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Sunday, June 16, 2019

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy this Renaissance Dance Music, which reminds me of the wonderful music I've heard at various Renaissance fairs and could well be used in the classroom teaching of Shakespeare's works:

The pieces included in the video above:
Schiarazula Marazula: Mainerio
Courante: Caroubel
Volte: Caroubel
Courante: Caroubel
Volte: Caroubel
Istampita Ghaetta: Anonymous
Saltarello: Anonymous
Welscher Tanz Waschanesa/Hupfauff: Neusiedler
Calata Ala Spagnola: Dalza Basse
Danse La Magdalena: Anonymous
Lamento Di Tristano/Rotta: Anonymous
Branle De Bourgogne: Anonymous
Ungarescha - Saltarello: Mainerio
Allemande-Tripla (Suite 3 In A): Schein
Ronde: Susato
Tantz: Haussmann
Galliard: Haussmann
Catkanei: Haussmann
Branle De Bourgogne: Gervaise
Branle De Champagne: Gervaise
Reprise/Galliard: Phal├Ęse
Gavotte: Praetorius
Spagnoletta: Praetorius
La Bourree: Praetorius
Magdalena: Widmann
Agatha: Widmann
Regina: Widmann
Tanz Im Aicholdinger Schloss: Behrend
Eichstatter Hofmulhtanz: Behrend
Riedenburger Tanz: Behrend
Italiana: Anonymous
Pavan: Milan
Balleto: Negri
Galliarde De Monsieur Wustron: Praetorius
Galliarde De La Guerre: Praetorius
Reprise: Praetorius


  1. George Wakefield Terwilliger said

    Lively bunch weren't they?

    A unique way to start the day. Sure beats the news. Thanks.

  2. Laurence Lullambegg-Rhoades said

    German, Italian and French represented but no English. What happened to Byrd, Bull and Gibbons? One would think their stuff belonged mre to Shakespeare than music from the continent.

    1. Laurence,
      Thank you for your observation, which is accurate.

      I was thinking more of mood setting -- in the sense of music playing as students entered the room to begin a study of Shakespeare's plays or one of his plays.

  3. "Golden Dance Hits" made me smile.... thanks for something different for a sunday.


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