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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Climate Change Scam

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I submit that the various climate change scams provide certain organizations and businesses huge rake-offs.


  1. The perfect vehicle for Progressives to glom onto for redistribution of wealth throughout the world.

    1. Bunkerville,
      Yes, I should have mentioned redistribution of wealth. Thank you for reminding me.

  2. Yes, all of the above and what a potential for POWER-GRAB! Just think: GLOBAL CLIMATE CZAR, ALBERT GORE. OK, sorry to ruin everyone's day.

    1. Jon,
      That power grabs never end -- or at least the desire for them. **sigh**

  3. From the moment it became an "ISSUE" on which the enemedia harped day and night I recognized GLOBAL WARMING-CLIMATE CHANGE as an obvious COMMUNIST-SOCIALIST-INTERNATIONALIST PLOT to Destroy Capitalism, Destroy our Traditional American Way of Life, Weaken and Impoverish Us, Force us to Surrender Our Sovereignty to Tyrants, and above all to Defame, Weaken and Destroy Faith in the CHRISTIAN GOD from whom all blessings flow.

    How could I possibly have known that from the gitgo?

    I don't understand how anyone could have missed it.

    The STENCH alone identified it as BS from the moment the first steaming pile of militant collectivist excrement began to befoul the atmosphere.

    Environmentalism is an IDOLATROUS SECULAR RELIGION –– a relatively new form of PAGANISM. I truly believe it –– like every Big Lie ever put forth to sway the masses –– is an invention of SATAN.

    "He who troubleth his own house shall inherit the wind."

    And isn't that exactly what these ENVIRONMENTALCASES do?

    We can't stop lies from taking root by trying to kill all the liars. It's been tried, and only BACKFIRED Big Time.

    We can only hope to overcome the toxic effects of mendacity by learning, knowing, loving, and ceaselessly promoting what-we-earnesly-believe-to-be the TRUTH.

    God will only bless America again, if America returns to honoring Him officially at every available opportunity.

    I cannot believe it was merely an accident that our country began to hit the skids almost within seconds after the demon-possessed Supreme Court declared the traditional Opening Exercises, –– which always including a reading from the Holy Bible along with an affirmation of loyalty to our beloved nation –– to be null and void.

    CRIMINALIZING PRAYER andante official recognition of God's supremacy in our lives was THE biggest Giant Step that put us in the Road to Hell.

    The promoters of CLIMATE CHANGE ALARMISM are the moral equivalent of a PIED PIPER. Remember him? HE was a demon too –– make no mistake about it.

    1. FT,
      Environmentalism is an IDOLATROUS SECULAR RELIGION

      I've come to realize that, too.

  4. The same people who support the 'Green Party' and other climate change scam artists are the very people who seem to be complaining and ...not voting? or they are such a small block not even Stine could get enough votes to do anything but b*tch about being cheated... I feel like they have been lying to the world for, what 45-50 years.

    1. Bob,
      Thanks for stopping by and for commenting. Please visit again.

  5. Honestly, the Earth was a snow ball 15 - 18,000 years ago. So what exactly is causing it to get warmer? :)

    1. Wow, Thanks so much ! Maybe the 'news' should be a regular feature :)

  6. Any names of the organizations and businesses (yeah, Solyndra we know) who benefitted from this supposed scam?

    Locally there have been significant advances at ripoff organizations like M.I.T. in storage battery technology, solar panel efficiency and wind turbine efficiency.

    Sure as hell outstripped the phantom progress in "clean" coal.

    1. Duck,
      The costly compatible-with-fighting-climate-change modifications to devices, appliances, and cars are legion. Remember those batteries for energy-efficient cars -- and the problems with disposing of those batteries?

      BTW, I've read that around the manufacturing plant for those batteries in Canada, there's a 35 mile radius in which nothing grows. Hmmmmmm.

      And there's something about windmill problems, too, but I don't recall the particulars are the moment.

    2. Duck, 10 Trillion $ Plus the tax money collected over 8 years and Nothing accomplished that anyone can point to and say Hey We Did THAT!

