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Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Break

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In spite of the grim political situation confronting us both worldwide and on our home soil, we do have much for which to give thanks:


  1. A Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. AOW.

  2. We're celebrating a muted Thanksgiving because of the August death of a beloved 25-year-old cousin. Cause of death: undetermined.

    It's a heart breaker. The family is not getting together because of that empty place at the table.

    Mr. AOW and I will go to my Chinese clients' house for smoked turkey. It won't be the same as being with family, of course, but we are grateful for these clients, whom we also count as friends. And they have the kind of house which Mr. AOW can navigate with his scooter.

    1. May you both have a blessed, thoroughly enjoyable, crisis-free day tomorrow.

      Please give my special love to little Misty.

    2. FT,
      Mysti isn't doing well at all right now: feline kidney disease.

      In 2008, Mr. AOW's beloved Sheba went into crisis (Stroke?) and was euthanized on December 1. The vet was out of town for Thanksgiving, and we had to wait all those days to relieve her suffering. I think that something similar is happening right now with out Mysti.

    3. I am so sorry about Mysti. It doesn't sound like a good Rx for the celebration of this blessed Thanksgiving day. My thoughts and prayers will be with you. You know I have a special love for your Mysti. She reminds me of my little Priscilla who left us too soon last January at age ten years and seven months.

      ... Parting is all we know of Heaven
      And all we need of Hell.

    4. At the same time I'm reminded of this piece of timeless wisdom from that great sage Dr. Laura –– do you remember her?

      Even if you're having a CRAPPY DAY,
      Make it a HAPPY CRAPPY DAY!


    5. FT,
      Mysti, even as frail as she is, is a fighter for life. We saw that when she was a kitten and had a severe case of coccidiosis. Close call!

      She hasn't yet given up now, either. But we know that at age 16.5, her time with us is limited. Feline kidney disease is relentless and incurable.

  3. I'm so sorry about your cousin. And I know we're all glad you have that wonderful Chinese family which has been so good to you. And you, to them.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all AOW's readers....


    In the not-too-distant past, I used to make a Cranberry-Raisin-Apple-Walnut pie with a PINWHEEL top crust that truly was to die for.

    Looked as good as it tasted. The original recipe called for a LATTICE crust, which I couldn't manage, so I used very thin strips of dough from the center out first in quarter, then eighths and finally sixteenths all pinched together to form a small rosette of dough in the middle.

    Lots of butter, cinnamon and light brown sugar made it "indescribably delicious." ;-)

  5. I hope it's a blessed thanksgiving for your both.

  6. Best wishes for a blessed and safe day to you and Mr. AOW.

  7. Best wishes for a Happy Thanksgiving to y'all!


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