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Monday, April 22, 2019

It Ain't Over

Silverfiddle Rant!

Mueller Time! has come and gone, and its unsatisfying quaffs have left deranged Democrats with a skull-splitting headache and a wicked case of flatulent diarrhea.

Exoneration Schmoneration…

Investigators, prosecutors and their investigations don't "exonerate" people other than those wrongly imprisoned.  Our justice system doesn't work like that.  Progressive demands of "Prove your innocence!" are out of Stalin's Soviet Union.  In the United States, the government must make the case of a person's guilt within the judicial system. If they cannot, the person is guilty of nothing.

Mueller found no collusion and no obstruction (make no mistake--had he found prosecutable obstruction of justice he would have recommended prosecution in his theatrical report.)  

Obstruction??? President Trump cooperated completely with the investigation:
The president could have shut down the investigation at any time, but he didn’t. He could have asserted executive privilege to deny the special counsel access to key White House witnesses, such as McGahn. To the contrary, numerous witnesses were made available voluntarily (there was no need to try to subpoena them to the grand jury), and well over a million documents were disclosed, including voluminous notes of meetings between the president and his White House counsel. (Andrew McCarthy - NY Post)
It's not over, folks. With Democrats, its never over. They're still steaming and bawling over Merrick Garland's "stolen" seat. They're still fuming over Bush 2000, forgetting the Supreme Court decision to stop the Gore shenanigans was 7-2, not 5-4.

The Democrat conspiracy to trap the President has failed.  All Democrats have left is lies and smears.

Shred the Clean Bill of Health

Fat Jerry is demanding to see everything: The unredacted report, all the evidence, every page of grand jury testimony...  and the beauty of it is, he's entitled to none of it. Not one shred, but he will continue to beat that drum, because Democrats cannot abide this clean bill of health Robert Mueller issued to President Trump.

Fat Jerry, Gasoline Maxine and the rest of the bug-eyed unhinged nutballs in the Democrat congressional delegation will persist in demanding tax returns, bank statements, personal papers, stool samples and anything else they can dream up. It's an un-American propaganda game know as, "What do you have to hide?" and its great for fundraising.

The outrageous Democrat requests will be tied up in the courts through Election 2020, with President Trump gloating at massive rallies and Democrats fuming and raising money from the softheads.

Discredit the Attorney General

More damaging to our nation is the Democrat campaign--carried out with their co-conspirators in the Infotainment Media Complex--to demean, dehumanize and discredit Attorney General William Barr. Ad Hominem is the left's favored tactic.  Put the object of rage and hatred beyond the pale, smear him, drum up hatred and scorn against him.  That's the Democrat way.

Why?  Because Attorney General Barr will get to the bottom of the Clinton Crime Syndicate dirty tricks that sparked this historical travesty that sucked various alphabet agencies into the worst abuse of power in our nation's history.  His final report won't be pretty. The only Democrat defense is to use their Infotainment Media Complex toadies to preemptively mud up William Barr, smear him and discredit him in the eyes of the American people.

Pelosi knows they are scaring the normals, but she can't stop this circus train...

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  1. Pelosi knows they are scaring the normals, but she can't stop this circus train...

    Pass the popcorn!

  2. General Barr will get to the bottom of the Clinton Crime Syndicate

    From your keyboard to God's ear!

  3. Call the bluff, then. Trump should order the unredacted Mueller Report be released in full (or seek Vladimir Putin's permission to do so...)

    Expose the intelligence assets protected by the redactions. They all perpetrated a con job / witch hunt / coup attempt, yes?

    1. The "assets" have been exposed: Halper and Mifsud are outed and of no further use. Australian diplomats and UK intel assets have also been exposed and implicated in this sleazy plot. Why aren't people screaming about that "foreign influence?"

    2. Then there's no harm in Trump himself demanding the report be released in unredacted form. Right?

    3. TC... ever wonder why no one is taking up your question? You are 100% right and all President Trump has to do is authorize the release of the full unredacted report. You do have to wonder why he wouldn't and why conservatives don't seem to support that step.

      Silver... I'm not aware of President Trump testifying for the Mueller inquiry, or even answering questions in person and under oath, as requested. If anyone named Clinton refused to do so, and only offered written answers to the questions they wanted to address, would you say the "cooperated completely" with an investigation?