      Massive money laundering and theft. Unless you can tell us where that money went that resulted in some enhanced permanent fixture of the USA...

    3. The plant in question, AOW, was the nickel smelter (a component of the batteries) not the battery plant.
      Is there more nickel in a Tundra than a Prius?

      So there is a problem with windmill sitings. Let's abandon wind energy completely? Even offshore sitings?

    4. 10 trillion? Where did you get that ridiculous number?

      In my original post I noted a few federally funded advances.
      In fact solar has become cheaper than coal. Significant progress.

    5. Really ?! Google natl debt. 10 trillion when Bush left, will be 20 by the time obama leaves. And for What? Taxes up quite a bit too. And don't forget the taxes we're paying as a part of product and service price increases.

      I'm all for eliminating pollution.
      Thorium/Molten Salt Reactors. 100% safe from meltdown will last a million times longer than solar panels plus will shore up the energy grid and be incredibly cheaper. Tons more Thorium than Uranium. And these reactors can eat the waste form today's reactors. Look it up on youtube. You gotta get up to speed man. You get all your info from that idiot Bill Nye?

      Alternate energy does have its place but not on a massive scale. I like Tesla's solar roof tiles, seem attractive and efficient, and supposedly less expensive than asphalt shingle.

    6. To AOW's point about birds. Wind and solar farms are killing massive numbers of birds. Or don't libs care about wildlife like they profess to every other minute.

    7. Bird deaths from wind = ~400,000
      Bird deaths from cats = ~2,000,000,000

      Which should we get rid of?

      Bird deaths from solar are similar.

    8. Thorium/Molten Salt Reactors don't kill anything.
      I don't necessarily believe your numbers. But given there have always been cats and always been birds, the cats don't seem like a huge problem. nature's balance. We have plenty of birds and feral cats around here. We feed them both.

      How about the 10 trillion Duck? What did we get for it?

    9. There is also some concern about windmills disrupting the honey bees in upstate New York. Or so I've been told by some family members in that farm country.

    10. AOW, Hadn't heard about that one yet. I saw they installed the first electric generating ocean current turbine device. No idea how that will affect ocean life but bound to to some degree. The thing didn't look like it would hurt fish but who knows.

      I will say that I have concluded that environmentalists lie even more than politicians and that is saying something.

    11. Honestly, National Debt from 0 to 10 trillion through the first 43 presidents, then doubled in 8 years of obama and Duck doesn't even know about it. Spectacular.

    12. Chronic Defenders of theIndefensibly should either be IGNORED –– or preferably –– BANNED.

    13. FT,
      Blogger doesn't allow for banning. Warren tried the utility for that, and, over time, Blogger wouldn't even let him sign in to comment.

      Other blogging platforms do allow for banning and the editing of comments.

      For a while -- before you visited my blog -- I used Haloscan for Always On Watch 2, the site I used before this site, Always On Watch 3, was launched. Then the day came that Haloscan went out of business. All the comments disappeared!

      So, with Blogger, we are reduced to babysitting our blogs or staying in comment moderation, which is another form of babysitting the blog.


  7. @Kid:
    "Progressives" don't care about anything but the "ends", the omelet. The means represent the broken eggs.

    1. Warren, I'm down with that. They really don't care about anything beside themself. All these subjects are used merely to attack conservatives, and when presented with enough facts, they simply slink off only to come back next week with the same BS. I've never seen a lib say - 'Dang you're right. I'll have to put some more though/research into that'. EVER. EVER. 20 years of running into them on the net. EVER. Any libs reading this wonder why you get the short shrift from us? That's why. Life's too short.

    2. Warren, turbines are responsible for less than 1 percent of bird deaths. That's much lower than communication towers.
      Ditching your cell phone?

      Number one cause of bird deaths --- buildings followed by cats.
      I wonder if you've thought this out.

    3. The trouble with Canardo, Kid, is that he knows so many things that are not true. He is like a bubbling spring that brings forth LETHAL POISON.

      He should be given a wide berth and AVOIDED like the PLAGUE.

      Committed Marxists should have been OUTLAWED and STAMPED OUT many decades ago –– before most of us were born.

