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Monday, August 21, 2017

Jason Kessler (Only a Big Hairy Question Mark)


Originally, I was going to do some research and post my findings.

I've got nothing but questions that can't be answered in a fashion that I find believable or reliable.

Everyone seems to agree that Mr. Kessler is a 2009  graduate of the University of Virginia and is a "journalist, activist and author from Charlottesville, VA,". Even that is suspect because the information appears to have came from Mr. Kessler's
LinkedIn account.

His first appearance in "White Nationalist" circles seems to have been about January of 2017 but his notoriety precedes that date in his attempt to unseat  Wes Bellamy,  the only Black member of the Charlottesville city council and a member of the Virginia Board of Education. Mr. Bellamy's position on the city council is that of Vice-Mayor.

Mr. Kessler unearthed several Tweets by Mr. Bellamy forcing him to resign from the Virginia Board of Education and caused him a great deal of embarrassment (bad blood there). Mr. Bellamy, still the Vice-Mayor of Charlottesville, entered upon a campaign to remove the statue of Robert E. Lee, (which by this time we are all familiar with), and Mr. Kessler seems to have organized the protest.

This begins to look like a couple of tireless self-promoters trying to make a name for themselves on a national level. 

But wait, there's more!

The SPLC, and I find this especially interesting, links Mr. Kessler to Occupy Wallstreet and past support for President Obama. By some accounts up until November of 2016. I find this especially notable as the SPLC, while always finding the KKK and White Nationalists under every bed, hardly ever mentions any leftist entity in connection with anyone on "The Right".

Mr. Kessler organized a first March in May of 2017 and when it made headlines organized his second march of last week. 

Let's add to that a Democratic state machine lead by Terry McAuliffe, a local political machine interested in a little payback, a few hundred willing right wing dupes and a few thousand "Progressive" shock troops known as anarchists, Antifa and BLM and no one should be surprised at the outcome.

In the meantime, where is Jason Kessler? He seems to have disappeared, evaporated into the air!

Who is Jason Kessler?
A self promoting opportunist?
A leftist plant?
A Right-Wing nut bag?

Only questions.

May all the players in this Greek Tragedy be damned to perdition!


  1. I’ve always viewed the SPLC as a terrorist group; I don’t understand why they are not under scrutiny by the federal agencies ... but then, I’m still trying to figure out why Barack Obama is not classified as a terrorist, as well. Certainly, everyone who suffered from Arab Spring thinks of him as such. And if the SPLC is not a terrorist organization, which is to say having direct ties to terrorist activities, then they most certainly are indirectly linked because they “enable” and “encourage” terrorist activities –but then, so too does the idiot child from Boston. If Keesler has “disappeared,” it is because the SPLC has a comfortable relationship with the morons of Google, who’ve effectively masked information about the man’s background. Very powerful, those Google programmers.

    But if we were going to confine ourselves to the SPLC, we would find that it spews hate while pretending to monitor hate groups, and all the while enriching itself through direct mail campaigns that do nothing more than fabricates stories about conservative groups. Who gains support from the SPLC? Black Lives Matter, which justifies the indiscriminate murder of police officers; Code Pink set a bomb in an Army Recruitment Station a few years back. SPLC supports CAIR, which is a terrorist organization, and other pro-Islamist groups.

    SPLC is part of the gargantuan lie about conservative values, and repeated often enough, most of the morons on the left swallow these lies hook, line, and sinker. Are there haters on the right? Of course, there are ... but they are fringe groups composed to seriously demented persons. In contrast, the leftist politics of hatred is fundamental ... it’s been with the left since the French Revolution. It’s getting worse every single day—and unlike the fringe right, leftist hatred exists in the American mainstream (thanks to a biased media). For the left, hatred is only a fault if it exists on the right.

    How does anyone respect people like this? Answer, you cannot respect them unless you’re Wolfe Blitzer, Jim Acosta, Chris Cuomo, or Jake Tapper ... all of whom are well-paid for spewing their hatred.

  2. Thank you for doing this research. The waters are indeed murky. My guess would be he organized this for some kind of political revenge. State-level politics makes strange bedfellow (this time with bedsheets). Karl Turdblossom Rove used to be a Democrat before he hitched his jackwagon to Bush's star.

    1. The motives for the deceptions of Charlottesville are made "clear as day" in the link above.

    2. The conclusion is obvious. Black Lives Matter and Antifa are “muscle” groups that perform the same function for today’s Democrats that the KKK performed for the Jim Crow South. They intimidate from Berkeley to Middlebury to Charlottesville, and the ruling class gives them a pass, just as the police and the judges did for the KKK back in the days of the Solid South.