      I doubt it.

      Trump stonewalled at every opportunity. And that's his right. But let's not fool ourselves into thinking that was complete cooperation.

    4. The President and his lawyers feared a perjury trap--which can result in the prosecution of innocent people for honest mistakes, so answering written questions was a prudent course of action.

      President Trump did not "stonewall at every opportunity," Dave. You are willfully ignorant or you are lying. It is singularly remarkable that President Trump did not invoke executive privilege at all during the investigation. The access he gave to his inside counsel was unprecedented.

      Why not release the unredacted report?

      - It contains classified intelligence information, which by law cannot be released
      - It contains grand jury information which by federal law cannot be released
      - It contains potentially-embarrassing information on unindicted people which DoJ policy prohibits releasing.

      Yes, the president could go through established procedures to declassify, waive rules or seek permission from a judge to allow everyone to see it, but why?

      Is Mueller above reproach and bursting with moral rectitude, or not?

      Deranged Dems are enraged this didn't bring down the President, and no amount of disclosure will shut up the baying yappers.

      This is politics, bloodsport. The Trump administration will release what they want to release, and they will do so in a manner most politically advantageous to the President.

      Don't like it? Tough. Finally, a Republican is fighting Democrats using their own tactics, and the whining from the left is music to my ears.

    5. TC, unfortunately, this is where we're at.

    6. Silver... of course the president's lawyers feared a "perjury trap" because Trump seems unable to speak truth. Conservatives for years said if you're innocent and just tell the truth, you have nothing to fear from law enforcement.

      Is that not true?

      If you don't lie, you can't be caught in a perjury trap, can you?

      I notice you did not even deal with Trump's refusal to provide written answers to obstruction questions. I guess in your book, refusing to answer even written questions is complete cooperation.

      Look Silver, I get politics. And while I'm clearly not a fan of Trump, he won the election. It is what it is. But at least be honest about Trump. He may one day be regarded as a great president. I doubt it, but it is possible. But at the end of the day, he's still gonna be a horrible person.

      Would even his most ardent boosters, most of you here, be proud if your grandkids lied like he does? How about if they ran a non profit that was openly fraudulent?

      Both GW Bush and Obama were men derided by the opposition for their politics, but in the end, they were mostly respected as good men.

      Maybe I'm missing something, but I don't see it in Trump.

    7. I believe the tu quoque ping pong volley has an excluded middle no one on Planet Trump wants heard.

      Mueller could have film of Trump diddling children on Jeffrey Epstein's plane and tossing them into the ocean to their deaths and he still couldn't bring an indictment. It is against Justice Department rules to indict a sitting President, for anything.

      The Mueller Report does not exonerate Trump. Mueller stated that he would clear Trump of wrongdoing if it were reasonable to do so.

      He doesn't have the power to indict Trump, but he sees no way to reasonably proclaim Trump innocent. The redacted materials probably color-by-numbers present an indictment of Trump that would exist if it were within Mueller's power to present one.

      Let the people with the power to indict a President see why Mueller can't clear Trump.

      What's the worse thing that can happen? Trump in prison?

    8. Mueller job was to cover Obama Admin spying in case Hillary lost. He was the "insurance policy". He wasn't there to investigate Russians. Jusr create excuses for spying on Americans.

    9. You can fall into a perjury trap if you mis-remember something. This is why we have the Fifth Amendment and high-cost attorneys. What Flynn apparently never learned during General School is the the FBI will never ask a question they don't already know the answer to ... As for Trump, why should he subject himself to a political enemy? I'd never answer FBI questions even at my low station in life.


    10. What Sam said.

      Also, if Mueller had enough evidence to go to prosecution, he would have said it in the report, remarking that he knows they cannot under DOJ guidelines.

      Its all over except for the bitter clinger dead-enders crying.


    11. ...then an uncensored report showing what the Justice Department knows / Trump wants hidden / Trump would perjure himself denying should expose said Mueller corruption, n'est pas?

    12. It's like a high stakes Texas poker game where Trump keeps upping the ante so he doesn't have to show that he's bluffing with a 2-7 off suit and trying to get the other players to fold.

    13. TC... the excluded middle. I like that.

      Silver, et al... here's the deal that drives me mad with Trump and has shown up in all of this. Many of the things does, or did according to this report, are not and were not illegal!