    4. FT, I almost always do avoid, but I had the time, was bored and had the finger power. :) I know it's a waste of time, but maybe Someone will drop by and get something out of it.

    5. I got something out of it, Kid. I almost hate to say it, but Canardo seems to bring out the BEST in you. I noticed at our blog earlier today, Your responses to his militant BS are downright brilliant.

      I wish I had a quarter of your knowledge of Science and Technology, but I really belong in the nineteenth century. Life wasn't any easier back then, but people expressed themselves jn a are agreeable manner, and the things they dreamed of and hoped for were more pleasant than the harsh, cold, calculating claptrap we have to put up with today.

    6. @Nostradumbass:
      Try reading my comment again, I believe you know the quote to which I was referring.

      From the original French "on ne saurait faire d'omelette sans casser des œufs", litterally, "you can't make an omelet without breaking eggs". It usually involves a large body count.

    7. Thank you so Much FT. You bring up an interesting point. Why for example do people not know about breeder reactors - (Thorium/Molten Salt). And a million other things? It is because no one tells them about these things. The liberal school system doesn't want critical thinking educated people. They want dumbasses who will vote democrat and are just smart enough to run the machines and do the paperwork. (last bit stolen from George Carlin) Seriously, None of this is hard, it just isn't handed out like lollypops, participation trophies, racist accusation, and play-doh, and coloring books when life happens.

      The kids are really messed up through this indoctrination, subversion, and outright brain washing.

      The questions is Will the American Spirit Rise from the ashes like a Phoenix or will is die a quiet death of submission to ignorance and evil...

      You 2nd point about the 19th century. I think when life is tough people have a greater appreciation for each other. Maybe they carry extra water in case they find someone in trouble on the road, today when life is so much easier, people don't think in those terms. Life is the path of least resistance and that path today imo is one of pure evil.
      The technology is fantastic, the people are *

    8. Kid,
      I know it's a waste of time, but maybe Someone will drop by and get something out of it.

      Hear, hear!

      I'm so glad that you and Warren, both of you having extensive technical knowledge about the topic we're discussing at this thread, are weighing in here.

      In fact, one reason I published this blog post is that so I can learn more about these matters. I know almost nothing about breeder reactors - (Thorium/Molten Salt). Never mentioned in any of my university science courses. Surprise! Not.

    9. I can't remember much that I 'learned' in school that was of much use beside math. In fact, it was counter productive as I had to shed a bunch of nonsense while I relearned many things.

      I think more and more they don't want smart people, only just smart enough to do the dirty work.

  8. Duck, Let me be even more specific. Remove mankind from the equation and you have thousands of species of animals and insects, and reptiles who have survived for millions of years cohabiting in a predator prey situation. It is meaningless that "cats kill birds".
    The problem arises when people get involved. That's when things get out of balance. 30,000 elephants killed every year for their ivory. More birds killed outside of nature because of this wind and solar.

    We can do better. We Easily do better. We had these reactors running in the 60's. We went with Uranium because those reactors produced weapons grade waste. Thorium doesn't. Why do we need weapons grade waste? Because of all the A's in the world that libs believe appeasing them is the solution rather than just disposing of them.

    World is so over-populated now, that this failed libtard strategy is going to become more and more obvious.
    Check out the EU countries thinking they can contain the cancer of islam. Watch how that goes. That's the current canary in the coal mine.

  9. @ nostradumbass:
    Nickle processing is only one source of pollution. Lithium is much nastier and if everyone drove an electric car the problem would increase exponentially.

    Off shore wind generation is much costlier because of construction costs. The true cost are not shown because much of it is in the form of Government grants. Grants are also given to the owners of the wind farms to bring the customer price down by at least 1/2 per KWH which still makes it twice as much as coal fired or nuclear generation. Add to that that estimates for wind generation assume that each generator has a working life of at least 20 years which hasn't been the case by a long shot. Natural gas generation is the cheapest at slightly more than 1/2 the cost of coal fired and probably even cheaper since the advent of fracking.