      Is their job to “muscle” ordinary middle-class Republicans, or rank-and-file Democrats?

      I don’t know. I suspect that the job of the liberal “muscle” groups is to make the utterly marginalized Stormfront and KKK and associated groups into a menace, to justify the escalation of the liberal war on the ordinary Americans that SJWs call racists, sexists, and homophobes.

      Otherwise people might get the idea that the job was done 50 years ago when the Civil Rights Acts made it illegal in these United States to discriminate on the basis of race or sex. People might ask: are there no police? Are there no FBIs? Are there no Civil Rights Divisions?

    3. There was no "protection" or "muscle" in Boston last weekend protecting the Libertarians. Trump's muscle today in Phoenix is some motorcycle group... probably associated with "Rolling Thunder", but I don't know...

    4. Pretty soon all veterans groups like Rolling Thunder are going to be painted with the neo-NAZI fascist brush. Count on it.

  3. Kessler is merely part of the new look of the American Nazi, golf shirts and khakis, no tattoos.
    They're trying to clean up their image since the "skinhead" thing went nowhere.

    Guys like Kessler can even stand for office.

    1. ...and Donald Trump's a Nazi, so punch him. 'F off, McDuck!

    2. You saw the future Republican party in Charlottesville.

      All pumped up and ready to run for office.

    3. Ducky,

      Your description of the modern neonazi is pretty good, but you left out, "Bernie Bro" and past associations with BLM, OWS and other leftwing radical groups.

      This is the age of the Trans-, and that includes Trans-political.

      Get with the times, old man.

    4. Here's Ducky is a craven, clotted apologist for violent socialism. He should be jailed and deported along with the rest of his filthy communist rabble.

      My parents came to this beautiful country to escape the filthy totalitarianism Ducky and his grubby rabble are agitating for.

      Here's Ducky is a café poseur. I know his type. He romanticizes socialism but has never suffered under it.


    5. The extremes of Left and Right meet back to back on a circle. There is NO apprecable difference between the two.

      Both are inherently tyrannical. Both are equally vicious.

      There is no point in trying to make fine academic distinctions between them.

      An EVil is an Evil is an Evil. PERIOD!

  4. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. I'm here to escort you out... you're making people feel un-safe. Can I punch you first, please? I'm keeping this space safe for the folks that are here.

    2. Beantown, I escorted that one out, it had Stormfront stench all over it and I'm not having any. Being a "mudblood" and a "papist" doesn't put me in their good graces.

    3. Oops! I missed that comment. A flood of emails today.

    4. I saw it earlier in the day but I wasn't in a position to do anything about it.

  5. Samantha Riordan said

    "Activist" is just another word for communist.

  6. Warren,
    In the meantime, where is Jason Kessler? He seems to have disappeared, evaporated into the air!

    I had a little look-see tonight. Whackjob Kessler has apparently announced that he's gone into hiding.

    Where would his hidey-hole be? Spahn Ranch?

    1. @ AOW:
      "Where would his hidey-hole be?"
      Let's ask Ducky. He acts like a psychopath and when everyone's pissed at him he disappears.

      Just sayin.

    2. LOL X2!

      Being the Beantown Bolshevik means never having to defend your ridiculous and discredited ideologies.

    3. SF,
      Being the Beantown Bolshevik means never having to defend your ridiculous and discredited ideologies.

      Sadly, the Beantown Bolshevik believes that his defending is adequate and his ideologies infallible.

    4. If any of his crackpot theories and ideologies had actually worked anywhere, while not killing and impoverishing hundreds of millions of human beings, he might have a leg to stand on.

  7. Ya gotta love the term "thunder-buckets"!

    See Thunder-buckets of Stupid – ESPN Pulls Game Announcer Robert Lee Because His Name Is Too “Triggering”….


    If ever you doubted that ESPN was the sporting epicenter of liberalism, well, consider this the day you can put those doubts to rest.

    In what can only be considered the most ridiculous, over-the-top, example of political correctness running amok ESPN has pulled a college football announcer from the game between William & Mary -vs- the University of Virginia because his name is Robert Lee.

    Seriously, you just can’t make this stuff up. Oh, and Robert Lee is Asian (pictured left) but even his ethnicity couldn’t save him from the executive level stupidity and delicate sensibilities of ESPN.

    The executives in charge of programming and broadcasting actually had a meeting to decide that an Asian guy named Robert Lee was just too triggering. Here’s the statement from ESPN:...

    1. Hilarious! Just when you think the loony left has exhausted its storehouses of stupidity and insanity...

      Sports viewership is way down, and MSESPN is one of the reasons why.

      Outkick the Coverage concluded its article with a picture of Mr. Lee and these paragraphs:

      "I’m sorry you work for such an idiotic company, Robert Lee.