      So why did he, and his many helpers feel a need to continually lie about them? The security clearance issue is a great example. He's president. He can issue clearances however he wants. So why lie and cover up?

      He looks guilty on about a dozen levels and he doesn't have to.

      Can any of you folks here explain it? Is it a character flaw? Is he afraid of being truthful?


    14. Go with what we know. Trump was a Democrat long after there was any defensible reason for being one (i.e. after 1964), has documentable and longstanding ties to organized crime (both in the United States and Russia) and a federal investigation with probable cause has not cleared him and did not bring an indictment because said investigation is not empowered to do so.

      Cue up the chants of "B-but our turds smell better than theirs."

      I'm glad I didn't get any of that taint on me in the last election.

    15. Dave, he probably does it to troll people. See how well it works?

    16. TC,
      I'm glad I didn't get any of that taint on me in the last election.

      Nor in 2012, either?

    17. SF,
      he probably does it to troll people. See how well it works?

      I agree. He's pushing buttons all over the place.

      He is partially draining "The Swamp," the cesspool of political insiders here in D.C and of mainstream media. For that draining, albeit partial, I'm grateful.

    18. TC,
      Trump was a Democrat long after there was any defensible reason for being one....

      I understand what you're saying.

      BUT, IMO,

      we have too many GOP RINO's, who are even worse than those who wear the label of "Democrat."

      The two-party system has worn out its welcome with me. Makes me so glad that I've always been registered as an Independent.

    19. 2016 was time to slay the Bushobamahillary beast, and too bad for some, El Donaldo was the only man to do it.

    20. AOW,

      2012 was the year the world ended. The year conservatives were told "set aside your principles and vote for Romney anyway." And the discarding of principles avalanches all the way to 2016 and beyond. Even Billy Graham himself deleted all the anti-Mormon stuff from his Bible theology website to push a left-wing Massachussetts Governor that championed gay marriage and socialized health care.

      I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left reality and never came back.

    21. But, I have [i]faith[/i] that people will tire of defending the indefensible, or at least realize supporting Trump comes with no Screen Actors Guild scale pay. Every cringeworthy thing Trump does in the name of "at least he snot Hillary" will continue to fester until it finally ceases to impress anyone with a remnant of a not-for-sale soul. Trump fatigue is real.

    22. TC,
      I didn't leave the Republican Party. The Republican Party left reality and never came back.

      Well, as I stated above, I've never been a GOPer per se. The first GOPer about whom I got the hinckies was with George H.W. Bush ("new world order"); I started voting Independent/Libertarian at that point). I voted twice for GWB -- except that I didn't really vote for him so much as against the Dem candidates; I wasn't willing to vote Independent/Libertarian because I believed and still believe that enough such votes would have put the Dem candidates in the Oval Office. My same voting pattern held in 2008 and 2012 -- and, yes, 2016 and, barring something I haven't yet seen (Yes, my eyes are indeed open), I'll do the same in 2020. It's more than a matter of "at least he's not ________________"; it's the SCOTUS.

      In any case, we each vote by conscience and conviction. Although I no longer expect "miracles" from the Oval Office.

      But, again, hey, that's me.

    23. TC,
      What bothers me the most about the political scene is how much hatred fills the atmosphere. I really have a problem with how some NeverTrumpers are behaving -- to the point of harassment at restaurants and other similar venues. Sheesh.

    24. AOW,

      Those aren't NeverTrumpers. Most NeverTrumpers these days are conservative media columnists. David French, Jonah Goldberg, George Will, etc. The others hail from a time when the Republican Party had a foreign policy wing.

      Not exactly the Antifa crowd.

    25. TC,
      Those aren't NeverTrumpers.

      Technically, yes. But where are their hearts? With the Antifa crowd, IMO. Maybe I missed it, but I haven't seen those NeverTrumpers you mentioned condemning the harassing crowd.

      What pisses me off about the NeverTrumpers you mentioned and some of the other NeverTrumpers whose Twitter feeds I follow: their self-righteousness. Puhleeze!

    26. Pretty sure David French and Jonah Goldberg have written plenty of criticism of the left-wing thugs that harass Trump administration members in restaurants or heckle their speeches, etc. One particularly big name NeverTrumper in conservative media - Ben Shapiro - has had his speaking engagements shut down by Antifa thugs. I think you are misapplying the NeverTrump label or just stretching it way out to conflate Dana Loesch with Maxine Waters.