    The only way that "wind power" can be called even cost effective is with outrageous Government grants and a totally imaginary "cost" of the CO2 released. Wind Mills cannot even be counted on to deliver more than 20% of their rated capacity because the wind is neither constant or predictable. Before you could have "wind Power" you would have to have giant banks of batteries to store electricity during peak output to be released during the off hours.

    1. I think fuel cell is the way to go for electric cars. Toyota have Beta owners and hydrogen stations in California now. Hydrogen and Oxygen in - water out. No driving range problems given the buildout of the hydrogen refueling stations. Hydrogen is EASY to produce. Gasoline was Non-existent at one time and is much harder to produce AND fuels the ME with terrorist funding.

      Let's go! let's make some Progress. :-)

    2. AOW, inaccurately stated that the battery manufacturing plant was the cause of the deforestation.
      In fact it was the smelter. Now all cars use nickel.

      Is there more nickel in a Tundra or Prius?

      If wind power is as inefficient and has the kind of externalities as you say, why is it growing so quickly in Europe and other countries like New Zealand (I know, primitive 3rd world)?

    3. Duck,
      I did not state that the battery manufacturing plant was the cause of the deforestation. I even added "Hmmmmm" at the end of the comment.

    4. Kid,
      I think fuel cell is the way to go for electric cars.

      I won't disagree. But I want to know what it the cost of these vehicles?

      I remember back to when catalytic converters were first tried. Expensive -- and devastating for miles per gallon! Not to mention robbing the vehicle of any pickup to merge on a freeway. Fuel injection corrected that problem, but it took years for fuel injection to become the norm. And, even then, the impact on the ticket price of the vehicles climbed.

      Every time the government tries to force these environmental measures on us the consumers, our wallets shrink dramatically as does the overall economy.

      There is no way to snap the fingers and make all these measures work! Too much of fools rushing in, IMO.

    5. AOW, it is 57,500 MSRP 3 years of free hydrogen fuel and some other perks too I believe.

      On Toyota's Site

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  11. Replies
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  12. Kid @ FT,
    You[r] 2nd point about the 19th century. I think when life is tough people have a greater appreciation for each other. Maybe they carry extra water in case they find someone in trouble on the road, today when life is so much easier, people don't think in those terms.

    I know that we can't turn back the clock. Still, our lives would be so much better if we could return to "neighborly values" instead of depending on the government (social services) to step in. We have our own handicapped van, but hardly anyone ever offers to shuttle Mr. AOW to a destination.

    Here's why....

    People assume that Mr. AOW and I can get free services for the elderly. News flash! That applies only to Medicaid beneficiaries. The paratransit van that we must use while I'm down and out (Since before June!) isn't free. Mr. AOW pays a fare every time he wheels on board -- sometimes as much as $13.50 one way.

    Back in the day before The Nanny State burgeoned after 1965 (LBJ's Great Society), neighbors helping neighbors and the spirit of service to the community began to evaporate.

    1. I agree, and I also think people simply don't care about anyone else more and more.

      All you need to do is share the road with them to know that is true.


    1. What has happened to the once-promising experiments in NUCLEAR FUSION –– a potential source of energy that was said to be able to produce enough power in a single cup of H20 to serve the needs of a good-sized city for an entire year?

    2. Why haven't we made every effort to investigate the use of HEMP as a potential energy source? It's cheap, plentiful, grows like a weed, and has none of the negative effects of CORN-POWERED ETHANOL. Also, I have read that Brazil (or is it Argentina) has used some sort of GRASS as its primary source of fuel. If that is true, why aren't we emulating it?

    3. Last but not least, GARBAGE and EXCREMENT seem to be an inexhaustible supply of potential energy. Why are we not working feverishly to develop efficient ways of collecting and using this most abundant of natural resources to heat our homes and power our vehicles?

    1. FT, Nuclear Fusion in Germany

      imo forget the farts and banana peels type solutions. If they could get cars to run on dirt, people would be stealing your front yard and dirt would be selling for big $


    Do you think it would be a good idea if Blogger, Disqus and the other blogging facilities made it possible to record our VOICES and post what we say –– or read –– as easily as we post the written word?

