW tells me. He hails from Pasadena. How are things there, I wonder.

      It is horrendous what the Left is doing to a once-beautiful state.

  7. ... or to buy questionable votes to keep their miserable carcasses in office along with their myrmidons in the bureaucracies.

  8. Even animals have enough sense to keep their nests clean.

  9. It will never get that far! I'm a friggen' geezer who was born near
    the end of President Eiseinhower's first term. I am not an economist,
    but I understood that the economy is a complex dynamic. Since I have
    never heard or read abything about politics as a dynamic, I am the
    author of what I call the dynamic theory of politics. If you start
    with Eiseinhower, he won two electoral landlside elections because
    Truman was deemed soft on communism and Adlai Stevenson was a crazy

    JFK gets a pass because he was a fiscal conservative and a staunch
    anti-communist. LBJ (like Truman) screwed the pooch just like HST
    in their micromanagement of two major conflicts. This led to the
    deaths of tens of thousands on the battlefields of Korea and
    Vietnam, which led to two massive landslides by Richard Nixon.
    Nixon also benefited from the fact that the so-called "peace
    movement" was being carried out by violent savages who rioted in
    the streets of America.

    Carter was so out of his depth that Ronald Reagan beat Mondale in
    a massive landslide that PJ O'Rourke commented that Mondale got his
    ass stomped like a Narc at a biker rally!

    George HW Bush (a weak Republincan nominee) beat Dukakis like a
    bongo drum. After his first term, BJ Billy had his two terms.
    Along comes an even weaker candidate(GW Bush,) who barely squeaked
    out two term of his own. GWB was followed by two terms of Bath-
    House Barry Obama, who drove the state so far to the left that most conservatives
    said adios America.

    The left went so bat guano nuts that the election of Donald Trump
    was nothing short of a voter rebellion. My thesis is that if the
    Democrats swing the pendulum too far to the left, the electorate
    will push it back to the right. I live in the state of Marxifornia,
    and while I live outside enemy territory, I have seen this before.
    The former homosexual governor (Jerry Brown) drove so many citizens
    and businesses out of this sate that the governor of Arizona called
    him the greatest governor his state ever had. He stated that he
    wanted to change the state bird to the crane, because of residential and business flight which led to residential and business construction.

    I have not seen the people of California this pissed-off since the Brown mal-administration in his first two terms. Brown was
    the reason the state passed term limitations for the governors office!


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