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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Musical Interlude

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Enjoy these selections from back in the day, when easy listening was in vogue and many local spots, even small ones, offered live music performed by small combos on Friday and Saturday nights:


  1. Nce stuff! It's a pleasure to hear the complex chromatic harmonies accompanying endless variations of a basic popular tune again.

    Rock, Folk, C&W, Metal and Rap have with hobnailed boots kicked the beauty, mystery, complexity and romance out of popular music scene, and left us with little but a BEAT and a quasi-savage ululating series of howls, bawls, whines, drones, shrieks, roars and snarls.

    As you must know by now my mind has been totally possessed by classical music since the age of eight, but I always enjoyed jazz, the big bands, intimate cocktail piano, cabaret singers, any novelty songs from the movies, juke box fvorites frm the forties, and most Broadway Show music.

    I'd be hard pressed to pick a favorite from the sixties nd the seventies, but if forced to at gunpoint, it might be Henry Mancini. He was a great master of The Light Touch with enough of an aura of wistfulness and romantic poignancy to give his work substance. Hs scores fo Breakfast a Tiffany's and Victor-Victora are prime examples.

    1. Franco,
      I chose these selections so as to de-stress. I was also thinking of having some nice background music for New Year's Eve.

  2. Lovely pick AOW... I shall enjoy the selection this evening. Stepping out for dinner and a drink or two with what was termed "a piano player" playing background music was considered a wonderful date. But then I am showing my age.

    1. Maybe, Bunker, but Those really WERE the Days,and I shall never get over their having disappeared into the mist of yesteryear.

      What we have today is crass, ugly and downright BARBARIC in comparison.


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