    It COULD be great fun, but it also expands the potential for the CHRONIC ABUSE of which we see far too much. [I, for instance, have to jettison more than half the remarks that come to my blog, because I REFUSE to ALLOW anyone to HIJACK one of my threads or to use MY PLACE as either a DUMP or a PUBLIC TOILET.]

    But to add the warmth and expressive quality of the human voice to poems, literary excerpts and thoughtful commentary could be a wonderful addition to blogging.

    Do you agree or disagree?

    1. FT, All you need is a voice to text application like what is available on the iPhone to send iMessages - Texting, available elsewhere too.

    2. Yes, Kid, FJ suggested something similar, but I –– devout Tech Moron that I am, and frankly hostile to excessive preoccupation with gadgets on principle –– do not have, and am unlikely ever to acquire, the kind of technical expertise you and Farmer and Warren possess.

      Instead of making everyone jump through flaming hoops to achieve a simple formatting upgrade, I don't think it is unreasonable to think that outfits like Blogger and all the rest of them could –– and should –– provide the service I described as an integral part of the blogging package.

      It would have many undesirable effects, I know, because frankly morons and vicious fiends abound, and seem eager always to make a career out making bloody nuisances of themselves, but I still think being able to transit VOICE message and even PICTURES come to think it would add great to the potential of blogging.

      After all, from what i've observed after seventeen years in this game NOBODY READS anymore, They just plow full speed ahead to put down THEIR thoughts (usually in poor grammar and clumsy syntax) and never seem to take in anyone ELSE'S ideas.

      Sorry, I'm rambling now.


  15. Why stop with just the "Climate Change Scam"? How about a: Continental Shift Scam, Volcanic Eruption Scam, Asteroid Collision Scam, Tectonic Movement Scam..........

    1. :-) JMB, and the BLM scam, the Scam that black people need 18 crutches to achieve what any properly educated and motivated person can accomplish commonly known as the Reverends scam, the moslem vermin need organizations in America to help them integrate - the last thing they want to do btw, or the ozone hole which is where 10 trillion in new natl debt apparently went, or the scam that there is a 'gender war' or a homophobic war, or a... Oh look a birdie !

    2. The bottom line to all of this is that it is much easier to get people to part with their hard earned money if you can make them feel Guilty Enough for causing some fake problem.

    3. Yes, Kid, but it's also true that the Left never stops trying to conjure up misplaced feelings of Guilt and Responsibility in the general public for REAL problems that the general public never caused.

      Fomenting ceaseless AGITATION and CONFUSION are the main products of Leftist Activism. The despise Peace, Contentment, Comfort. Joy, and Satisfaction.

      "Merchants of Misery" I call them.

  16. OFF-TOPIC: It's very sad that DEBBIE REYNOLDS suffered a stroke and died just ONE day after her daughter CARRIE FISHER passed away in Intensive Care several days after suffering a massive heart attack. Debbie was 84. Carrie just 60.

    We should remember and think kind thoughts about Todd Fisher who is now the sole survivor of his family. This twin tragedy must be very hard on him.

  17. Kid typed in:

    The bottom line to all of this is that it is much easier to get people to part with their hard earned money if you can make them feel Guilty

    I, for one, refuse to accept the concept of collective guilt, which is one of the tools of the Left. I particular abhor the very concept of white guilt (that we today are responsible for what happened 200 years ago).

    I do note that the Left will not accept the concept of collective redemption -- except for themselves, of course.

  18. _ WINDPOWER _
    Fuel of the Future?

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    Beans make wind,
    So, direct the flow,
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    Beans help foster solitude
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    After eating this food.

    I knew a girl,
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    Night time beans
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    Because often the sheets
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    Beans beans!
    Good for your heart
    Eat more not less
    For a roaring good start.

    Back from Progress
    You'll not be held.
    Instead, your life will be

    ~ };^D>

    1. That, of course, was dedicated primarily to Canardo, who is so full of "wind" most the time it's a wonder he can still manage to keep his feet on the ground at all.


  19. says it all AOW! HAPPY NEW YEAR! JAN 20TH CAN'T COME soon enough! hugss! xoxoxo:)thank you for being a friend:)


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