      But just to make it clear for everyone out there, the Asian man on the right is not long deceased Confederate General Robert E. Lee. He’s a different person entirely, one that is still alive and did not fight in the Civil War.

      Today's sports fans, unfortunately, need such third-grade-level explanations. I turned off ball sports years ago. There are so many better ways to spend your time.


  8. After last night's Trump rally in Phoenix:

    Black Trump Supporter Punched While Fleeing Arizona Melee (includes video clip).

    So, Antifa et al are white supremacy groups. Color me "Not surprised!"

    Antifa et al are all about shutting up and any dissent. Un-American!

    1. antifa = Leftwing street fascist violence monkeys

      British press mentioned Trump supporters vastly outnumbered the George Soros Fascist Brigages.

    2. SF,
      antifa = Leftwing street fascist violence monkeys

      Anyone with two brain cells should be able to see that. But only if that individual with two brain cells gets away from the msm.

  9. What? Are You Kidding? Bt NO, it’s NOT a Joke!

    That’s exactly what I said when I first heard this... But trust me, it’s the truth..

    ESPN pulls Asian-American announcer from Virginia football game because he has a Confederate general’s name

    In the wake of the events in Charlottesville, Va., ESPN decided to pull one of its announcers from calling a University of Virginia football game — because his name is Robert Lee.

    Lee, an Asian-American sportscaster who started with the network in 2016, was moved to a different game “simply because of the coincidence of his name,” ESPN said, referencing the Confederate General Robert E. Lee.

    1. The loony left is trapped in a hysteria bubble and huffing their own fumes.

      Rational thought shuts down first.

    2. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  10. Replies
    1. From the "Boston Herald":

      "As many as 2,000 “hostile” protesters surrounded police, some throwing bottles filled with urine and punching and spitting at cops as they tried to escort participants from Saturday’s “Free Speech Rally” out of Boston Common, according to police reports filed in court yesterday."

      More at link.

    2. Warren,
      I took a look at the link. What a nasty bunch!

  11. Finally, calls for labeling the fascist left rage monkeys for what they are: Domestic Terrorists

    "We’re in a dangerous time in America. Half of the country’s political class is actively pushing civil strife because they can’t accept the results of an election, and far too many in the other half, like Mitt Romney and Marco Rubio, are feckless and weak in standing for ordered liberty."

    What is Domestic Terror? Action which...

    “(A) involve(s) acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State; (B) appear(s) to be intended — (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination, or kidnapping; and (C) occur(s) primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the United States.”

    The Justice Department could slap the same label on criminal gangs...

    1. Another opportunity to Bash the Fash in San Francisco, this weekend. Those Libertarians have to be stopped NOW! Time for the LGBTQ to SHINE!

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. The Left (and Antifa) got trolled in Boston last weekend, and are allowing themselves to get trolled again in San Francisco this weekend. I can't wait for the trolling to reach Portland and Seattle!

    4. The question we should all be asking the MSM scaremongers, "Where are all the Nazi's and White Supremecists" that the counter-demonstrators are defeating? They never show up in the news coverage. Sounds familiar, doesn't it... Russia, Russia, Russia!

    5. I know, they're in Berkeley on Sunday!

      My question is, "Is Kyle (Stickman) Chapman a NAZI White Supremecist" as the Left charges, or is he simply a Trump Nationalist who's grown tired of BLM rhetoric? Listen to his speech given on Boston Common a few weeks ago, and decide for yourselves. Cuz on Sunday, there's going to be a rumble. COunt on it.

  12. Stupid. Irrational, and Bias is the only way that I can explain all the people complaining about President Trumps response to Charlottesville, Va, Protest, Riot and Death of three people and injuries of some, Instead of reporting the facts, and happenings from the onset and how to prevent such demonstrations from turning violent the press, anti-Trump key in on the President. The Mayor of Charlottesville blaming the President to avoid looking at himself and what he and his council should have done to prevent this mayhem.

    1. Meanwhile in Richmond last week...

      Reporter's lives matter! e-r-r-r-r... not!

    2. Lawyer Alan Dershowitz said yesterday that the President should criticize White Nationalists, Neo-Nazi's, the Klan, and other "right" wing groups and leave criticism of Left wing groups to leaders on the Left... yet not even Left Wing journalists like Chris Mathews are allowed to ask questions about Antifa...

      The reporters are right about one thing... there's no "equivalency" between groups at Charlottesville because no one on the Left ever criticizes extreme Left wing groups... only right wingers ever get criticized. The Left is "pure Defense" and NEVER goes on offense... yet they are somehow labelled "progressives" not "regressives". Talk about non-sequitors. How is THAT possible?


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