      The nicest thing I can say about that conflation is that it demonstrates the full imbecility of the typical Trump voter.

    27. TC,
      I remember that shutting down of Ben Shapiro.

      But as I said earlier, I might have missed any plenty of criticism of the left-wing thugs that harass Trump administration members in restaurants or heckle their speeches, etc.

      Conflation? Maybe. Perhaps I should have gone with the term Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome. It covers a broader swath.

    28. For my part, I'm turned off by the binary and false dilemma fallacy enshrined in the "if you don't support Trump you want Hillary to be President" mantra. There are plenty of legitimate reasons not to support Trump, including the fact that I'm not a blithering imbecile.

      I don't need perfection or even most of my checklist boxes ticked when it comes to Presidential elections. But the only way Trump would concievably pass my minimum tests would be if he ate it with Ex-Lax.

  4. The new McCarthyism is so refreshing! We all knew that the whole of Government was incompetent, now we have naught but proof. Vanity, all is vanity!

    1. Anti-Trump cabalists had all the power of the multi-billion dollar US intelligence and federal law enforcement complex, and they still failed.

  5. Indeed it ain't over. Until the fat lady sings.

  6. Trump's first attorney John Dowd didn't take Mueller seriously enough. Waiving executive privilege including his legal adviser gave Mueller the opportunity to leave the bread crumbs for the Dems and impeachment. A million or more Documents turned over?
    Fortunately Dowd was replaced. It does question Trump's decision making when it comes to choosing lawyers. Dowd was on Fox this morning and apparently still doesn't get what this was all about IMO.

  7. Whatever law school Nadler attended should lose its certification. The man gives even lawyers a bad name.

    1. He attended NYU with Giuliani and "Judge" Jeanine, the human banshee.

    2. Nadler attested Fordham University Law School as a part time student; it is how you avoid having to take law school entrance exams. Interesting too that Nadler never worked outside of politics. A deer tick on the taxpayer's rump.

  8. Rush Limbaugh just summarized this situation perfectly a few seconds go.

    He said:

    "LIFE –– to the LEFT –– is WAR, so every moment of every day is an ongoing BATTLE with no letup, no resolution."

    Isn't that a perfect definition of HELL?

  9. Lindsay Graham must be covering for the Deep State again. Despite all his talk about wanting to get into the "origins" of the probe, he has no interest in calling Mueller before the Judiciary Committee and exposing the whole Small Group treasonous cabal...

    Mueller's only "voice" will be in the Democrat controlled House where all cross exam's by Republicans will be restricted to "nada"...

  10. It must be difficult to obstruct justice when a crime hasn’t occurred. But as long as we’re talking about obstruction, if the Mueller findings serve as our guide, then we should argue that Lynch/Comey obstructed justice in the investigation of the Hillary Clinton fiasco. As for Trump, how does a President obstruct justice in matters that he is constitutionally empowered to supervise? I see no reason to argue that the political left has become looney tunes; they are making that case without any help from the political right.

    As I understand it, the Chief Justice supervises the FISA Court and if that’s true, for the sake of the integrity of the FISA system, why hasn’t he ordered an investigation into allegations that federal agents falsified FISA warrant applications and relied on information they knew was false?

    1. Sundance has outlined the REAL scandal @ CTH here, with ALL the FISA abuses.

  11. Fleecing of American Taxpayers? The Mueller Report costs are reported to be between 25-35 million bucks. However as an offset, the government has received upwords of 20 million bucks in asset forfeiture from felons and tax cheats convicted in the probe.

    The GOP led Starr Report accusing Pres Clinton of lying about whether he received a blow job cost us more than 50 million, back in the 90's.

    Iran Contra Report, from the Dems on whether the Reagan Admin sold weapons to and negotiated with terrorists, cost more than 45 million, back in the 80's.

    The Benghazi investigation into Hillary Clinton, clocked in at a relative bargain at around 8 million dollars.

    If the Mueller report is a fleecing, coming in at almost net zero, what should we call these other investigations?

  12. Yeah. Da libruls are totally blowing up Twitter...

    Er, um

  13. Mueller Time.

    We own that meme now.


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